MOOC on Citizenship and Human Rights Education for Change

In recent years, terrorist attacks, radicalisation,
extremism and xenophobia have surged across Europe and are posing a threat not only to
the safety of its citizens but also to the EU fundamental values. Within this context,
the role of education reveals to be crucial so as to promote democratic citizenship and
social inclusion in diverse educational contexts and learning environments. Teaching and learning about human rights,
citizenship and EU common values represents an opportunity to react to – and counter – the
negative forces of our time. This MOOC aims to provide a platform to do so through the
exchange of knowledge, skills, practices and teaching methods. The course is articulated in three modules.
The first onefocuses on European and national definitions and frameworks concerning Human
Rights Education, its goals, principles and main actors. The second part on specific contexts
looks at various issues: from disability rights to migration, from the challenges of new technologies
to the inclusion of minorities, from LGBTI rights to the preventative role of inclusive
education against violence and extremism. The final Module deals with the principles
of the “Whole School” to stress the importance of continuous school planning, participatory
methods and the vision of human rights education as a right in itself but also a multiplier
of other rights. Throughout the course, conceptual analysis
and examples of teaching techniques from different countries offer an overview of current and
innovative practices used to promote diversity, mutual respect and intercultural dialogue.
The course is free and lasts 6 weeks starting from 29 April 2019. Join us and make education the key to change!

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