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  1. I really love your videos . I’m working on becoming a special needs teacher. And this really helps me learn how to work with these kind of kids . I always wanted to help special needs kids since was little

  2. That’s Right
    Hanazuki: Full Of Treasures
    Moods & Emotions
    Autism & Disabilities
    Special Education Teachers
    Life Skills
    Hanazuki Was Diagnosed With Autistic Disorder
    She Was Born: 8/01/2000
    Kiazuki Was Diagnosed With ADHD Sensory & Sensitive & She Had Blood Injuries
    She Was Born: 7/02/2001
    Kiyoshi Was Diagnosed With ADHD Sensory & Sensitive & She Had Blood Injuries
    He Was Born: 9/02/2001
    Maroshi Was Diagnosed With Autistic Disorder
    He Was Born: 4/06/2002
    Hanazuki She Has Diabetes
    Kiazuki She Has Diabetes
    Kiyoshi He Has Diabetes
    Maroshi He Was Diabetes
    There Was Diagnosed:
    January 1, 2018

  3. I am the only highly functional kid in my special ed classes lol. They put me in there for schizophrenia

  4. I’m 10 and in 4th grade, and I want to be a special education teacher when I grow up. I work with special education kids. They have autism, behavioral issues, and Down syndrome. And some are more disabled, like they will be in a wheel chair, and have to eat baby food. But i don’t care! I still LOVE them so much! I got one of the little girls with behavioral issues a birthday present because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! 🥰❤️😍😘

  5. I'm going to school to study to be a Special Education Teacher. What would be great program to master in?

  6. Oh my god .
    Great hardwork
    Good techniques
    T.L.M is good
    All the very best
    Do more help for poor special child in yr free time because they need a good teachers like u .

    Allah bless u .

    Lots of love


  7. I see often this piece especially when i feel ready give up…Do you have any advises for my classroom? my kids are very aggressive and i can move on

  8. Mrs. Kelly, what program are you using, the one that projects the text on the screen and the kids can answer with the tablets??

  9. Excellent video, but did you try small-group and independent workings? Obviously your whole group work is exemplary

  10. I stumbled across this video because I’m being considered for a sub separate classroom position for k/1. This is truly inspiring. You are an amazing teacher and the kids truly love you! I hope to be just as great as I continue to further my special education career!

  11. Hi Ashley! Would you be willing to share the folder worksheet you assign points to your students? I am looking for something of that nature to use in my class, I would love to see a template to work off of. Also, do you have links of your class rules and daily schedule pics? Did you create them or purchased them? I love everything about your class!

  12. I am also inspired by this. Not only I have autism but I am currently a writer and planning to not only write horror books but also inspiring stories. Like for teachers or people like me to read to know their's others like them or even for young students

  13. I really enjoyed your video. What is the name of the program that you are using on the smart board for "If you Give a Pig a Party?"

  14. What a GREAT class! What program were you using to do calendar on the whiteboard? That looks like SO much fun and so interactive!

  15. I am currently a preschool sped teacher and will be taking over a kinder-1st self-contained classroom. I am so excited…. I was a regular ed teacher for 10 years. I decided to switch to sped. and I will never go back.

  16. This was seriously so inspiring. This is my first year teaching special education. They are considering making my classroom a life skills classroom next school year. I saw that you're no longer teaching due to the military, however I would love to ask you some questions and get some suggestions. You did a wonderful job!

  17. Thank you for sharing this video, it's definitely inspiring and gives a wider understanding how its like to work in special education 🙂 <3

  18. Special Education Teacher From Egypt anyone want to share opinions or ideas pls contact with me 🙂

  19. Is it safe that you showed student's faces, shared names, and on a student's shirt it shows the area where you live? That doesn't seem safe to me.

  20. I was in special education class my whole I enjoyed​ meeting special needs kids I felt I shouldn't been in special education class I might take longer understand certain things I always wanted be in normal classes

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