24 thoughts on “Mr. Bean Is A Master Of Physical Comedy”

  1. Kramer is another character who exhibits mastery in physical comedy….I've always thought of him as the American version of Mr Bean.

  2. He's a comedic genius . But I heard through a friend that worked with him he's not a nice man to work with on set. I wish I never heard that because everything I see from that point on was shadowed by this idea he's not a nice guy.

  3. When it comes to physical comedy, it's a toss up between Jackie Chan and Rowan Atkinson for me, can't choose

  4. Although this video does well to describe Atkinson and his brand of character-comedy, he is really one of many brilliant comedians of this type in the UK. We have many shows that employ the same kind of comedy and are just as brilliant. See Fawlty Towers (the character being Basil Fawlty), I'm Alan Partridge or David Brent in the Office for some other examples. I think Mr Bean travels further as it is largely wordless as you say, but that type of comedy (although amazing) is far from unique, in fact its qunitissentially British I would say

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