“Most PE Teachers Are Pr*cks” | Romesh Talks To Mo Gilligan On Dodgy Teacher Experiences

Were you funny at school?
I was, actually. That was the only thing
I was really good at. I had that one teacher,
she was just like, "Do you know what? You're really
good at performing arts." You know that one teacher that
just cares? No, but go on. You were a teacher as well, right?
I was, yeah, and I didn't care. You didn't care? What did you teach,
though? Maths. Oh, yeah. Maths teachers don't
care about nothing, man. I think, as a student, I was
always… I wasn't a naughty kid. If I was in detention,
I'd stay in detention. That's not a definition of
not a naughty kid. "If I was in detention,
I'd stay in detention." And I'd be, like,
"No! I'm doing my time, guys!" So did you have any issues with
any of your teachers? Um… I had this really cool,
like, rain jacket… Right. ..when I was in school. Like, Nike rain jacket thing,
like an anorak type thing. I lost it in PE once. Yeah. I was
like, "Oh, why did that happen?" And then you know that, sometimes,
that's just gone, some kid's nicked it, and that's it.
I remember being in sixth form, and I seen the PE teacher
wearing that same jacket. And I was, like… I see him walking
on the concourse, and I was, like… No way! I've seen the coat, and
I was, like, "Bruv! That's my coat!" It's like something in slow motion. What?! But it was just, like…
It had been, like, two years since. What do you think happened, then?
Do you think he stole the jacket and then, two years later, that day, he'd gone, "I think
it's safe now"? Most probably, yeah. You know that's when you realise
that teachers are, like… They're kind of like…
Humans? They're humans, yeah. They're humans, yeah. I mean, I taught in a few schools, and what I can tell you
from experience is most PE teachers are pricks. Yeah. I guess what PE teachers do… "That's nice, those are some nice
Nike trainers. What size are you?" Teachers forget
how much of an impact they have, do you know what I mean?
I had this… Like… I was teaching sixth form, and there was this kid that
wasn't… He was, like, 18, wasn't turning up
to his physics lessons, right? So I called him into the office
and I said to him, "Look, what's going on with you?"
And he just wouldn't talk to me. And I was, like, "Mate,
I'm trying to help you out here. "Do you want to do physics?
And he was, like, "Yeah." And then
he carried on messing about. And I kept calling him,
and he was just being really
shitty with me, right? Like, a real attitude with me. And eventually, I said to him,
"Look, what is going on here?" And then he goes, um,
"Four years ago, "you stepped in to
take over the basketball team, "and I was a substitute
and you never brought me on." Were you kind of sitting there,
just, like, "He's not forgiven me, has he?"
He's not forgiven me." Yeah. So I had to apologise to him, and then he was able to
talk to me about… Did he come to the lessons
after that? Yeah. Oh, see? But I guess he will never forget
that, though. Yeah. I hope, if he watches this, I just
want to give him the message that… you were shit at basketball. You were so shit. I can't even believe you were a sub.

40 thoughts on ““Most PE Teachers Are Pr*cks” | Romesh Talks To Mo Gilligan On Dodgy Teacher Experiences”

  1. All of the PE staff at my school are amazing. 4 men, 3 women and I adore them all. They’re so supportive and caring and I’m so grateful for them.

  2. I got one PE teacher he let my class get away with saying shit and he literally heard us and acted all cool cos the girl at the time fucked up so he understood

  3. Also I love that pie and mash place. It’s in Hoxton market and is one of the oldest fast food places in London.

  4. PE teachers in my school were cokeheads, football hooligans and used to have sex with the other teachers.

  5. This one teacher in my girl school that physically assaulted some girls. She punched me in my head and everyone was laughing.

  6. My pe teacher was the bomb! I always forgot my trainers and she’d kick hers at me every time n make me wear them whilst she was just in socks 😂 she had such a good sense of humour

  7. A few. Mr boyle was gay but nice, never say your hurt or else he gave a special rub down, albeit he was mr miyagi on the rub downs, mr wilkinson was sound – he taught me the forehand!!! There was this one prick i dont remember his name, i used to skive his sessions

  8. Disagree about the Maths teacher, anyone who knows Mr Chan – if you know, you know – the man was a legend. Taught me origami!!

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