MSU Department of Theatre Undergraduate Education: The School of Choice

We pride ourselves on being a school of choice
This idea of school of choice is that you you can do anything and we will support you
and do whatever we can to help you develop whatever skill you want to do for the rest
of your life We’re not just a musical theatre school, or
just a film acting school, or just a drama school, you can pick and choose and there’s
a way to fit them all into your schedule and be able to come out with a significant experience
in all of them My junior and senior year have kind of just
been what I’ve wanted to learn about theatre I studied a whole bunch of things, um acting
stage management, arts administration, I really crafted my own program here
We offer a BFA in design for our undergrads We have classes in sound design, lighting
design, scenic design, media design, and technical direction, and this allows our undergraduates
to really explore all aspects of design The students can really get their hands on
everything that we’re teaching them We have you know freshmen that within the
first four weeks of class that are really getting hands on training right away, we don’t
want to wait til their juniors and seniors to give them this opportunity, we wanna build
that strong base so that by the time they are juniors and seniors that they really are
focusing on that design work Um here at MSU we’re really kind of doing
the cutting edge innovation A lot of schools just have a proscenium, well
here we have a studio, an end stage, an arena, the proscenium, and then we have the 3/4 thrust,
so in order to know how the angles work in all these different ah theatres is very beneficial
The things that impresses me most about the faculty there is that they care so much
The theatre faculty is really really active, everyone has distinct disciplines
They’re all fantastic teachers, and none of them will ever allow you to like settle for
anything less than fantastic That combination and diversity of faculty
who are both practicing as artists and working as scholars and critics allow students to
discover the kind of art that they want to make
The thing that is so special to me is the relationships that I have built with the professors,
they just want everyone to succeed so much I kind of did it where in the fall I would
stage manage shows with like guest directors and really great professors here, and then
I would go and audition for the shows in the spring, and then doing like summer circle
theatre and stage managing a professional outdoor theatre
I was very interested in film as well as acting, but this was the only theatre program that
I found that really had the opportunity to take classes specifically in film acting
For our students graduating is not just to have that piece of paper and we kick you out
the door, I want them to have longevity in this business
The Theatre in London program benefits students in all areas, both design, acting, directing
Its 5 weeks, you go to London, and you see like 20-25 shows and you work with different
artists ah that are based in London There’s also a study away in LA where um students
can go and spend a month of their summer in LA and kind of get a feel for the city and
decide if they want to move there So we want to give you a solid foundation
in the theatre and then branch out Our Broadway artists that come here regularly
on Broadway shows we put them in residency programs here
We started our new Musical Theatre Immersion Program this year, and its really exciting,
it gives the students an opportunity to collaborate with the Wharton Center in their new program
called Imagine. Their goal is to bring a new musical each year that will premiere here
in its developmental stage so the students will actually get cast in the show and will
work alongside Broadway professional actors, directors, and musical directors
The actors and the designers all get to collaborate with somebody that you’d never collaborate
with anywhere else Having those opportunities to work with all
those people from all over the world is something that I couldn’t get at another university
Getting to work in an Equity theatre like Williamston you get ah you get to dip your
feet in the water and you get to see how the process works
All of the training I received here helped me realize that that was what I wanted to
do, I used all of these things MSU has pushed me to start working professionally
so that I can be ready when I start auditioning and just hit the ground running
I feel like I could walk into an audition and they could throw anything at me
You’re not just an actor you’re so much more

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