MY TEACHER IS CRAZY!! | Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning (Part 1)

MatPat: Uh, five MatPat: Right? MatPat: Gotta be five.
Steph: Wait what were the answers to the other ones? MatPat: I don’t know, I forgot. They were all low numbers.
Steph: Okay. MatPat: Shoot
Steph: I hear every door you open? Steph: To a sooner we get to notebook MatPat: I did get a second notebook MatPat: What is that sound? Steph: Oh, man, MatPat: is he like smacking his hand with a ruler or something? Hey Baldi. Steph: What the what? Welcome to Baldi’s basics in education and learning, that’s me! MatPat:It does sound like Chris
Steph: What? Hello I-I-Internet W-W-Welcome to Game… *theme music plays* Matt: Hey guys! Oh wow Matt: You’re shoving real close SP: Shimmy, Shimmy!
MP: Hey guys! and welcome to a very crunched very tight GTlive. Oh, there we go MP:Whoa Ahhh…We are getting tighter,getting tighter MP:So this is one that a lot of you have suggested for us to do on the livestream, it’s one that seeing your suggestions MP:I sent over to Jason and Chris to check out and we are playing it today MP:I have no idea what it is. Based on the graphics that you may see on screen here. Uh… MP:It it’s called Baldi’s Basics and Education and Learning Configuration. SP: It’s perfect. Cause everyone is in- is in midterms or- or not midterms or in finals right now, MP: AP exams are going on right now. SP: Everything is wrapping up for the school year. SP: So it’s very important that we cram in some… some basics some education and some learning before the school year ends. SP: And everyone’s brains just turns to mush. soccerskills73 says Yanny or Laurel in the chat MP: It’s obviously Laurel SP: it is, it’s Laurel MP: there’s no- SP: come on guys, MP: like, SP: come on. come on. MP: In case if you haven’t figured this out yet, MP: This game is intended to be a horror game MP: As such it has loud noises flashing images and it’s overall pretty spoopy. if you downloaded this thinking MP: it would be great edutainment for your kid or something, Don’t let them play it! SP: That’s great. MP: I respect that. unless of course they enjoy horror games. You’ve been warned. really? this a horror game? MP: We’re SP: Alright. MP: not even playing it on Friday. It’s not even scary games friday! SP: i know! i know! MP: I dont even know how horrific, MP: Those sort of- those sorts of political graphics can be. SP: all right. All right. MP: the most horrific thing about this IS THE PIXELATIONS OF THE COLORS! SP:WAHHH Yeah, it’s really it’s really pretty bad ok story Oh noes the school is out but your friend has a problem He left all his noteboos. Oh, no, no not as notebooze Oh my favorite no booze. We’re all left in school I need to go get my note booze But doesn’t have time to get home because if he does he’ll be late for eating practice eating breakfast Procedures prep. Oh, it’s not practice. It’s press secret Oh, yeah, I see say oh, no, I’ve uh got forbid you get your note booze and be late for practice right Preki Else about to go back into school and fight all seven of us notebooks. Wait, is this Slenderman? It won’t be easy though Baldy loves challenging his students with fun trivia problems, but Furby can each time you find a notebook You’ll have to answer some questions answer all three quickly. You earned a prize find all seven notebooks then exit the school to win Okay weird. Okay. All right. This is play Gary. Well, let’s start Baldi: Oh Hi, welcome to my schoolhouse Oh Hai ha Baldi glad to be here in your schoolhouse, what a beautiful schoolhouse you have reminds me alot of… Wolfcastle Wolfenstein SP:Hello Hello Yeah, look he’s wearing a Game Theory shirt, he’s a fan. SP:he is a theorist.
Right he’s totally a theorist. Up top Baldi yeah Oh Hai BALDI IN DA HOUSE Up top high five Baldi. Okay. Okay, so the bottom is my stamina meter Baldi:You need to collect 2 notebooks before you can use these doors Oh, well, that’s a bummer Baldy when you follow the school rules, no running no entering faculty No entering faculty like punching. Oh I am entering the faculty Oh I turn into them and I’ve passed the Ruby Madeline M says oMG. This is already scary Madeline I’m concerned for your threshold of fear that some school. Okay. Steph, it’s about school. oh that does make it scary No eating no drinking no, escaping . No fourth wall breaks. That’s funny. Yeah, we’re not getting that in here Okay, let’s go into room 99 . Oh, there’s no book. Hey, there it is Whaaa,AH-Ha Ha This game is super great what Technologies, this is the best most well programmed game of all games Matt Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt Matt that is that is incorrect by the transitive property of equality, right? Oh wait equals, MA I don’t think those are A’s I thinks those are o’s (i think those are y’s) Now it’s time for everyones favorite subject MAAAAAATTTTTTH answer the three questions correctly and you might get something special ͡(° ͜ʖ ͡°) just type the correct answer in the empty box *Mat is cracking up* SP:Really Press the enter key on your keyboard when you think you have the right answer Problem #1 two minus eight What?!?. Baldi: equals? minus six. Great Job There’s no like trick to it problem three *FNAF buzzing* minus *buzzing/FNAF NOISE* Oh I see…. Baldi: … times *FNAF/ buzzing sound Hehe he heh ha So I was I was gonna say real quick hi I was just gonna point out the fact that this game probably has more views on YouTube at this point then like some triple-a title Oh, yeah, pristine graphics and beautiful art style Chason Learn what works about on Youtube. Jason yells back “are you saying this is not beautiful? five, Right Go with the answers to the other ones, I do not know I forgot they were all blown up. Okay – I hear every door you open SP:UH-OH Sooner we get the note. I do get a second notebook MP:What does that sound SP:oh man MP:is he like smacking his hand with a ruler or something? Hey Baldy What the heck what the what? Was that a telescope? Welcome to Baldi’s Basic in Education and learning, that’s me, but it does only Chris SP:what? MP:Should I get it wrong? Six plus eight equals. MP: If I just I do this…*enters the number ten* Hear every door you open. Oh you I’ll look at his frowny face it so frowny this *someone whistling* is That his whistling Was that him whistling what he hears every door that we open so does that mean don’t open a door? Right you He-he-eh la la, lets sing a song!! EVERYBODY NOW clack, clack YEAH, BALDI ON THAT DRUM What the heck what the He-Whooo ha ha- What No No This is disturbing Am I know I’m like kinda creeped out right now Go-go-go-go in clink-clink. Oh shoot. No shut the door again or something basic. Okay Oh, he’s gone. Oh- No ho ho.SP: Okay, One. eighteen Now we got our weird question which we get wrong too full seven eight nine SHOOT! – I get angrier for every problem you get wrong uh-Oh Way to get one wrong on purpose jeez leave the door says legendary, mr. Bob *Baldi’s continues whistling* He’s in here he opened the door somehow is he invisible is that just a glitch what happened LOOK LIKE IT SWEEPING TIME!!!!!! What it looks like it’s swiping? run run run run run run, oh There he is no get out of there no running in the halls. No running in the halls? SP:Jeez Princpl:15 secs, Detention for YOU!!when will you learn what the heck this was Mysterious voice: I WANT TO PLAY WITH SOMEONE Baldi …wait ,you have five seconds that remain Great teacher dude is incredible that he can not only tell where any sound came from but who made it to made it to?What? Play time despite her poor eyesight. She’s always looking for a playmate. Let’s play. Oh, no, these are the phone. No You’re a bully is what? Oh my god. What the heck ? Okay, art see whoa. Oh jeez. Oh my god. What? Don’t rise no. Oh no What the heck this game. Oh What? Here at school. We believe every good school needs a bully needs a bully , that’s why we have this ga- OH C’MON Nope cheese Yeah, they’re like, oh you got a move you gotta run so that’s so that’s detention okay, I Don’t know no running in the halls it’s becuz we ran in the halls? OMG what the flip says silver fire? 33. Yep, I agree. Okay LET’S PLAY (creepy electronic voice) What this? SP:What is it? MP:It’s a nickel because I ran in Hallway by I was playing the Principle of the Thing if I see anyone breaking the school rules I’ll make sure justice is served. It tastes good and fills my tummy. Yeah, that’s running. Yeah. Gotta sleep is the janitor What do you do when the school open the school open in seven hours and you have a higher broom. It sweeps everything OH GOD-DAMM IT every time, Every F-ing time What the heck? why is he so creepy because he come out of Nowhere Anything in the lockers anything lockers? Your faculty. Oh, okay. Today’s lesson how to eat cheese We got a key Principals keys principal’s keys. Oh those sound like a