welcome to wright ideas with Susan where I
put up simple tutorials to help people like you who are giving your time to
teach children and today I have a meaningful Mother’s Day lesson idea and
I’m going to be uploading it into three parts so part one this one is going to
be the actual object lesson the teaching lesson and then in part two and three
I’m going to give you activities both for older kids all the way up to 16 as
well as younger kids from 4 years old to about 9 and part 3
anyway let’s jump into part 1 I have been doing this lesson for a long
time well over 20 years and I tell you I get the most feedback from this lesson
and from parents especially mums and what I’ve done is I’ve just taken a
sketch pad and I tell the kids hey kids we’re going to look at some special
words today and all I do is I sit them down close to me and I talk about
various words like honor and I say hey kids
what does honor mean and what do you do when you honor someone and so we have a
discussion about the word and then I go through the definition of the word as
well and then from then I say oh well that takes us to the word respect tell
me what does respect mean and again we have another discussion about it what
does it mean to show respect and that sort of thing and then I go through my
little sheet here about respect and then we come to another word or two words
this time happy life who wants to have a happy life and of course all the hands
go up I guess we all want to have a happy life did you know the Bible gives
us some clues on how to have a happy life in fact there’s a commandment in
the Bible that even has a promise and it’s written down a number of times in
the Bible let me show it to you and so I read it to them and I say you know it
says children obey your father and your mother and you will have a long and
happy life Wow so what’s the command here yes obey your father and your
mother and what’s the promise here and you will have a long and happy life Wow
I wonder why God would command us to obey our mother and father why do you
think he wants us to do that and of course we have a discussion about it the
kids know they come up with great answers about it I say isn’t it great
that God reminds us how one of the ways to have a happy life is to obey our
mother and her father well let’s look at another would word and then we go on to
the word encourage what does encourage mean again we talk about it what it may
and to give courage confidence and support and I say you know what there’s
a special day coming up does anybody know what it is
yes it’s Mother’s Day and today we are going to work on something to encourage
your mother or you can do this for your grandmother or maybe you have a special
auntie that you want to do something special and encourage her so we’re gonna
do that today and the Bible tells us a really important way that we can
encourage someone and you know that how to do that we can do that with kind
words yes in Proverbs it tells us that kind words are like honey they cheer
you up and make you feel strong and I say why would the Bible describe kind
words like honey and then of course we talk about that and then I say well how
do you kind words cheer you up and make you feel strong and of course the kids
talk about that and we have a great time talking about this little verse and then
I say okay kids now we’re gonna take some time now we’re gonna do
something to encourage and show love to the special mom in your life using kind
words and then I go into the activity for the kids now for the older kids I
will be showing you in part two how I help them craft a beautiful Mother’s Day
letter this is really significant so make sure you catch part two and that’s
for like ages nine all the way to sixteen and then for the younger ones we
do a simple sort of little card and again there’s little tricks and tips to
help you and getting the most out of this little activity and that’ll be in
part three now here is my old old one and I just made this new one because I
thought you know what you guys may appreciate having help and making
something like this so what I decided to do is I’ll put on my website these big
sheets that you can download and you can just glue them into a sketchbook and
then you’ve got the teaching portion or these little charts to be able to use
with your lesson and for my american friends I even have done a special honor
page for you because in America you know we spell honor
differently to where we spell honor in different parts of the world so you’ll
find those versions on my website anyway I hope you liked this
idea if you did give it a thumbs up and if you’d like to see how to do the
letter and also the card make sure you subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet
and you’ll be notified whenever I put up part 2 and part 3 anyway thanks so much
for watching and we’ll see you in part 2

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