My Teacher Is Super Weird

hi my name is Daniel and I'd like to tell you the story how my teacher took of his pants in school I'm an eighth grade student in a small rural school our school is tiny with only a few students in Rome were so small as students from neighboring schools came to our school to take classes last school year some of these students told us about their biology teacher they said he knew his subject very well gave interesting lectures and always gave good grades but they also shared some rumors about him they said he's sang during lessons if it was in the mood they said that he sneezed 50 times in a row because he chewed tobacco whilst they said he fell asleep in class while the students were taken an exam he asked if Alice sleeps so soundly that he began to snore so the students completed their exam who their notebooks on the table and quietly slipped out of the classroom they said that the principal had caught his teacher sleeping and of course he was reprimanded but he wasn't fired from his job because the students loved him so much and all said good things about him during the summer we heard a rumor that our biology teacher was living our school in order to get married and become a teacher in the city we breathed the sight of relief because this teacher was strict our to get along with and a very tough grader in order to get even a C from her students had to cram for their exams my friends and I thought that we'd probably be assigned a young teacher fresh out of college but boy we were wrong on the very first day of class we heard the shocking news that our new biology teacher would be the one from the neighboring village that those students told us about we looked at each other and realized that we wouldn't have to sweat biology and so we began to anticipate our first class with this teacher who we assumed would be funny and unusual when the bell rang of the first day a country looking guy of middle-aged balding and with pants so large they had to be held by suspenders enter the classroom he glanced at a class from under his round glasses and said hello have it not been for the stories that preceded him we would expect a very different biology teacher we waited for him to sing or fall asleep but he just kept going and going never stopping to talk about biology he began to tell us about the animal kingdom as he spoke we realized that this man is encyclopedic he knew so much that it wouldn't have fit and all the books in our school library the lesson flew behind the flash he said goodbye to us on the left but we couldn't settle down enough to listen in the history class that followed the history teacher he spoke in a long and warring manner and this caused great irritation among us we weren't thinking about history we were thinking about the next biology lesson because now we'll love both the subject and the teacher what I started singing one time it didn't bother us at all so this is how things went on throughout the entire school year and by the end of the year we all loved biology the best the whole class got excellent grades not because we all got A's and B's but because from his lessons each of us received lots and lots of knowledge in fact at home we'll learn even more from the observations and experiments he assigned to us once we were studying rats the teacher talks so enthusiastically about the little furry creatures that will learn how to tame and train them to carry out commands and that made a smile there are lots of Pat's around here go on tame them he says then I thought who would be better than me at training a rat so I really wanted to try to stand out from the rest of the class that's why I bought a white rat the cute fair little friend got along very well in our house because she was very affectionate in time when I was doing my homework she would lay on my neck and fall asleep the rat like the persistent blade when I dressed and undressed she liked to climb into my pants and sit there until I pushed her out with my foot it was her favorite activity and so we made a game out of it as soon as she saw the panel I should quickly climb into it and sat there then should try something different if I was sitting on the couch or a chair the rat would climb into my pan leg and demanded attention by nibbling on the coffin knee I would shake my leg and she was come rolling out of the bottom of the trouser leg finally was time to demonstrate the results of the training went down with our pets many students brought mice that ran races in a maze song brought rabbits which had come and clapped their paws I put my rap in the box and just carefully watched what was happening in the classroom the teacher commented an age presentation suddenly everyone froze because once my rats saw that she was in this huge classroom Chef Rosen fear and surprise right in the middle of the room she didn't know where to run and then she noticed the teacher's white pants legs for her this was a sign of salvation she rushed at him and everyone watched what would happen next in the heart of the moment the teacher was the only one not to see what was happening the rat went into his boots and slipped right of his trouser leg and sticking in her claws should quickly began to climb up only now the teacher noticed that something was going on inside his pants eventually the rat reached the top of the pants and just sat down laying into the inside of the pants the poor teacher he went pale then blushed and even tried to jump up and down trying to rid himself of the uninvited guests but it was all in vain then he turned his back to us and began to quickly lower ease of spanners under the weight of the rad as soon as the suspenders were unleashed the pants instantly slid down around his ankles and our teacher was left standing there in his undershorts seeing this torment I jumped up and held the rat to break free of the threads in which had caught her claws there was deathly silence at just that moment the door opened and the principal appeared in the doorway the entire third row as if on cue jumped up from their seats and surrounded the administrator telling him what an interesting lesson this had been and how we displayed our past learning skills and what a good teacher our biology instructor was this was enough distraction for the biology teacher to put himself back in order and to appear before the principal and proper dress after the lesson was over we stayed in the classroom and swore never to tell other teachers or the principal about what happened in our class because we did not want to get our teacher in trouble in our next lesson our teacher thanked us and told us how important it is to lent support at the right time those in need we all felt that we could not do otherwise because teachers like humor respected loved and we always want to have this kind of teacher do you guys want more episodes then press the like button subscribe and hit the bell want to see your own story and send them over 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  1. My 6th grade Math, English,Sience/Health and social studies was a singer true story he’s in google I would tell u his name but.. idk if that legal

  2. My teacher is also just a bit weird.. She dances on our tables while demonstrating how to survive on our own… She also makes us do yoga.. And ofcourse the singing part is there too.. If someone does something to annoy her, She Will just Throw stuff at them.. We love her so much 🤣

  3. I think the all the story animation channels have fake stories except for storybooth. Because think about it! With Storybooth the people who experienced it are the ones telling the story! There might be other animation channels like that but I can't think of any at the moment.

  4. Title: My teacher is super weird
    Thumb nail: my teacher pulled down his pants

    which is it “My story”?!


  6. 1:31, that’s how I be walking when I burst in the classroom

    8 words: not. really. much. of. a. fan. of. school.

  7. Why is the title my teacher is weird? Like he took down his pants to get the rat out. What do you expect? Atleast he had his under pants on

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