good idea. Amazing get us out. Okay this is the notebook table notebook is baldi??? Yeah, just like all the other ones are notebooks. I don’t know. Uh, I do like the UH Oh *MP swears* Human go don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run Okay go oh yeah, look at all these delicious lunches, oh so many some tasty snacks Oh jeez, Oh restart refresh be Soda Stream snacks at attack fandoms on Twitter your various I don’t know about you. Would I think Baldi’s looking like a snack TBH? Okay. I got a soda you have interesting taste in gentlemen, okay baldies looking mighty snacky Okay, every time git ze chocolate! Okay, so we need to get back. This is the cellphone 25 cents for the cell phone Students please refrain from doing something. I don’t know. Oh, I don’t have the quarter anymore shoot . NOOOOOOO BALDI Yeah, we’re dead. I know we’re dying. We’re never done students Please refrain from using the phone while professor Baldy is in the building It causes him to forget what he was doing and prevents him from hearing . Oh Man Yeah, oh yeah a fidget spinner though, whoo Yeah, fidget spinner other contraband at who sama Laden great book says Get the keys and you can leave the detention. So the keys bring better detention. Yeah, that’s cool At tiny cute charles’s I don’t understand this game help AHH I think we’re all pretty much in the same boat here to tell you the truth *Baldi’s whistling* Where is he at? SP:AHHHH. There he is Yellow door lock so can I like dooo….. OH NO! Principal what the heck! SP:C’mon What do I do can I use this, how do I use this Good good, it locked that did lock the door seems like it did So now the other side so yeah so we can go out the other side now Oh, will you pick up our snack Okay, I don’t know what this is gonna do be soda. I’m Gonna move faster and then we got energy Oh is that’s the bar nice. Oh, those are my favorite. Oh, no Hey, well, I have a not broken any rules Yeah, come on, man So close two two and a…. Yup great great amazing amazing. Let’s go. Ah You can run you can run cuz the principal is not here. That’s true. I Want to get that book, but I can’t no clothes this Is the lock but I’m not gonna be able to get that either cuz these clothes I Mean look, you know Sam they really need to revive my stamina Looks like it sweeping time Wow look like an athlete we think what does that mean? SP: *sings* Sweeping Time . MP:*sings*Sweeping time “Never need reason never need rhyme” NOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh no sweeping time. MP:WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!? SP:WHat is this WHAT NO STOP -WHAAAAT Wait did that just help us it kind of helps our thanks sweeping time. That actually seems okay. Oh Well, it’s okay. Oh, well, okay Maybe I’m a little bit creeped out by it still button her. And also I have no clue with orange kids do now shoot Here every door you open. I’m sure you do. Yeah, great me got this Okay yay That’s like I didn’t even here yet, okay, there he is. Yeah cut through the cafeteria No, I’m gonna I’m gonna use the quarter now. Yes. Yes five is I I think it’s gonna oh It works Don’t go toward him Confuse them Kiki’s beauty them. Come on, come on Uh-uh, run, oh I was trapped in the corner. I don’t get it. No, how are we supposed to do that? Oh Garrett Pearson the phone makes him not here you open doors or open doors, and let’s see Okay, so it’s like a proximity thing to get out of his eye sight you should turn on the phone and then get out of his Eyesight. It sounds like so the only good thing about jump rope girl. Is that she refills your stamina? Which is good. Oh, that is nice And that’s the good thing about any of these do is that they refill your stamina a nice? Okay Yeah, Alex you sauce in 34 since this game is freaking scary. Yep, totally totally Ah, the phone won’t work if he sees no says dusty. Oh no, shoot. Okay. So this just proves. Oh my god Wait Damn it. No, he’s just W man. That’s all. Yeah, maybe maybe he caps out He’s coming pretty fast. Oh, yeah you run boi Okay, maybe walk now Oh mud sweeps sweeps, you know, we need a good sweep, enjoy Never need a reason need a rhyme just sweeping time, right c’mon man. Yeah. Okay. We’re lightly ahead of him still Okay there he just around the corner Come on, come on Yeah, can you kill can you lose him if you round a corner without opening it oh shoot poop on a brisket hold up Okay, he might push me into Baldi though