MUJIBURROHMAN | Critical Thinking in Classroom

education is a fundamental base to build a nation in multi-sector in most rural and remote areas people don't have access to education which lead them into retardation many of our people don't really understand the importance of critical thinking as a consequence our people today are easily provoked by hoc use infect information on internet even they could turn out to be uncivilized and even violent due to the differences among societies I believe critical thinking in education process that applies multiculturalism and pluralism will be able to nurture students character creativity innovation and tolerance well my friends here a lot to explain what Cameron's thunderings is the first practical diversity and difference in dignity that we have as we have to know right Donita has many cultures languages and also traditions so even though we are different but we are equivalent anybody really critical thinking will also help us in problem-solving and decision-making to produce brilliant ideas in facing today's global challenges I think no need to worry about what the future will be as long as we have strong generation the answer to that need is adequate education quality for all i believe today's young generation is the future hope of a country therefore we need to provide them with qualified education surfaces because in their hands the future will be entrusted hello I am Mujibur Rahman I'm a teacher in a village of Python probolinggo East Java Indonesia I'm proud of being a teacher because I believe that education is the basic foundation to build a better nation

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  1. Truly inspiring. Keep doing the great work sir. I know you have done the best to our school and your students. Wish you all the best. Finger crossed.

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