Music Instruments kids learning | Kids Find Instruments

Happy Sunshine Friends Find the accordion Find the maracas Find the recorder Find the Bell Find the xylophone Find the harp Find the tambourine Find the triangle Find the electric guitar Find the drum Find the microphone Find the violin Find the piano Find the trumpet Find the saxophone Find the banjo Find the cello Tuba French Horn Electric Guitar Accordion Acoustic Guitar Banjo Bell Castanet Cello Microphone Cymbals Recorder Trumpet Flute Clarinet Harp Maracas Harmonica Xylophone Piano Drum Tambourine Saxophone Ukulele Violin Woodblock Triangle

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  2. Amazing video! Cant understand why it doesn’t have more views because it definitely deserves it! I see a lot of channels that are for kids but are not even close to be as educational and well done like this one! Shade to blippi and all of his useless cars videos and teaching parts of engine to kids!

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