39 thoughts on “My 5 favourite Coursera Courses for Python, Data Science and Machine Learning”

  1. what are the prices of the courses, cuz i can't find someone that can explain how to see what falls under the normal coursera subscription and hat you pay one-time and than the specialization prices

  2. Hey I'm about to enroll in the last course in Python for Everybody Specialization and the order in which I think it's best to take the courses is this. If yours is 1-2-3-4-5 mine would be 1-2-4-5-3. Please let me know if I'm missing something.

  3. Coursera es un fraude total, me han cobrado por cursos que no se han comprendido o registrado y simplemente dice "lamentamos pero no podemos reembolsar" Un robo … tenga cuidado … obtiene su tarjeta de crédito.

  4. Thank you so much sir ,
    I would like to add a question .
    I was currently going through Courser machine learning courses, and I found one provided by IBM ( Machine learning with Python ) . Should I go on with this course or should I first start with Andrew ng course to get a better understanding of machine learning . I would like to add that I am well acquainted with the mathematics required for machine learning , so which course from the above two will be suitable for me ??

    As per my choice first I should do Andrew ng's course. But I would like to get your point of view before I start the course .

    Kindly help me out ^^

  5. Can you please suggest some best certifications,please? WhetherI should opt edx, coursera or something else? Please guide. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  6. I'm a 16 years old teenager from Cali, Colombia. I began the Andrew's course since one month ago; i'm close to finish it, i want to end up it before my birthday (march 8) and get its certification… The little issue that i have, is that i haven't the enough money for paying that course, and less for a specialization or a professional certificate.
    I have all the motivation for doing those courses as i'm doing currently with Andrew's course, but the only problem is the money. How much the Coursera's financial aids can help me? and what's the next course do you think that i should do after this to follow the Machine Learning and Data Science path?
    Thanks for your comprehensive, i hope that you can help me with your experience. Greetings from Colombia!

  7. Best data analysis course on Coursera was Jeff Leek's standalone effort before he pooled in with tge otge Johns Hopkins folk. Mostly it is in R, and for analytics you cannot afford to ignore R. Especially now that it is easily bound in to Jupyter. Michigan's offerings are ok but overall a bit basic – though uniformly in Python.

  8. I did Python for Everybody Specialization and I can attest that Chuck Severance is amazing. I am now taking the fourth course in the Applied Data Science with Python Specialization and I loved it (the three previous courses were nice too).

  9. Okey, I'm stuck here, and please, I need your advice.

    Currently I'm taking this course : https://www.udemy.com/complete-python-bootcamp/

    And was planning to jump into this one when I had finish it: https://www.udemy.com/the-data-science-course-complete-data-science-bootcamp/

    I'm from Barcelona (Spain aswell). You pointed out that this Coursera path might be a good way to get into the Data Scientist field. Do you recommend me to focus on that?

    Thanks man!

  10. So we should first opt for Andrew Mg's course for ML and then go for the rest of the courses that you have mentioned or reverse of it? As Andrew's course will clear the concepts out

  11. quick tip : if you can finish the course in trial period like in 7days, you will be automatically unsubscribed so you dont need to pay for the course and keep the certificate. but still they are definetely worth to pay for it ! or you can audit the course and finish it , then you can upgrade it whenever you have enough money then you will get the certificate immediately. so skip reading the comments and start to work for courses from now on xD

  12. Very interesting. I do have a suggestion: I think you could have condensed this video maybe in half. You have great content but it was difficult to make it though the first 3 minutes where the gems were. Keep up with the great videos.

  13. Thanks for the video. I was really confused about the courses to consider for Data science and Machine Learning, after watching ur video I really got a better understanding and decided to take up all the data science and Machine Learning related courses from Coursera.

    I wanted to have a good/depth understanding of data science and ML. I would require ur suggestions on what all courses I should be taking from Coursera/any online sites to get depth knowledge to enhance my career.


  14. That Machine Learning course with Andrew Ng was one of my favorite. I'll admit it was very hard for me but I'm glad I completed it. It's helped me so much down the road with Tensorflow development.

  15. Very helpful video <3 I have one doubt how can i get free machine learning coarse using python for the beginners at Coursera?

  16. Thanks a ton for your advice.. What do you think about the new Coursera course in collaboration with IBM. "IBM Data Science Professional Certificate"

  17. The University College (of) London specialization on mathematics was quite good for its price in the UK, £37/month. It forced me to think more than mechanically apply methods I learned back in electrical engineering. Also as the specialization suggests, also watch and think about the 3Blue1Brown channel's playlists on linear algebra and calculus.

    By the way, any suggestions for physics from corsera/udemy/edx? I am doing a B(H)Sc on mathematics at the Open University and want to change my career from software engineering to theoretical and/or mathematical physics in 2-3 years.

  18. Sir in your video of how to become data scientist I m confused which course related to programming to pursue in graduation ? with online lerning from code web sites can u please tell me.

  19. Hi there I'm a uk based linux administrator working in a scientific research environment who is seriously considering the change to becoming a Python Dev.

    What in your opinion is a realistic time frame for someone who has bash scripting, html, SQL and some perl in his background but has never been formally employed as a programmer to get to the point where I could get an entry level Python job? I know its a kind of "How long as a piece of string" question, but please humour me 🙂

  20. Thanks for the vedio and advice. I am also going to start learning and artificial intelligence and deep learning, need more guidance and help from u…

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