My Teacher Gives Me A+ For Our Special Relationships

Hey! My name’s April and I am 16. You know, recently I was totally scared because
I thought that my literature teacher, who’s apparently way older than me, was trying to
seduce me, and that totally turned my world upside down. Here is a story of the weirdest experience
I’ve ever had in my life. You see, my dad passed away a few years ago
and my mom has been the sole breadwinner for the years since then. But a few months ago, unfortunately, she lost
her job and we could no longer afford our life in the big city. As a matter of fact, mom decided that it would
be better for us to move in with her mom – my granny — in her tiny hometown, so that there,
we could start over again. Life in the small town was definitely different
from the one we had gotten used to by living in the city; but it was way cheaper and also
more peaceful. Besides, mom could no longer be worried that
Grams was living all alone in her old age and stuff. So, while mom was earning a living, granny
and I were looking after each other. But the new school, to be honest, was a separate
story to tell. Everything and everybody was new to me, starting
from classmates, of course. It’s just, when you’re 16, and you’re
new in town, it’s pretty tough to get along with people. Things get even harder when you’re forced
to switch to another school in the middle of the year. The school hierarchy has already settled and
everybody had already divided into cliques, so to speak. So yeah, there was no line of people who were
dying to befriend me. Frankly speaking, even the teachers were kinda
not really friendly, or at least one of them – a literature teacher, Mr. Maccabee. It was during my first week of school when
he saw me and said something like “who do we have here” and when he heard my last
name, and knew that I had been transferred from the city, it seemed to me that he became
really “interested” in me. He tortured me during his lessons, trying
to figure out whether I already knew something about “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The
Scarlett Letter” and stuff. So that by the end of the first lesson I had
clearly figured out that literature class was going to bring me lots of trouble. Fortunately, after his class one girl came
up to me and tried to, sort of, cheer me up, saying that Mr. Maccabee was really famous
for his outstanding love of his subject. Hence, he thought that everybody also had
to be sophisticated enough when it came to literature. And with great pleasure, he tortured and destroyed
those who didn’t meet his requirements. So, I shouldn’t really take this lunatic
personally. It was Sherry, who told me this and later
on we had lunch together and even became really good friends, but I wouldn’t be telling
this story right now if this friendship wasn’t further screwed up. Just wait a bit till you hear more about that. “Mr. Maccabee continued to torture me every
single lesson, but it’s not even this that made me develop a total disgust toward him. I constantly caught his eyes on me. I have to admit that there would’ve been nothing
surprising about this during literature class, but a few times, I saw him staring at me during
lunches, or right through the window of his classroom when I was in the schoolyard, for
example. ”
I tried not to pay attention to it at first, ‘cause, you know, I had just been transferred
here and a lot of people were looking at me from time to time. But when a whole month passed and he never
stopped with his strange looks, I mean, like scary strange, taking into account his extra
attention toward me during classes, I told Sherry about it. She said he was just creepy and tried to make
a joke that he might have fallen into love with me and began teasing me that someday
I might become Mrs. Maccabee and stuff, and I laughed, but also this joke turned out to
be not that far from the truth. I already realized that Mr. Maccabee was pretty
stingy with good grades, but once, when I wrote an excellent paper on the American literature
of the 30s and got a “D” on it, I decided that it was time to deal with it. I waited till everybody left the classroom
after another class of his, and decidedly went up to his desk and demanded justification
for such a low grade. I can’t say exactly what was it that I saw
in his eyes, but a part of me thought that he had been waiting for me to come up to him. I tried to convince myself that I was mistaken
and that it was just that nobody had ever tried to argue with him about grades and that
he just got surprised that I did. But when he told me to come back and see him
in that classroom after my classes, I couldn’t shake Sherry’s joke in my head about his
feelings for me. Later on, when classes were over and I was
about to go and see Mr. Maccabee, I felt really worried about it. Sherry might have also felt it too, ‘cause
she said that she’d wait for me, for when I’m done, so we could go home together. And she, once again, mentioned the joke about
his obsession with me, saying that if he decided to put his hands all over me, she’d be there
to help me. I forced a smile and entered the classroom. Do you know what surprised me at most? He practically didn’t say a word about my
essay. He looked through it very fast again, and
then said that he was completely mistaken and probably confused my writing with somebody
else’s and just gave me an “A+.” Ain’t that strange for a teacher who used
to be really strict and overbearing, to agree with me on changing the grade of a project
