Motivation ke bare mein sabkuch || Ashish Shukla from Deep Knowledge

24 thoughts on “Motivation ke bare mein sabkuch || Ashish Shukla from Deep Knowledge”

  1. Sir sound of silence ki awaj atai h tho blood circulation ki kyo nhi ya blood circulation ki awaj h ya sound of silence ki heatbeat ki atai h tho blood ki kuo nhi

  2. "Keep learning"….Sandeep Maheswari also says the same thing sir….young people does not look up to him as a motivator…for them, 'he' is the hope…..

  3. You are doing great job sir..which help us to understand about our body and mind that is most important thing..dont influence by other..motivation is just like a drugs…follower from nepal

  4. Sir, मुझे महेशवरी पंसद ही नही । यह दूसरो को emotional करता है

  5. Shi kaha aapne ek hi chij pr focused rehne pr drwaje khulte jate h or yhi real inspiration hota h💐

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