MOST TERRIFYING TEACHER I’VE EVER HAD! | Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning (Horror Game)

This is an edutainment *more to it* game, however, it does feature some loud noises flashing images and overall kind of spoopy. Right, right. I’m excited to check this out Baldies basics of all these basics and that’s him. That’s him baldies basics and education and Learning it’s a game about learning really know it. I don’t think it is though. Let’s Start so first let’s let’s review how to play and also the story the controls seem very basic very simple. It’s just WASD move around with your mouse click to pick up items right click to use items open doors all that fun stuff Here’s the story. Oh, no school’s out, but your friend has a problem He left all his note boos in school, but doesn’t have time to get them because if he does he’ll be late for eating Practice meeting practice. Is he a professional eater anyways to help him out You have to go back in the school and find all seven of his notebooks for him. It won’t be easy though Baldy loves Challenging his students with fun trivia problems whenever he can each time. You find a notebook. You’ll have to answer some questions answer all three Correctly and you will earn a prize find all seven notebooks and then exit the school to win so we have to find seven notebooks while avoiding our teacher here Hi Okay That’s it Yeah, yeah, but okay. Thank you. Hello, Baldy Okay, he’s just he’s just kind of he’s just watching us as we move from left to right Let’s let’s review the school rules here. I can’t look up and down by the way It’s only it’s only left and right when you follow the school rules, no running. No entering faculty. No eating No, drinking, no escaping detention noth fourth wall breaks Absolutely not. Oh, okay. Oh this so is that one of the notebooks that’s that must be one of the notebooks We’re in a classroom. What are what are these? What is this? This is so weird. Okay, math equals more math equals math math math math They Baldy likes math admit That was annoying but my virus protection pops up I’m glad that it updated but okay. I know the answer of this problem 911 oh Why can’t I enter oh, okay, four minus eight wait wait Okay, so we can do negatives here Wow you exist. Thank you That is one of the kindest things anyone has ever said to me. I do exist. He’s gonna give me a prize Okay Okay Okay, so Baldy just taught us how to use items that’s very nice of him should we go into the other classroom I guess we can sorry ran out of time to add more subjects. So it looks like it’s it’s all math all math I know I know the rules six again What what Well, if we if we examine these letters or numbers their numbers, I know their numbers very closely Perhaps we can divulge the answer to this very very simple math problem. It’s clearly too Incorrect, I get angrier for every problem you get wrong we’ve upset baldy baldy What is that? Well, what was that? Why why is why is there slappy sound what is that? What is that? Hello like? Okay. What what Oh What who are you wait What is going on why okay, so uh, so he’s chasing me with the ruler now that’s Great What are you? Good oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, okay What was that hello hello What No Stop stop. Oh, okay. So is playtime despite her poor eyesight. She always looking for her playmate Let’s play that’s who that was. This guy is the principal if I see anyone breaking the school rules I’ll make sure justice is served. It tastes good and fills my tummy. Okay, that’s weird Um, so yeah, that was the principal you just put us in detention because I was running Wow Okay. So like we have all these weird characters kind of running around the school trying to take us down and and throughout all of This we have baldie with the ruler chasing us I don’t know what happens if he catches us, but I don’t really want to find out I’m in the school faculty area Which if I remember the rules correctly? I’m not supposed to be here So if the principal finds me here, I’m done how to eat cheese. Okay, that’s an important life lesson I’m sure can I pick this up. I can’t pick that up. What do I do with these keys? Oh, hello. Hi hi. Mr Baldi it’s good to see you again. Ooh Does he face through okay. Okay. So every time he slaps the the ruler down he He moves he moves Sweeping time what is even happening? I should have looked at all of the things that were on the walls in the detention area because I think it was explaining The characters I have no idea. Okay, so we have principals keys. Oh my gosh, they’re scary noises happening Can I only have three spots for items? So We’ll have to come back for the candy bar. Maybe it gives us energy so that we we don’t run out of stamina Oh, yeah, okay So you only gain stamina when you’re stopped you have to actually stop I have 25 cents put it in but it put put look. What is this? What can I can I pick it up? What is it? Give it to me you give me the cassette thingy. Hey. No, not you What is this why there’s so many weird noises, okay Okay, Stacy, you’re kind of weird okay another notebook this is good this is good, right? Okay. Yeah Yeah, eight minus five three enter eight plus nine Seventeen enter two again. It’s I don’t think there’s any way to answer that question correctly I don’t know though. I really don’t know. Okay, the ruler slaps are getting closer. I’m kind of scared I’m not