My New Tesla Model 3 Is Broken (Making A Service Appointment)

what's up guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is Josh Shahin I am currently walking back to my car because I only pay for two hours of parking and it's about to expire but for today I have to make somewhat of an unfortunate video to everything so far has been amazing with this car but yesterday I was driving down the road and my maps started to get really weird and so I'd be driving down the street but the car on the maps would be going the opposite way and then there was a bunch of different things where the map would be twisting and turning and the one thing that really annoyed me was that I had my navigation on so I was trying to get directions to go somewhere but when I was driving because it was all over the place it was really hard for me to find where I was supposed to turn and stuff so I took some videos I'll put them on the screen right here this was the first time where it was kind of twisting back and forth a little like icon showing where I was and then the other one which happens every 15 seconds is the map twists and turns and if I'm on a straight road it doesn't stay still so I have to phone Tesla today and just ask them what the problem is and see if maybe I have to take it in to get something fixed or adjusted but but yeah that's what I wanted to do today this is kind of like an experiment too because I want to see what the service is like at Tesla when it comes to anything breaking or something not working right with the car so yeah I'm gonna phone them right now and see how that all goes for assistance with your vehicle functions such as super charging Bluetooth and autopilot press for for all of it pop questions login to your Tesla account to reach out to us by email ok so just push and hold like put my foot on the brake push the two things in and then wait till the screen goes black and then when the white T some pops up then I let go of them ok perfect so I'll do that now and then just let me know when it's rebooted okay so the screen just went black okay okay okay so now I see the white symbol so I can let go of look okay perfect and now that I'm driving it down this road it's still doing the same thing okay okay okay okay okay all right that sounds good I'll do that one yeah as soon as we're off the phone I'll do that so the lady on the phone told me to do the fact the the reset of the screen so so you basically to do that you just put your foot on the brake and then you push these two buttons in and then you let go of the buttons so you can see the logo on there the screen gets so dirty and then she said don't let go of the brake until the map is done resetting and let's see what the heck is going on hopefully this works cuz if not then I have to make an appointment to like go and actually get them to look at it so driving down yeah it's still doing it see how the screen is like flipping around like that so I just reset it twice and it's still doing the same thing so in order to schedule your car to get serviced you can either phone them or you can do it on the app so I'm gonna sign into my app right now and see like how easy this process is because that's the way that they told me to do it and then I guess you just have to pick what it is Oh audio or infotainment okay there we go so then I guess you just like right in what the problem is so you just go on to the app and then you describe what the problem is so I guess you just hit next and then I'll put in my address and then it just wants you to pick like in a location that's closest to you so I'm gonna pick the Vancouver one all right so I just scheduled the service we'll get this sorted out I have some other videos that have already filmed with the car I saw some comments on some of the other videos saying that you wanted to know like how the charging works and how I charged it and where I charged it and how fast it is and the difference between charging it at a stage to charger or charging it a supercharger and all that kind of stuff so I've made a couple more videos that I'm gonna be uploading over the next couple days so if you guys are interested in this stuff and maybe you're considering buying a Tesla and that's why you're watching these videos subscribe and that way you'll get notified every time I upload a video um but yeah I have those videos already done I'm just waiting to upload them over the next couple days so I hope that this gets figured out soon when I go on Monday and get them to like look at it I'll make sure to vlog all of that as well and I'll show you guys the experience of actually bringing it over there but they said that there was a software update that just came out so that could be part of the problem of why everything is not calibrated back to normal other than that the car is working amazing I've charged it a bunch of times now I used the supercharger the other day for the first time and it was unbelievable like I couldn't believe how fast it was so I'll make another video on that as well and maybe just make something to do with superchargers so hope you guys enjoyed today's video have an awesome rest of your guys day and I will see you in the next video I guess

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  1. Just took my Model S for this same issue. Started a week after delivery, resets didn’t help either. Tech took it back for 5 minutes, unplugged and replugged the gps antenna and reset it using their laptop and problem was completely gone. It was definitely annoying while navigating. Once, while I was using autopilot on the fast lane the map spun and the computer thought I was on a side street and restricted my speed to 45. The car slowed down super quick, luckily no one was behind me.

  2. Also Model 3 owner in Vancouver here! I picked up the vehicle yesterday from West 4th and I hear a noise from the driver’s window whenever there is a bumper..just made an appointment to get it serviced on the same place. Hope you post a video of how the in-person service works!

  3. My car did the same thing on delivery day. Is your car linked to any wifi? My car was link to dealership wifi which could cause some issues.

  4. I've heard Tesla service has been amazing. Hope you have the same type of experience. Amazing vehicles

  5. I plan to buy a brand new Tesla Model S in the near future for mostly city and urban driving.
    Hope Tesla Model S do not give me troubles.

  6. I want to lease a tesla but it seems that you aren’t able to keep it ? Tesla takes it back after the 36 months for autonomous taxis . I don’t get it . Can someone explain ?

  7. Try turning the car off.
    Under Vehicle Controls -> Safety and Security > Power Off (wait 2-3 minutes before pressing the Brake). Or leave powered off overnight but plugged in).
    If that doesn't work as a temporary workaround click the compass and select "Always North".

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