48 thoughts on “Mumbai on Sex Education”

  1. आप हमारी ज्ञान मत मारिए।🤣

  2. Sex is a sensation caused by the temptation when a man puts his location in a women's destination did you got the explanation or need a demonstration?

  3. my birth day also 5th april
    and im 18 yrs old
    can i teach her
    acuely i also dont know about sex want to know twogathar

  4. sex is an amazing thing which not always happen between a man and woman sex is basically when the couples are having pleasure

  5. सेक्स करके बताओ कि बोलकर

  6. We Indians barely have a sex education class…. Actually I got a good one because my tea was foreign…. I asterisk day I came to know that my friend thinks that women get pregnant by swallowing cum…… He was 21 years old…. I feel sick on him… 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Sex means male and female everyone mind always goes on the naughty mind please change your mind man…

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