My Boyfriend Teaches Me Jiu Jitsu

can't believe we're doing this just the couple bros and their keys hanging out so I wanted to make this video for quite a while Julian does Brazilian jiu-jitsu which is a martial arts self-defense it's the best happen is it considered a sport Oh Andrew sighs hi first export this is called the key Julian let me borrow his it's hot as fuck it feels like a weird bathroom we're gonna do Jitsu I have a wipeout because I'm a beginner and you have a blue belt because you're slightly less beginner it's still not really qualified to teach but I guess I know more than you maybe you'll learn some jujitsu moves but maybe you won't I can't guarantee anything this isn't DLC what kind of hairstyle should I have for jujitsu on a bun okay does Jiu Jitsu care that I just watched and did my hair Jesus who gives no fucks this doesn't sound like the sport for me hmm good here we go why don't you give us like a little rundown of what jujitsu is ground fighting grappling sort of like a wrestling sport with submissions arm locks it's the sport for the little guy because you can beat someone a lot bigger than that you kids there's no kicking advantage of stretch I'm not going to punch each other fighting no hair-pulling no these are all rules that apply it doesn't sound like a sport at all you can break each other's arms so you can and you can strangle someone yes [Laughter] spit no no no scream loudly it's basically the same rules it's like kindergarten like don't be a complete asshole and spit on people the Stooges it was important to note though is that the reason that you wearing deep you are allowed to pull up people's clothes yes these are all handles there's two different types so giad knows okay because it's better and no keys just button thing but negative supply crash cars wait do we have to say like a bow or like a prayer prayer everyone use this to push my horse up there you go and then where does this apply we're gonna let you take my back and then see how well you do we're gonna need to get your back so sit on your butt behind me like a train then you put your feet inside my legs these are hooks I have a question is what has a grown man ever farted on you do you if you were doing right now when you have my back I'm in squeeze as you can and pull it down there you go kiss me while we do Jitsu that's really not about so this is the position that I'm going to sweep you from so I'm gonna grab up here [Laughter] which means trying to get away oh please what are you gonna do what's the defense reticulum that normal attorney there you go this foot can plant out there see you bounce so that head like hurts okay so how did you do the chose you I'm gonna walk you through again I want to say that I know as little as you'd expect the Bluebell to know so I'm not instructor but I do know that jiu-jitsu is not for everyone shrimp on your side can you put your weight on your upper half so your putt can screwed up so it's like how an inchworm moves like this that's not a hip escape that's an inch put your butt on the ground okay you know cuz if I can get my foot up here I basically have this show okay yeah so this is your first lesson did you do – I think pretty well stick with it because it's the best thing about it I think that's a good introductory lesson know everything about wearing makeup – jiu-jitsu don't do it I try that it's a bad idea it doesn't work out well thanks Julian for teaching us some jujitsu thanks coach Chris for teaching me – yes sir thanks for watching make sure you subscribe to my channel I've done videos every Wednesday so Thursday Thank You Julian for teaching me and just remember to keep your thumbs tucked in when you go like this I'm going to rip it off your hand advice you didn't even get a workout just got wet

43 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Teaches Me Jiu Jitsu”

  1. 3:16
    We all know they have sex in that position since this video

    It’s called

    “ the jack I’m flying” position

  2. I didnt start following Jenna much until recently so I never saw them so early in their relationship. This is ADORABLE

  3. On TLC I learned that women can have eight babies at once and that some people just want to be a cat for the rest of their lives

  4. My boyfriend has tried to teach me wrestling like this and I just kept laughing exactly like you 😂 same vibes

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