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  1. we created a summary of this speech. And you can read it just in 2 minutes: https://www.facebook.com/zipandkeep/posts/2215100021951713
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  2. Apparently he caused about 50,000 cases of polio in polio free India. Also… Apparently, he was thrown out/banned from India. This man is poison, in my opinion.

  3. Um… Even the CDC says it causes nerve damage and could lead to cancers… Well thought through this Bill guy… Amazing that we, the people will just follow along like dumb animals and do what money says to do rather than what is common sense! https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/clusters/fallon/ddtfaq.htm

  4. Bill, please, take your eugenics bullshit story and go back to your mansion and inject yourself in the forehead with your vaccines

  5. Why is Bill Gates the spokesman for diseases on Earth when he does not have a Bachelor's Degree, let alone a Medical Degree. If someone without a medical qualification can speak to these issues, what's the point of going to Medical school. This feeds into the conspiracy theories that he promoting his Monsanto business and wants to kill off Black people.

  6. Food. Saving lives is great. until you can get rid of government corruption in these countries, and feed the people, it doesn't matter how many kids you save at 2 years old. If they starve to death at 5 because of corruption, what good is that? I give, a lot. To local homeless, to foreign troubles. Corruption is the problem.

  7. Yes 6 months out of the #year…I would so #love to see those old  #ddt trucks make a comeback to fight these #mosquitoes in America.

  8. We've solved the problem of malaria once with DDT – how many more times must we solve it?????  It took something as simple as an unscientific book – written by a nonscientific person – and completely missing the mark about how malaria actually works and kills!!!!!!!!  The book was "Silent Spring" the author was Rachel Carson and she finally admitted that there was NO SCIENTIFIC STUDIES mentioned in her book – that basically said that DDT was causing bird egg shells to be too thin for baby birds to survive!!!!!   It was all simply a guess!!!!!  And it was 100% WRONG!!!!!!  But the bottom line was simple – DDT was still taken off the market!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now we're going through another loop with the same data and we expect different outcomes!!!!!!!  REALLY?????  What is wrong with this story???!?!?!??!
    Ask yourself – Are we looking for a solution to malaria – or are we looking for a method to control human populations in that area of the earth????? The more people we save today – the more we will have to feed tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bill Gates is a sack of shit that I hope gets assassinated. The more you know about his GMO's and GMF's, the more you begin to realize that he is a danger to our entire worlds populations of all living things. He has Obama and the Democratic party in his pocket, and controls much of the media we see such as MSNBC (MS stands for MicroSoft). As most countries ban these products, the Democrats have passed virtually everything on his wish list in exchange for media coverage that wins elections.

  10. DDT does not cure malaria. DDT does prevent malaria. DDT eliminated malaria in the rich countries. The ban on DDT has caused the deaths of at least 50 million coloured people in the world thereby showing the hidden racism of the environmental agenda. Start spraying DDT again. Save the people.

  11. There are few people who are successful dropping their college but lot of people are beyond successful with college degrees.

  12. He is just presenting things that we, as a group, can do together to save the lives of malaria-infested areas.

  13. I have to disagree. He did not drop out of Harvard because he just felt like dropping out. Instead, found opportunity and fascination in computers so he decided to drop out to pursue his fascination.

  14. The solution is so simple but the pharmaceutical industry is not interested. If the truth comes out, that a cure for malaria is possible with a simple water disinfectant, it would not be profitable or patentable. In this clinical study with 781 subjects and 154 malaria patients, 143 sick were healed in just one day with a single dose! The remaining 11 the next day.

  15. These are my thoughts exactly. Diseases such as malaria are not natural inconveniences, they are supposed to be there to balance the population and regulate the ecosystem. Sometimes morals tell us we should stop this because we have the power, when in this instance it actually is immoral. Although, with this argument, you could also say that if we continue to do it, nature will reverse the effect onto us, and our mistakes will drive us into extinction. Just a thought.

  16. he dropped out of Harvard because he didn't need to graduate and the reason he is so able is cause he is able to get accepted into it

  17. boy what the social norms of this century in america have taught you, go to college graduate without any relevant job traits and little to no work experience with tons of debt. thank god starbucks took off lol

  18. We delude ourselves by tying college to riches. Colleges gives you knowledge, not riches. What you do with that knowledge is entirely up to you.

  19. he dropped out because he knew more than what was taught in collage…!! and if u do too… u sure should!

  20. I don't believe you bill. that's not true. You are not helping you are killing. Please tell me something I don't know. You have more health issues here in US than anywhere else. Your lies will be discovered soon. You have a negative agenda. Again I don't trust you bill gate,

  21. I am really skeptical on what Bill Gate is doing. I get scared when he talks. Is he really helping Africans? I am wondering if he is not sterilizing good number of African children. He may be saying one thing and doing another different thing. Bill Gate will never do something for nothing. He has an agenda. We will see the consequence in the next African generation.

  22. Bill Gates probably supports DDT because he also supports genetically modifying crops to increase yields in poorer nations.

    Funny how those are the two things that Greenpeace hates. Also funny how a lot of similar eco-friendly groups blabber on about "overpopulation".
    In short, if you're looking for someone who hates the idea of more humans, you've got the wrong guy.

  23. some people just want to do some good, but people like you are always gonna be pessimists no matter what. and Aids doesn't just spread through sex, it spreads when you come in contact with infected blood as well. ! get your facts right before you start accusing people.

  24. what poor will do , try to keep some mosquito eating fish like guppy outside house visit on face book biomosquito or logon biomosquito.hpage.com

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