I’m not running. I’m not running. I’m not 30 seconds now great great arts and crafts are shy and tries to be avoided doesn’t like being looked at and gets jealous at People with more notebooks than him. That’s weird. Okay. Yep. There’s Baldy. What is this? This is the sweeper time guy. What do you do when the school opens in seven hours? And you haven’t hired a janitor hire a broom. It sweeps everything Okay, so that’s probably what we heard. There’s also a bully here at here school. We believe every good school needs a good bully That’s why we have this kid great The the noise is getting closer Baldy. Oh, no. Oh no. No, no. No, I’m trapped. I’m trapped. Ah fidget spitter Fidgets better. Good. Bye dad Education and learning We we have to start over Wow Baldy, you’re scary what’s with the face ah Okay Okay, we have to start over but at least we know what to do now. So let’s do it more mass. Let’s go Yes 14, no, not 41 and 14 10. Here we go. Okay Get out of here Go Go Baldy. I did it. I’m a smart math student. Give me my quarter. Okay I have no idea what the quarter was for and why we used it on the Phone there was like a weird looking cell phone. I don’t know it was weird. It was just the van. I 11 D. Okay. Yep, there’s I don’t know if there’s a way to ever get those answers Correct. Unless there’s like a secret notebook somewhere that shows you how to get them. Correct, but I don’t think so I think it’s it’s part of the game. Okay. Yep. There he is. Great so let’s go this way and let’s let’s kind of figure out the Design year of the school. Okay, there’s another notebook here, but I kind of worried that he’s a little too close to me Also, there’s some beautiful wall art. That is Wow, very nice. Hello principal guy He’s the principal of here school. Maybe we can maybe we can do this. Let’s let’s do one of these All right. We got this notebook. Yeah. Yay, go go go twelve twelve Zero, okay. Hey, I don’t know he hears every door that we open So like every time we open a door he knows where we’ve been is that please let me out where where’s Baldy I hear him, but I hate this so much. I hate this and the principal’s running around all over the place We had the principal’s keys. Last time. I have no idea what we’re supposed to do with those This is this is horrifying get me out of this school No Stacy oh Oh, there’s Baldy Get me out of here, I don’t want play right now. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay. Get out here Let’s go put the quarter in the phone. I guess. I don’t know I don’t know if that’s the smart thing to do. Baldy is definitely here Okay, I was gonna say like let’s go get the notebook while he’s here, but he’s not he’s he’s coming. Oh great We’re in a dead end. Please refrain from using the phone while professor Baldy is in the building It causes him to forget what he was doing and prevents him from hearing. Oh, that’s beautiful. That’s beautiful Woody. Are you gonna leave me? Are you gonna are you gonna run away now? Oh, no, please please go away. Please go away He doesn’t he doesn’t like this is not working guys guys. No, he’s supposed to not know What is that This is really hard Okay, mr Baldi is on the loose and he’s mad and he wants to beat us with his ruler, which is not cool And I don’t think is acceptable in this day and age, but whatever it’s fine, it’s your school. Mr Baldi okay. So the quarter did like Nothing for us. Hello giant sweeper, man. That’s interesting. Is there anything here that I can interact with? No, okay It’s just a weird face on the wall. What is that? It’s a lock Hmm. I wonder what we can do with that. Okay, let’s just let’s just carry on and Watch out for the principal. Of course, if we run near him, obviously that’s bad news negative six easy too easy 11 d12 three, uh-huh. That’s a number right? That’s wrong also He gets angry every time we mess up a problem. So does that mean he moves faster every time we mess up? I think that’s what that means. What is that does the detention room? Okay, so we’ll keep that in mind We’ve got more faculty rooms if the principal sees us go in here He gets mad so I don’t I don’t know like principles keys. What are we supposed to do with those? No idea no idea whatsoever. But we have them maybe oh, oh That was the arts-and-crafts errs thing the sock person. Okay, uh, oh, he’s really close I should not be in here, right? Oh my gosh, the the ruler is getting closer Oh, there he is. There he is. Yep. Okay, I’m gonna just go this way. What is this? Why? Why are you opening mailboxes with your teeth? Okay, fine, whatever oh, hey, this is a bully and he is going to bully me because Baldy is behind me. And I really don’t have a choice here. Do I? Know Susie Sally, whatever your name is. Oh my gosh Why What is happening? I’m so confused and lost and horrified. What is this? What is this? It’s a record of some sort. Okay Is there anything else in here no? No, there’s nothing else that we can pick up in here Okay, please what Oh energy bar. Right let’s let’s see if this does what I energy zesty yet It fills our energy It’s sweeping time. Oh my gosh, there’s so much stuff. Oh My gosh, okay. Wait, what is the principal’s chasing me? Oh good. Oh good He caught me. He’s very fast. He’s a very fast runner Wow Okay, so we’re stuck here and baldies running around I still need for more notebooks. This is insane This is insane. What is that? What is this game? What