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hello my name is Brienne bebe I blog at busyness TV and welcome to my youtube channel in today's video I share how I manage my desktop paper flow and no organization can be tricky for some teachers personally I love organization and I really enjoy coming up with different systems to organize and revamping and retooling those systems when I realize I could do them better the current organizing system that I'm using for my desktop I have been using for years and I love it so naturally I wanted to share with other teachers and the hopes that it could help them if they are organizationally challenged so without further ado here's my desktop organization tour here's an overview of my teacher desktop each day before I leave I make sure to try and clear as much off of the desk as humanly possible so that when I come in in the morning I'm not feeling immediately overwhelmed to the far left of my desktop I have these letter trays that I purchased from the Dollar Tree and I labeled them with my label maker I have a to do and a to file so anything that I need to file away I'll throw in to this letter tray anything that I have to do I put in the top these letter trays help me stay organized with things that need immediate action or delayed action in the case of the to file bin usually in this corner next to the letter trays I would also have a box of tissues and some lotion for my students but it is Tuesday and I've already run out of tissues most everything else is on the right corner of my desk I have this post-it notes cube in a little container this is one of the only things that I love students to touch on my desk they can write me post a note reminders if they wanted me to check something on their grade or whatever it is that they need that I can't handle immediately I ask them to write it down so I don't forget okay I'm gonna start from the right and work my way left this right here is a paper clip paper holder and I use that for anything that is extremely important that needs to be dealt with immediately this is a magazine file I have an SAT prep book that I don't really need and could quite honestly take out of here and then after that I have a bunch of pronged folders what I love about the pronged folders is putting sheet protectors in the prongs and then it will hold different papers for me so the purple folder holds my geometry standards the green folder holds my SAT prep standards this red folder holds my quotes of the week so I like to put up a new quote on my door every Monday and this is just where I keep them all I printed out approximately 40 quotes they're all on double-sided paper and I just display these throughout the year these three folders are for each of my preps so for general geometry I have two folders I have an a period and a D period except two sections of this course this is where typically I would keep any quizzes or tests that need to be made up I do the same thing for a geometry and for SAT prep my last front folder is my emergency folder and this is just in case we have a serious emergency I would just take this out so I don't have anything in the front pocket I have page protectors added in and then I labeled each corner which period it's for so when my rosters are settled in a couple days I will put each roster in here and this paper back here is our emergency procedures protocol the last thing being held in the magazine file is my clipboard where I have my rosters and this is all just those sheets that I use for grading I keep the pencil in here and that's that's it this is pretty basic so that's everything in this magazine file holder the next thing that I have on my desktop is my binder and this is where I keep everything that I'm currently doing in my courses so this first section is for everything in geometry and anything that we're doing in this current unit is in here so basically I have answer keys from homeworks exit tickets quizzes and eventually the test in here my next section I have four general geometry and basically all the same types of things in here and then and then my next section would be my SAT prep of all that stuff in there in the green section I have a printout of the Common Core math standards and in the yellow section I'm not going to show it today but it has everything that I need to know about my school so once I finish my units of study I'll transfer the pages from this binder to these binders here the next thing I have on the section of my desk is my interactive notebook so I just keep it right there so it's handy and easy to reference last but not least is my desktop file this is probably the most important thing that's on my desk I showed this in my last vlog but I have my week at a glance plans clipped to the front of the box so I have geometry if I flip up I'll have general geometry and then I have SAT prep under that okay so inside I have a generic weekly to-do list and then behind that I have a couple of notepads just in case so they're handy first of all that I have is anything that needs to be copied so if I need something copied I'll put it in here and usually if it's a paper I will put it in standing up so that I see it my next section is forums it might be forms that I use personally in my class and I just have a clean copy in case I need to make new copies of it and then also I have forums that are particular to my school district my next folder is one that I've just labeled important and there's a lot of random things in here I have a math and physics formula card I have menus I have the two hour delay schedule I have this grading aid that was provided to me from the 40-hour teacher work week Club but I also keep my easy grader in here so important kind of became a dumping ground for anything that I wanted to keep handy but didn't really have a place to put my next folder is for absent work so what I typically do is because I work off of the smart board a lot I'll print out the notes and try to print as many copies as I need for the full day and I'll put my extra copies in here for students that are absent in my later classes and then I also have these absent work forms just so that students know what they missed and what they have to make up hey after you're absent we're my last six folders are all kind of similar I have one folder for each class they're color coded by that class and this is where I put anything that needs to be graded so today my a period class is taking a quiz so when EP or he takes their quizzes I will keep the quizzes in here until I grade them to keep them organized and then I also like to just be prepared and have the answer key in there and ready to go I have these folders color coded I have a and D period so a is usually I'll have pink or red and then D is orange for B period and H period they're my geometry classes so they are blue and purple from my SAT prep classes they're both green but I have two sections the last thing that I have in the back is another pronged folder and I use this folder specifically for students that are out for an extended period of time the five students out on medical leave or for an extended suspension it becomes easier just to send them their work by week so I'll collect all their work for the week and put it in the to send pouch when I get work back from them I'll put it into the to grade pocket and I like having the to grade be this pocket so that it's very visible like I cannot miss if there's something in here my back pocket is for the things that need to be sent back so I'm not using this folder right now but when I do I have it ready and that's everything for this video if you enjoyed it or found it helpful make sure you hit the like button and if you have any questions please leave me a comment and of course if you want more teacher organization tips or ideas make sure you do that subscribe button as always thank you for watching this video

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  1. I particularly liked the format for your week by week summaries of your units – which appeared at the beginning of the white binder – "Topic, Standard, …etc.,.Assessment, Homework" – with the week at the top. They are perfectly condensed! I have a daily format for lesson planning but would really like to have that format. Is it in the TpT store? One of your resources?

  2. I'm going into fourth grade this year in 2018. I never noticed how much teachers have but I've always had fantastic teacher's

  3. did you make those objectives? I love the idea of having them ready to go instead of having to update my whiteboard a million times per day.

  4. you are so organized. I've been teaching for 9 years and still struggle with organizing everything. I have it set at the beginning of the school year, but somehow in the middle of the semester everything is a mess

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