10 thoughts on “Music and Machine Learning (Google I/O’19)”

  1. So you have your algorithm identifying things but it only can identify stuff its familiar with in familiar scenes. Whats missing if I see a pink sheep on a stair case my mind adapts but a computer will likely relate it to something it is familiar with and identify that there's a pile of flowers on a stair case. So in short AI is today good at deep learning with things it can get familiar with but is not good at adaptive learning like a human or even an ant colony can be.
    So where do you start well I would suggest a robot like ant colony where you challenge the ant colony with things unfamiliar to it to test new systems abilities to adapt or that sort of thing. Imagine that Ai in the future ran more of our lives but wasn't very adaptive this could lead to some small or big problems as new challenges arose. It also gets one thinking about the nature of consciousness is consciousness simply a mechanism that allows life to adapt to new challenges.

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