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ok I'm going to go ahead and start this workshop is
called more memory tricks and i know some of you were here last week at the regular memory tricks if you weren't you'll be able to catch on to this i
think very quickly anyway but i have so many memory tricks that it's hard to uh… cover them all in one workshop so we're
going for two uh… these are the four things that i'm a going to talk to you about
today this one is really quick and then we're going to spend a lot of time on
these next couple uh… last week for those who were here
one thing that you should remember is that um…i taught a couple of math
tricks at the beginning of the workshop and that was not designed to teach math it was designed to just show you the
power of tricks in knowing shortcut ways to do things and so uh… i'm gonna show you one more
math trick and now as just a little warm up this is nothing you need to write down
or anything but again it's to show you something about again the power of
tricks so if i ask you to do a problem like that nine divided by point two five what you would need to do in order to
solve that would be to do this and then this and then you have to move
the decimal point over and just do the whole thing if you know the basics of how to do it
it's not that hard it just takes a little while to kind of process through but if you know the trick you can do it
in about one second without having to do any of this and
that is whenever you have a math problem where
you have a number divided by point two five that's the exact same as multiplying
it by four which is a lot easier than the other so here's your math question for the day what's
nine times four thirty-six ok and if you had done all of this and all that and done it… you would
have come up with the same answer it would have just taken you are a lot longer and so six divided by point two five
would be twenty-four right six times four and the fact that you can do that once
you learn this in about one second doesn't mean that you're any smarter
then you were when you came in here in math it just means that you know the
shortcut again the trick and so with the goal of last week's
workshop and this week is to show you some applications of how
you can use tricks to make your memory absorb more and do better on tests as
a result and that's what these three are going to
be all about okay so whether you follow that completely or
not doesn't particularly matter for our purposes today but what i wanted to do first in terms of uh… actual teaching has to do with mental pictures and uh…
quick uh… recap for those who were not here last week just so that you have an
idea of what we're doing i explained last week that one of the best
memory tricks you can have is learning how to close your eyes and
getting a picture of something in a certain way and then it sticks that kind of glues into your brain and
you remember it all of us have imagination all of us
can close our eyes and see things but two of the qualities of a good
mental picture that i gave last time

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  1. Keraunophobia is called like that and not "Lightningphobia" because most scientific terms come from Ancient Greek words. "Keraunos" in Greek means lightning and "phobia" in Greek means fear.So it only makes sense that the definition is the fear of lightning.

  2. Interesting. I was watching hoping for some help to visualize as I can't do it (like approximately a third of people, so I have gathered), but the early line "all of us can close our eyes and see things…", made me understand he was only thinking of the way which helps him.

  3. I was wondering about foreign language, before you mentioned it. Yay! I need to learn Pakistani!! I love your worshops!

  4. Your teaching was awesome! I discovered another trick. What is 52 divided by .50 ? Answer 104. 52 times 2 . Use 2 for .50.

  5. Damn, US is not my home, english is not my language (even though bilingual), but these stories I remember them still after a whole day ! Great tricks !
    I am studying by myself some modules in my programing language, and I am curious to see how I will be able to apply/tweak your tricks with that, after all this is not words or short stuff I try to learn… and keeping going back to documentation is not really funny stuff.

    Anyway, many thanks to this man for teaching tricks and the principles behind theses (vivid, dumb/bizarre and relatively short)

  6. Thanks Scott,

    Not only do I Not live in the US yet I know which states the Rocky's straddle (M.C.U.N.I.W)
    and recall that Los Coyote is in group C
    I easily recall your name by envisaging you eating breakfast, wrapped in scotch tape and being an Entrepreneur (the '-ner' part of your last name)

    Keep up the good work

  7. For someone who has one of the poorest of memories, I got 10/10 in the test… these tips are amazing.. I will use these tricks as I tackle learning a foreign language. Thanks soooo much

  8. I couldn't download the previous video "Memory Tricks" and I am so sorry, something to do with it "ADP", anyway, it was amazing, it restored my hope in learning! The first trick makes as much sense as using the METRIC SYSTEM, way easier than the way we Americans use!

  9. Very helpful to me, thank you! Is there anyway you can show your YouTube audience the handouts you are giving your students? Thank you again!

  10. C a. A. D

    B. C. D. A

    D. B. C. B

    🤯🤯🤯🤯. OMG, I stumbled upon this OLD vid today and I STILL got 100% CORRECT……EVEN AFTER ??? YEARS‼️‼️

    & Today is Dec. 2017‼️‼️‼️‼️


    This (his) mnumonic memory method SLAYS & is AWSOME ‼️‼️👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🤗🤗🤗

    Testing starts at 41:40

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