is this game? It’s absolute chaos Okay. Oh, I already did this one No Baldy. Is that you dad you that’s Baldy there. He is in all of his glory We’re not losing stamina anymore. Is that because of the candy bar that I ate? That’s pretty sweet. If it is, okay, we’ve already done this one too, or there’s just no notebook in it. Okay There’s no notebook in here either. Where are the notebooks? Hello. Oh my gosh Have I been in here? Have I I’ve been in there. Okay. Don’t need to worry about going in there We can do the phone thing I guess let’s yeah, let’s do the phone thing and maybe maybe because Baldy was actually like looking at us That’s why I didn’t work, but it did say that by using the phone It makes him confused and forget what he was doing. So I’m gonna use it. I don’t hear the slapping. Oh He’s down the hallway. Oh my gosh, okay Let’s just like do do that. No Oh my gosh, I stopped what can I put the cassette in here, okay Does this make Baldy go away again? Is that okay? I don’t know. I’m absolutely So confused. This is the weirdest. Horror game. I have ever played Bar None This is so weird and it is Genuinely horrifying. Oh my gosh. Okay. He’s going the opposite direction So I think that thing worked whatever it’s doing it’s it’s doing a good job. I’m not running. I’m not running All right. There’s just there’s a classroom over here. Let’s go in the classroom Yes a notebook Gee healthy. That’s right. My favorite subject negative 114 a little a little up. Yep. Got it. Got it Okay, so he’s gonna move faster now. So we need to keep that in mind Oh Apparently it’s sweeping time too. So that’s that’s fun. Watch out for the broom. I don’t know where the broom is He sounds like he’s kind of close Maybe I don’t really know though. Did we do this? We didn’t do this. Oh my gosh, five. They’re all my goodness If we get this done, this is the furthest we’ve ever done This is the furthest we’ve ever gone in baldie school of terror. Got a sweep sweep sweep Apparently, okay. Hello Wow. Okay there he was that was the sweeper guy. Let’s grab the candy bar, right? Yeah Look, you know what we should hold on to it. Oh, I’m stuck. I’m stuck. Well good. Okay. I can’t go around Picnic benches apparently they’re far too complicated for my meager. Brain. Oh I need rest Oh No Oh No Susie she’s coming No, no, no, okay. I need to eat I need to eat and run because I have no other choice Basically, that’s the I don’t and I don’t know what the soda does what’s in here? Nothing. Okay continue on ah Oh Baldy oh Hey there, buddy. Hey Okay, there’s nothing in there. Oh good. It’s a bully I’m not running. I’m not running. Okay now I’m running Oh my gosh, get me to the end of this hallway, please. Is this where I started? I think this might be where I started. I don’t know though. Oh my goodness. This is the worst Hey there Guy, okay is it oh there’s nothing in there. Oh my gosh. I’m running out of stamina so quickly hoo Hoo. I just went in a big circle Also, and I don’t know what that whistling is. I really oh hey principal. Okay. There he is Baldy still not behind me Can we buy soda you think can we buy more snow can’t buy more soda, that’s fine. We already have a soda So, this is fine. Did we already check in here? I think we already checked in there if the principal’s Susy oh they’re getting closer He got me he got me Oh Baldy why let’s give this one more go. It’s yeah. Oh my gosh, this game is brutal It’s brittle. All right Bald he’s mad he’s mad and man Does he move fast when you start getting down to the wire he starts moving really really quickly I don’t like it. I don’t want to play Susie. I really don’t know no Suzy Why do you have to do the weird jump rope thing and what is wrong with your face? honestly, it’s So many noises in my ears So many noises in my ears. Oh my gosh, this is terrifying Is she gonna make me is she gonna make of course? Of course, she’s gonna make me play again It’s never enough for Suzy. Okay. All right. All right. All right. Okay. Okay. Okay careful I don’t know where Baldy is right now, and that scares me Immensely, we never did figure out what the soda does I should have used it I shoulda oh well We’ll figure it out this time. Hopefully playing it cool Playing it cool. Is this where we started? This is where we started. Okay, so, you know, actually I’m gonna go straight Have I been down this hallway? Cuz cuz baldies always here when you when you first start. This just takes us to the detention area Can we go into the detention area? Like without getting detention? I don’t know. Anyways, let’s let’s get our first notebook here I guess Sweeping time – okay, great. I was gonna say that This is like the first real notebook cuz the first two they’re just kind of like hey, this is how the game works and then the real game starts, so What What oh No Baldy, stop. Stop. Stop doing what you’re doing. You need to stop. Also what happened to my quarter? Did I not pick up the quarter? Hello did know? The bully took my quarter what a jerk. That’s what he’s doing He says, um, he says like you want to make a generous donation and and he takes your quarter. That’s very rude So we should use this as soon as possible so that the bully can’t really affect us. I have a feeling that Baldy is Here. No, he got me. He saw me go into the school faculty room. Oh my gosh Five seconds baldies here. All these here. There’s no escape. There’s no escape Why