“My DC” Series ~ Assistant Secretary Marie Royce visits the Lincoln, the KC, and Ben’s

I’m Marie Royce, Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Educational
and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. I’m excited to give you a tour of my new city Washington D.C. Today I’m going to show you three of my very favorite spots. The Lincoln Memorial The Kennedy Center And Ben’s Chili Bowl. Let’s start with the Lincoln Memorial. I’ve seen so many photographs of exchange participants at the memorial. President Lincoln is one of the most important president’s in American History I know so many of you love the Lincoln Memorial just as much as I do– Now come along. We’re here at the Kennedy Center. We have world class artists in ballet and music. In fact, many of our exchange participants have performed right here at the Millennium Stage. In case you are wondering my favorite music is Jazz. If you follow me back to the U.S. Department of state you’d see–– a wonderful jazz exhibit on Jazz Diplomacy. And one of our first jazz envoys, as part of one of our exchanges, is Louie Armstrong–– ––with his trumpet in front of the pyramids in Egypt. I’m getting a little hungry now. Lets go on to one of my next favorite spots and one of yours. I’m so excited to be here at Ben’s and I’m going to have a Chili Dog. I’ve seen lots of photos with you and your chili dogs– follow me– we’re going to go inside Ben’s and have one. We got to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Kennedy Center, and end our day at Ben’s Chili Bowl. Please let me know where else you’d like me to go–– ––as we explore Washington D.C. together– and thanks for joining me today.

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