problem what if we get into another into another hallway wait, oh no Yeah, get in there. Get in there. Get in there. Go sweep. Sweep. Sweep. Sweep. Leave me leave me I know come on man Hey, principal Oh, there’s a sweeper Did it sweep Baldy away. Is that possible? Oh, wait. What is this? I shall open it with my teeth. Okay, great What is this? This is a bully. Oh, no, that doesn’t seem like a good idea to run into him So my quarter, oh man shoo. Oh did he know? Dude okay, so please oh Wow, okay Yeah, I’m sure you do. Okay, great. Uh Go go go go. Oh My gosh, she’s so fast Oh Farts scissors, what? What are these? What are these friends? I Need to know where they Prince Principal don’t mind me now get into a room before you hears you there you go Five awesome 87530 nine No. Okay. We’re Go go go. Oh, we’re so close Wait, what is that? What the heck? Was that? Wait? Yeah. Okay attention sentence. Okay. Yeah, when will you learn? Okay, wait, we’re the detention room right now. I Turn down the anti Baldy thing Where is it? Where is it? No, no, not that way not that way You where is it this is this is the broom guy Sometimes it’s good. Okay. Okay. There’s a reload. There’s no go go go go 1 negative 5 Ok, one away. We got this. Wait, wait, wait. Hey, oh Come on Oh hear us?? YOU WILL NOT HEAR THE US!!! Oh No 30 seconds, oh no, I don’t have the keys Shoot. Oh damn it No running in the hall no Shoot oh, okay. There’s one really close to the detention room though. You learn? Okay, if you had out of the detention room and around to the right yeah, there should be the one yeah Yep right there No running in the halls negative sir, not in the hole well, okay Definitely not the whole case Allah Allah and it’s so is it that did you get that one by the phone? You didn’t Oh For you, what wait wait, will you no, okay No detention in them know why I didn’t write anyone detention for you Come on Oh Wait, where’s the left? Where’s the last one? All these kind of confused? I think right now, uh You didn’t get the one by the phone. Did you? Oh Are you doing what you do? Okay. So from the detention room, you’re gonna have to go around to the you can go either way But you should probably go around to the left. It’s the most direct the left is that long hallway, though, isn’t it? No, you’re gonna take a left and then another left another one. Yeah, okay, okay Where is he? Where is he? Dammit? Dammit? Dammit IDs coming from Okay, okay, where’s that where’s the at? Okay go through the yellow doors and then take a left no, okay All right on the other way around You’re fine. You’re fine. You’re fine. Just go around the other way go around All your items here no I usable oh No, he’s always right there damn it. Ah Why did the principal grab me I didn’t run I was literally walking what if I’m not looking at him maybe this is like now Great Whoa Whoa, whoa, no, no Where the heck am I now I have no idea where I am Oh, oh, you’re in the Lear coming around at the end of there’s a long hallway. Okay. Okay, okay We need to I I what I did in that chaos. I did manage to turn on the phone. There we go Good one good one Okay, two four, okay, okay, so I just need them one by the detention room, okay Is that the last one that I have? Yes, I think that’s it Where is that This is so loud Okay, here we go Get the chocolate Oh, hey, look, oh you burps – burps. Ooh burps go go go Oh, burpsey-daisy How’s that for a fast reflex good one good one nice Okay, okay. It’s not here. It’s the next hole way down. Okay What is the sock puppet? I don’t know. That’s the dinosaur sock puppet is very concerning to me the dinosaur Hey No rubbing in the home. Oh no, no no no no no no, no No never no. RUBBERS SHALL STOP But we do legitimately. Okay today we have to run. Um, but thank you guys for joining us. Looks like you enjoyed this Hopefully you did. Um, I think we’ll be back to uh, so tomorrow and scary games Friday. Yeah, we might play this All right. Let’s say you manage at all right wait, and remember that just streaming live stream. Thanks for watching Yeah, I’m gonna give this trick c—seventeens. I mean, hopefully we will see you tomorrow moan cries My best friend’s birthday yesterday would mean a lot of you know, Taylan. What was her name? Gerge wuz namb Oh shoot wait where to go where to go goes there Oh Poop. Oh I think was Talan Talan What does 99 mean on all the classrooms I can’t tell you where Phoenix?Com-on tele vu? Tres bien? Bien!

