Montessori Sensory Educational Toddler Activities For Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kids

Hey guys, today I am going to show you some
sensorial activities that you can do with your toddlers and preschoolers
I started this for my son when he was 12 months old
Here I have a sensorial basket for Ritwik I have put different items that make little
sound He can shake this rattle and see what sound
it makes He can take this squeezy toy
Then I have this jar with rice that he can shake and see Then I have few eggs and barrels So you can see what sound it makes
This one has no sound It is important for the kid to differentiate
between sound and no sound This is just a sound theme basket
You can make other themes based on your kids’ interest levels You can make like a texture theme Add different textures like wool, mitten, silk, foam shaped for them to touch and feel different materials
So that’s it for activity 1 For the second activity
We are going to use playdoh Here I have used two colors
The kid has to do a color matching activity With the use of these ice cream sticks
So all the yellow sticks go onto yellow playdoh This is a great way for them to do a color
matching activity The red ones go onto the red playdoh
The next activity is about the shape matching activity
And I have just used a file folder And what I have done is, I have used this
foam paper and I have cut out various shapes Like a square, rectangle, triangle and circle
So you ask the kid where the rectangle will go
So they will see Rectangle will go here
What about the square Here
What about the triangle Here
What about the circle Here
So this is such a great way for them to learn about different shapes and colors
So you can go through the color blue The color green and also the four different
shapes Another great way to do a sensorial activity
with your kids is through puzzle Here I have an insect puzzle
You get similar ones with fruits, vegetables, animals. You can get them online or through your local shops
This one here is a nesting toy This is a nesting doll and this is a great
way for them to do again a sensorial activity So basically, you know
Nest these dolls one inside the other It is a great way for them to do a sizing
activity So these are some fun easy ways to keep your
kids involved very creatively at home Hope you guys enjoyed watching this video
If you have any questions Leave them as comments below
Thanks for watching Bye

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