40 thoughts on “Most Interesting Questions and Answers in Hindi !! General Knowledge !! GK in Hindi !!”

  1. गजब की सवाल करती हो, दिमाग की दही बनजाती है

  2. Nice Video!+1❤️ Thank you to share this video, dude 😊
    If you have time, come to see my channel I would like to have your opinion.🎧
    See you soon! CC

  3. Very nice and informative video mam but some time it happened that people easily understood the name of objects in English being
    commonly used and can not
    understood its Hindi. For this video
    I wholeheartedly congratulate you.
    Thanks with regards

  4. ब्रा को हिंदी मे 'चुच्ची कसना,कहते है।

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