so fast!? But what’s more, he complimented me about
my general literature knowledge and said that he’d been following my studies during the
past month and noticed that I was a brilliant pupil. Then, he assumed that I had a really good
literature teacher back in the city or that maybe my parents might have been really great
to instill a love of reading in me. I tried to be polite and say that my mom always
really loved to read and that she even worked at the local library when she was young. “Strangely enough, this information sort of
filled my teacher with enthusiasm. He seemed to be happy having found that out
about me. So, I thought that since the deal with that
grade of mine was already done, I’d better be leaving, and just as I was about to open
the door to get myself out of that classroom, Mr. Maccabee suddenly asked whether my name
was April because I was born in April. I said yes and he said that he thought so
from the very first moment he saw me, ‘cause I looked like an April girl for him, which
was supposed to be a complement, I guess, though a strange one. Ever since that talk, his attitude toward
me completely changed. He no longer tried to fail me or anything,
but on the contrary, he gave me credit whenever I said a single word. And he was always smiley when he was talking
to me. So, it’s no wonder that, at some point,
the rumors among my classmates began that somebody was Maccabee’s favorite. Judging upon what Sherry told me about him,
it was the first time he had ever been that nice to anybody. Of course, I was happy about the fact that
I was easily getting good grades, but I didn’t know that my new best friend would be so jealous
of me for that. She once even asked me to write a paper for
her in literature, ‘cause she desperately needed an “A” for her final grade and
she was sure that I’d do it brilliantly. But for some strange reason Mr. Maccabee caught
her cheating. He said that he recognized my writing style
and punished Sherry with a low grade. I, in turn, had to talk to him privately about
my punishment after classes were over. Sherry got angry with me for that, so that
she didn’t sit with me during lunch, and right after that, I heard some other girls
whispering to each other that I was sleeping with my literature teacher. Of course, I got furious with Sherry, but
I thought it was the stupid teacher who was practically ruining my life, being a pervert
or something. I got so angry and decisive at the same time;
I was ready to ask him directly why he treated me in such a special way. And when I went to that pre-arranged punishment
talk, he looked so inspired and happy to see me, so much so that I even got lost. He was talking about my bright mind and that
I shouldn’t help my classmates by writing their essays for them. And at some point, he came up really close
to me and started touching my hair. I felt like this was extremely wrong. I knew I had to do something about it, so
I shot out of that classroom and headed straight to the principal’s office. I was in shock and trembling all over my body
while telling him everything about Mr. Maccabee. Of course, they called my mom to school and
while she was on her way, I couldn’t stop the tears from running down my face. As soon as mom arrived and saw Mr. Maccabee,
she seemed to look like she had just seen a ghost. And as I found out afterward, he was, sort
of, a ghost of mom’s past. It turned out that many years ago Mr. Maccabee
and my mom dated. While he was getting his degree at the university
nearby, she worked here at the local library. My mom was very pretty and he was very jealous. Once, a guy started paying attention to my
mom, and Mr. Maccabee thought that she cheated on him, while mom was way too proud to prove
her innocence. They broke up and very soon my mom met my
dad. There was no magnificent wedding because,
as people said, the bride was in an interesting position, and very soon afterward my parents
moved to the city. Mr. Maccabee counted everything and assumed
that I might’ve been his daughter, and it’s been torturing him ever since. And later he met me and I told him that I
was born in April and that made him think it over again. And that time he was touching my hair because
he wanted to take a DNA test and he apparently couldn’t just ask me for a sample directly. It’s just, he didn’t have a clue that
I was born at seven months old, which made the man my mom married back then my real dad. ” Of course, he apologized, like, a thousand
times and I could swear I saw how embarrassed and devastated he was about his terrible mistake. The next day I found out that he had quit
his job and put his house up for sale – apparently, this town was too small for him to live as
if nothing had happened. Unfortunately, this whole thing is still affecting
my reputation, and I still hear rumors about our romantic relationship from time to time. Sherry and I are still not talking to each
other. In fact, she behaves as if I am nothing, and
that makes me so sad. Thank God, I have only slightly more than
a year of school to go and for this disaster to finally end. If you liked my story, click the corresponding
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  1. Why do feel like this story is just april misunderstanding everything? Like really? Teachers "tortured" her? That's just life

  2. The comment under me is over 7 years old and is a harry potter fan. └(^o^)┐┌|°з°|┘

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