Montessori Sorting Educational Toddler Activities For Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kids

Hey guys, today I am going to talk about sorting
activities that you can do at home with your kids, your toddlers, your preschoolers
Now sorting is a precursor to counting. So before the child actually learns to count
and other math concepts He needs to learn how to sort different objects
So, I am going to show you some real basic ones So this one is sorting pom poms from the Popsicle
stick You guide the child to put all the pom poms
in one container And all the popsicle sticks will go in other
container If you don’t have these you can do with
whatever things you have at home So, they can sort say different fruits
So sort apples from bananas For the second activity, I have created a
file folder game I have just laminated these two sheets
I have two categories here Shoes and socks
So the child needs to see what goes where So we will take shoes
Put it in the shoes category Take socks
So this is how the child finishes the activity You can do whatever the child is currently
interested in So you can do like t-shirt from caps
You can probably do different colors May be a red color butterfly from a blue color
butterfly So you can customize the activity according to your kid’s interest So here we are gonna sort different animals and birds
So what I am gonna do is I have birds, I have a fish, and I have dogs So the child has to sort these The birds go in the bird categories
All the fish will go in the fish category And the dogs in the dog category
This is such a simple thing to do at home I have just laminated and cut out these papers
You can even use thick cardpapers to do this So that’s for sorting activities today
I hope you got some ideas Thanks for watching
I will see you guys next time Bye

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