76 thoughts on “Musical Notes! Learning about music for Kids”

  1. +Kids Learning Videos Hello, I found you video really helpful and I was wondering if I can use it to make a play-posit.(An interactive quiz for students)

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  4. Your opening screen, "Musical Notes," has the first pair of eighth notes displayed incorrectly. Stems that go up always go on the right of the note head. Stems that go down always go on the left side. I wouldn't want my students to see notes displayed incorrectly, just as I wouldn't make not make letters backwards when teaching the alphabet.

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  6. 0:30 Let's have a picture of a metronome, and let's animate it while we play its sound. Shall we show it doing what metronomes do? No, too boring to show the truth. Let's show the whole metronome rocking back and forth instead!

  7. yay this helped me. I got eight note and dotted half note right, but the others are hard. Remember I'm just learning

  8. Nice and simply laid out. Just one bit of advice: When explaining eighth notes, you said, "Most of the time, eighth notes are shown in sets of two," and then you showed the symbol for two eighth notes. However, you did not verbalize that the symbol you were showing represents two eighth notes. Since it is an entirely different symbol, instead of just two of the same symbol, this could be confusing without explanation. To explain, you could simply say, "This symbol represents two eighth notes. "

  9. I’ve done guitar lessons for 2 years and I was pretty bad at guitar after this video I’m the best in my school 🙂 PS thanks 🤙

  10. Finally understanding these notes correctly…thank u so much for this helpful video not only for children but for adults too…nothing above this in all Web

  11. I ain't a native speaker, however these things help me a lot in order to improve my english. Cuz I want to work in a call center full english, the problem when I do interviews words don't come out :/ but music is everything to me :3 excelent video!

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