Multiplying Fractions – Learning Math for Kids

– [Instructor] Multiplying fractions. (upbeat tropical music) Multiplying fractions can
be easy as one, two, three. Just watch this video and
you’ll be combining fractions with ease. There are three steps to
multiplying fractions. First, you multiply the numerators, that result is the new numerator. Then, you multiply the denominators, that result is the new denominator. Finally, you simplify your new fraction and that’s the answer. Let’s try it! 1/2 times 1/2, first you
multiply the numerator, then the denominator,
and you have your answer, 1/4. 3/8 times 2/5, 6/40, which simplifies to, 3/20. Let’s try one more time. 2/4 times 5/7, that’s right, it’s 5/14. Good luck multiplying fractions and thanks for watching!

32 thoughts on “Multiplying Fractions – Learning Math for Kids”

  1. Would've loved to have used this for my classroom…but you skipped the simplifying step in the last problem!

  2. Good. However, she established a pattern with the first two problems and then she switched up on the third problem by skipping a step and going straight to the simplified answer. That could be confusing and counter-productive to a child (or anyone) just learning fractions.

  3. 4×7 is 28 not 14 i loved to wach this but its wrong the numbers she multiplyd and the 2×5 is 10 what… its soo crazy i dont know why dindt the number she multiplyd is wrong what!??!?! im soo copfused about this..

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