43 thoughts on “Mutabaruka :The Reasoning (Wisdom, Knowledge & Overstanding)”

  1. love Muta…this interviewer is thick headed…he doesn't listen…if a man is teaching from a cultural aspect unfamiliar to u…u need to do more listening than talking…teach the people muta

  2. Mutah is so confused about his spirituality. This is why he get's so defensive when he has to answer about a higher power, Selasi and Rasta. Mutah is an closet atheist. How can you claim to be Rastafari, yet not see "Ras Tafari" aka Selasi as divine? How can you be spiritual and not believe in a higher power?? If you don't, then you don't have to say you're Rastafari or spiritual either. Mutah thinks that what makes him Rasta is the fact that he is vegetarian, walks bare feet and identifies with Selasi as a "reaction to slavery"?? Garbage! I never once heard the word "slave" or "slavery" come out of the mouth of Selasi's in any of his speeches or teachings. Mutah would make more sense with his theory of "no super natural being" and "Selasi is not divine", if he just didn't call himself a Rasta and spiritual. Real talk. #delusion #deception.

  3. For years I wonder why this king journey barefooted..and when I found the answer it changed my entire life till this day…

  4. Complete and total revolutionist! I like this man very much ie vegetarian / loves all animals/no hypocrite! He Loves women and nature!

  5. Listened before and thought this man was a big mouthed twat…. shouting meaningless crap…. oooooops that was my narrowmindedness then, and I see it now, I get it, and where Mutabaruka is coming from and realise how brave and awakened he really is!

    The bible murdered our humanity and humanity allowed itself to be conned by those who use the bible to murder humanity – simples!

  6. The adam/eve/apple story was intended to instil into humanities collective mind c con-sept /con-struct of duality and…. it worked!

  7. Old slavery used ships and chains, new slavery uses your mind, to make you 'think' your free and is a form of MAGIC!

  8. Idi was a British agent working toward ' British agendas' to destroy African culture/life and worked against his own people for his own benefit – sorry!

  9. Mutabaruka colour is changing I think he needs to light up a chalise or bun some big head split to balance his knowledge,
    I&I cannot keep talking about Rastafari without Hailing Hail Selassie I.

    Check out priest Isaac and get some real reality upliftment outside of comedy,.

  10. True talk Muta
    I&I always have extra particular love for HIM speech Marley sing as War , from youth
    The dreadest baseline and all ▶

  11. Rastafarian was formed in Jamaica!. It is a part of Jamaican lives, peace, and love. However, I have lots of friends in Jamaica, who are not rastas and are peaceful and loving.


    Zecharia Sitchin wrote: In 1983, rocks were found in Antarctica and elsewhere which are undoubtedly fragments of the Moon and Mars; and the scientist are totally baffled as to how that could have happened. The Sumerian tale of the Creation of the Solar System, the collision between Nibiru's satellites and Tiamat, and the rest of the cosmogony in the celebrated Epic of Creation offer a comprehensive explanation. And what the text s describing how Man was created through genetic manipulation: in vitro fertilization and reimplantation? Those are academic intelligent knowledge, consistent with prehistory of the polytheistic gods and goddesses existence… opposed to the vacuous biblical references, called wisdom of a spirit-God spoken in a mystery. 1 Cor 2: 1–14. is fact academic intelligent.

    Joseph J. Ellis wrote: The 200 years history American story, is not less than a trampoline mafia account, about the uncivilized Scandinavian Nordic German and Danish mentally flawed, mass murderer sodomite men. E.g., "The central events and achievements of the revolutionary era and the early republic were political." These events and achievements are historically significant because they shaped the subsequent history of the United States, including our own time."
    This is proof the U.S. white men murderer invaders, had no intention for equality with their Black victims, but it became politically expedient to obliged with the fake law as follows:
    July 9, 1868. Section 1. "All persons born or nationalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the states wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person with its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    Needless the Blacks people think that the criminal murderer, sodomite oligarchy white men will, respect their own written laws of the so-called constitution. There are grossly retarded.


  14. Greetings bro muta thanks for sharing this info been looking for this one for a long time but I'm glad you're sharing it giving thanks for knowledge and understanding we all need more of all blessed still giving thanks

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