100 thoughts on “MY TEACHER IS CRAZY!! | Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning (Part 1)”

  1. The Principal will put you in detention if he sees you do the following:

    Run in the hall (or anywhere)
    Eat a chocolate bar
    Drink a BSODA
    Break the fourth wall
    Escape from detention
    Enter School Faculty
    EDIT: (In the new version, "No eating food in the halls" was removed and replaced with, "No bullying in the halls"; this means that the player is free to eat a chocolate bar without getting caught, but if you eat the bar in front of the principal, he'll put you in detention for "running in the halls", because of the speed boost it gives you. If the principal finds the bully, he will be sent to detention for breaking the "No bullying in the halls" rule.)

  2. So you know how you get all seven note book's…right? Well when he says "GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN" that mean's he's actually hiding something and doesn't want the player to see it…or he doesn't want to be seen like it I think he's afraid of himself! So if you don't think so I enjoy your other vid's too! I hope you have a good day!🙂

  3. here's a good theory to do! you could ether explain if the you ( the player) has schizophrenia or baldi does! MAYBE BALDI IS A NICE TEACHER THAT IS HAVING A BAD NIGHT??? what do you say about that? good idea Patrick?

  4. Hello Baldi? The early 90’s called, they want their graphics back…

    Naw but really this game’s audio when he catches you… shivers

  5. you can use the "BSODA" too blast aka push baldi away also gota sweep can push baldi too, and the "ZESTY BAR" too refill your sprint!!!!!

  6. Here is a theory:
    Baldi's Schoolhouse is a special ed school (which explains the bright colors and simple classrooms. This also explains why the principal and baldi speak slowly so the child can understand them, why baldi rewards the protagonist with a quarter when they get answers right, and why you get congratulated for every problem you solve). Playtime has eye vision problems, Gotta Sweep Sweep has OCD, Bully has Down Syndrome, Arts and Crafts has some sort of condition that makes them obssesive of their notebooks and jealous when other students have more notebooks than they do, First Prize represents a child in a wheel chair. The child you play as has dyslexia, which explains why some math problems look jumbled up. The protagonist thinks that something bad will happen if they get a problem wrong, so they picture baldi chasing them and trying to kill them with a ruler. When you hear the creepy voice say "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU FAILED ALL 7 NOTEBOOKS! ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS, GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!", it's the child, scared, just wanting to go home. And with the new update thingy of the road trip with baldi, again, implies that it's a special education school, having an outdoor activity for the disabled children.
    Anyway, the point is:
    Basically the whole game is centered around a Special Ed school with baldi as the teacher. The child has dyslexia and only gets worse for every time they get a problem wrong. The whole "Psycho Baldi" thing is in the child's head.
    Anyway, that's just a theory. A GAME THEORY! Thanks for reading!

  7. i swear the intro screen for baldi was made in microsoft paint actually i think the whole game was made in microsoft paint

  8. The answers 6

    There’s some kind of video that explains the actual answer

    So if you watch it, you & Steph will understand what I mean

  9. I've seen other Youtubers playing this though this is probably the most amusing one, watching both of your reactions XD

  10. Principle: No running in the halls
    Runs after you
    Principle: …. Wait a momment..
    Yeets himself into detention

  11. WOW! learning has not been this painful till kidagarter, or watching matpat's early and sister location videos

  12. Principal No running in the halls
    Me but your running to catch me
    Principal To bad I don’t care about your Flippin life

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