MSc in Education and Training Management (eLearning) – Sinéad Murphy

I chose the program in DCU because it had been two or three years I done any study and I had just returned from travelling so I was working in nurse education so I was keen to sort of explore a program in education but also am outside of work like I like photography and that kind of creative things so I really was kind of keen to see if i could find maybe a program could combine those two so when i did a search online I came across the program in DC so that became a natural choice for me then probably what I enjoyed most about the program was and the sort of flexibility and this kind of term peripheral learning I suppose so I was exposed to a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds so you were learning from just people's experiences and that really made you think a little bit differently you're thinking outside your own kind of small box and you were being challenged in different ways so that was really good there is lots of reasons they would have done the course but I suppose for me to the main reasons would have been the the support the access of tutors like when you're working full-time and studying as well it's kind of hard so it was just very very flexible and also well DC has got a very good reputation for kind of innovation and technology so and in view of the the type of program that I was going to do it just seemed like a bit of a logical choice we're getting to express yourself differently through video through pictures to that type of thing it really made you think quite differently about how you put together your assigned it was an awful lot of fun in terms of my career and the program hasn't so much been a progression as a complete change and when I was doing the program as i said the exposure to all the technologies just made me think very differently about how you could actually provide education and advocate of access education so said my background was nursing I'm in the nursing education side of things but I've now moved into my role now which is a learning technologies manager so I pretty much head of the e-learning side of things in the organization which is very new but it's very much using what I learned particularly through my pieces and I was like applying my thesis really to to my job and it's taking education from a traditional face-to-face ping and then moving in on to an e-learning platform so as I said progression yes it's been progression but it's really just a complete complete change and that is a direct result of having done the the Masters my name is sinead Murphy and I'm a graduate of the MSC in education and training management elearning in school of education studies in DC you

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