No, no, I feel like I can do better than that So we’re gonna give it a really good run this time, and we’re kind of starting to understand the mechanics A little bit better like how the bully takes your corridor? We still don’t know what the soda does but we’ll figure it out figure it out and so it begins our hunt for five notebooks who would have thought that Finding notebooks at school could be such a horrifying and upsetting experience my goodness. Hey, I’m gonna go in here. Alright Alright, actually, I don’t need that. I don’t need a kid what? You already caught me. That’s that’s messed up, dude. No It’s jump-roping and detention. Oh This is so bad. This is not a good way to start this Man, there’s Baldy there is We have two seconds and then we can get the heck out of here. Go get out of here Okay, we made it don’t get caught going into the school faculty room cuz that’s not good for our overall health Let’s grab these we don’t know what these are for. I mean they say principal’s keys Maybe they just get us out of detention like automatically or like we can oh, well, we can test it We’re gonna be able to test it here, Okay. Let’s see. Let’s see. NO NO!! No, bully! Open- oh, okay. That’s not what that’s for, that’s not the principal’s keys are not for the detention room. I don’t know what the principal’s keys are for but, Gosh! I can’t stop myself, I can’t I just feel like that run those last two runs were not good enough! They’re not good enough to end on so I’m gonna give it. This is really it This is really the last try and then maybe if we don’t beat it here, we’ll come back to it again later. But my gosh this game is brutal. Okay. Look at this face. He gets mad really fast. So here we go the time.. to beat the game maybe but it’s now! It’s now first classroom, not the classroom. That is sweeping boy. Okay great. Great Let’s get this notebook. Here we go nine Doesn’t matter every time we get that last one wrong! He gets angrier, and he moves faster, and it’s very upsetting and I don’t like it. I don’t like it. Oh, there’s Susie. Okay, great. Well, I guess we’re gonna play. I don’t really have a choice here. Okay, I did it I did it yeah, yep, I’m the best I’m the best. I did it okay! I’m gonna get another notebook. Gee healthy notebook right here. Okay, let’s move quickly He’s he’s kind of close. I think wait the slapping stopped. Mm-hmm. Okay. I’m a little confused now Oh, no. Oh, no. It’s it’s getting closer. It’s getting closer. Oh my gosh I don’t know if he actually moves when you’re in the the mini-game the math. Minigame. This is what I wanted I want to get to this thing and then enable it and make him confused At least try to make him confuse and then I want to go to this classroom over here. I need to rest Oh my gosh. Okay fine. I’ll rest. I’m resting I’m resting Okay, good enough that I it’s probably not a great idea to have my stamina so low, but I’m freaking out right now eleven Yes, zero. Okay, go continue. He hears every door that we open I hate that o our stamina comes back when we read a notebook or when we get a notebook. That’s that’s great news That’s actually awesome to know. I wish I had noticed that sooner. Okay, grab the soda still not sure exactly what it does Oh no, Susie, Susie Let’s not play Leave leave you’re gonna leave. Okay Wow, we got around Susie – that’s pretty awesome. Now we oh, That scared me the principal Okay Was this safe was this a due to unknown reasons? That have absolutely nothing to do with game design school faculty cannot currently see through windows Hmm I don’t know if that actually helps us or not is this another classroom. Oh my gosh This is gonna be our sixth notebook. This is beautiful negative four four zero Holy cow. We got six only one more to go and then who knows what happens? Who knows? Oh my gosh, he’s getting so close though. I I hear him. Oh Is this the last classroom this this blue door that the principal just went in oh my gosh He’s coming at me soda. Do you think the soda should we? Soda soda what it pushes him at what that is the most miraculous item ever Oh my gosh, that just saved us that absolutely saved us. We just did it Did we win do we beat the game tell me? Dead-dead What I don’t think that was the end I really don’t I think that he just caught us I Have no idea I have no clue. I’m so confused right now and terrified and shaking and Make it stop just make it stop. Well, there you have it guys all these basics in Education and learning. Do you feel smarter? I Sure, do thanks Baldy. Thanks for that. Wonderful lesson in Mathematics but guys, that’s gonna do it for this episode. I hope you enjoyed this very very strange adventure. This game is completely free I will have a link in the description down below if you want try it for yourselves Let me know what is actually supposed to happen when you get all the notebooks and if you guys want me to try again Maybe we can beat it if we try again I feel like we were on the cusp of true victory, but couldn’t quite pull it out But if you did enjoy this be sure to hit that like button and of course if you’d like to see more you can subscribe To my channel by clicking on that little circle with my logo in it right below this window You can also watch more of my videos by clicking on the sides of the screen Thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time

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