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  1. I love the concept and feel that, after working within different educational systems, and created my own methodology, Montessori is something everybody should be exposed to. This method helps us reconsider the relationships within our own family by better understanding the way the brain develops.Thank you!

  2. My school is Montessori , I really like the studying methods but the students are so not equal ,as if there's the good student & bad one aka those who annoy teachers and disturb the lesson alot …. there's no such thing as bullying in my school
    And the head teacher said she'll be following a new method with choosing the right students .. I really like it

    Edit: I'm in highschool (9th grade)

  3. I school at montesorri.. graduating in a week.. I wish it was like what I have seen in this video but it was only like that for me from grade 1 to half of grade 2 and then it changed to just a normal school

  4. Montessori philosophy focuses on training children to be independent in movement, learning and thought. Being a Montessori teacher, I am proud seeing my children making their own decisions everyday! In the classroom, there is no racing, no winning, children just do their best.

  5. Montessori sucked. If you were at all normal, and you went to a "traditional" school before you were forced in by your parents, you were outcasted, and publicly shamed.

  6. I went to an amazing Montessori school pre-k to 4th grade. However I moved and Found another Montessori school and it sucked. Eventually I went to a Public School

  7. I hate my Montessori school. It doesn't provide me with learning tools that I need for me to personally grow and absorb more knowledge than I've gained. I'm learning everything again and again. It doesn't fit with my primary school because I only went to a Montessori secondary school. They're unclear and leave planning to kids at age 11/12. I didn't knew how to plan. I do know now, but I learned it myself. I learned more from watching netflix than taking English classes. I learned more chemistry on youtube than in classes. I never know what's going on, it's chaotic. The idea is beautiful, but here in the Netherlands the execution sucked.

  8. I thought this video did a great job of capturing the essence of Montessori. I went to a Montessori school when I was a child, my 4 year old daughter is in one now, and hopefully her daughter or son eventually does the same! (Beautiful sketches, too)

  9. What does it feel to be in a Montessori School?
    We had a special section in my past elementary school tho…. but we're just focused on work…. especially those written/performance activities and tests…. and… the heavy amount of homeworks we receive….that results for me still being dependent…because during my years there… our parents can't leave us by ourselves or we still needed their help in order to accomplish our work like group performances, most of my classmates there have protective parents and everytime when there's a problem in our class… they're there to socialize… most of my years there left me with anxiety, loneliness and fake relationships… that causes me to be a loner and so called killjoy by my classmates… I was a really shy, quiet person back then… I'm an introvert and anti-social…I've always avoided people…I didn't care what was happening in my surroundings at all and felt really numb at the end…
    Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk :v

  10. Yeah, the only problem is if you don’t push children to reach for the next level of knowledge, some kids will take advantage of this structure (if you can call it that) and wind up not learning other than how to take advantage of others.

    Montessori… more like: Education(If you want to)

  11. I don’t know if Montessori allows 12 yr olds to be schooled .. is it allowed ? Cuz I was gonna apply there and I think montessori fits me there cuz other private schools i did go sucked ..I hope Montessori will fit me in .. wish me luck !

  12. I studied at montessori but when ur at studying at where im studying, its just a normal school with no montessori ways involved, its sad but true

  13. Hi, great video! I would like to embed it to our Montessori nursery's website to explain what is Montessori method all about. I see that you have enabled embedding but just wanted to ask if this is ok to you?

  14. Is there any studies that follows the life of these students whom attended a Montessori school? Are they more successful, more well rounded, what professions did they go into, how are they contributing to society etc?

  15. I am not sure where you gathered the information for the video, but as a trained Montessori educator I can tell you that the children she observed at the hospital for the mental challenged back then were in fact blind children and children with several types of disability. That is the main reason for the development of the method based on the five senses!!! She developed materials and after months of practice these same children were examined alongside a group of "normal" children, today known as typically developmentally children. Local officials in Rome offered her the opportunity to open the first case dei bambini shortly after.

  16. The Montessori method of learning is amazing, but unfortunately not all "Montessori" schools are equal. Choosing the right Montessori environment for your child is important. “Montessori” is not trademarked so it is possible for any school or centre to include the word “Montessori” in their name. Before enrolling your child into a school, and making a huge commitment to that school, be sure to do thorough observations in the class room. I would suggest to interview the teachers and most of all the principal. Check their background and make sure they are truly Montessori trained. The school should also belong to a third-party Montessori association and not just run by their own appointed board that makes it almost impossible to hold the school accountable for anything. Check if they are registered with montessori.org.au – I would be extremely cautious of schools that don't hold any ratings. Most likely, it it a reflection of the poor quality education. It's not worth it. I had a terrible experience with a school in Sydney's northern beaches in Manly.

  17. My school is a Montessori school but it's not like this at all! (It might differ in other countries though) at my school we have fixed classes, and a normal school program. The only thing that is remotely the same to the Montessori sytem are free work hours. These are hours where you can choose a subject you want to work on, and go to that class to study by yourself (or with others if the teacher allows you).
    But my brother has something similar to it on his school(which is not a montessori school), so it might not be specifically a Montessori thing.

  18. How can we possibly translate the video into Russian? We are a Montessori kindergarten and school: http://montessori-centr.ru/. We would llike to use your brilliant video. Please, contact: [email protected] or leave your contact here.

  19. This way in teaching is effective method !!!! Your video is amazing and it broaden everyone's mind … you deserve more viwes 💙

  20. Montesorri schools are amazing. We sit anywhere, I don't see anybody sad. We have breaks and things. We have a review that we can do throughout the week. I get to ask my sixth graders to help, and to help the lower kids. My teacher just writes the things we should do and says "okay do these when you want" and its interesting. I get to use stuff to help. We wear slippers and socks, we read when we want. It is amazing and I recommend these to anybody reading -happy fifth grader in a montesorri school

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