My House is Your House | Kapela Marna | House Dance Education Program | Fair Play Dance Camp

What I'm really trying to do every time
I'm teaching is to bring joy to people honestly. When this dance was born it was all
about that feeling you guys have. Energy for sure,
fun and just letting go. You don't thinking
about anything else. That's why it looks simple,
but it's not so simple, because you don't have to think so much,
but you have to control, means to think a little bit, you know? Once you have it, you don't think anymore,
you just vibing and it just coming. Every move that I did today
it's inspired by other dancing: ballet, a little salsa,
little hip hop, little jazz, but what makes it house
is really the music and the energy you put it together
at the same time you dancing house. It's the dance,
because it's free. There is no rules. There's no one that's gonna say
dance like this or dance like this. You have to learn
the foundation of course. Once you have it,
you have to speak your own way. The way we speak is because
we understand the language and we speak like this,
you have to find your way. And then when you speak
everybody gonna be like: "Hey! Nice to meet you.
What's your name? I'm from here." You got it?

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