Montessori Inspired Educational Toddler Activities For Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kids

Hey guys, My name is Amruta Ram
I currently Montessori my 20 month old at home
And these are going to be series of Montessori inspired activities
With my first hand experience on it So today we are going to talk about
Practical life activities that you can do With your toddlers or pre schoolers at home
These are inspired by everyday activities that we do
Be it cooking, dressing up, cleaning up So let’s get started with the activities
Alright guys so the first activity is water pouring
And I have a tea pot with 2 cups If you don’t have these
You can use whatever you have in the kitchen Basically what the kid has to do is
Pour the water from teapot into the cup He can even transfer it from one cup to the
other So this is a great pouring activity
This is a great way for them o develop their finger strength
Because they are learning hold to hold the vessel
How to pour the water Without trying to spill it
And what I generally do is I give my son a sponge and a rough cloth
And whatever water spills I encourage him to clean it up
That’s for activity number 1 Alright guys for activity number 2
We use this wheat flour dough So he goes on to feel the texture of it
He will knead it Make it into a ball
Then I teach him how to roll it into a chappati So this is such a great exercise to build
their finger strength And a great way for them to do a sensory activity
The last activity is Rice transferring activity
So I have these 2 empty containers And I have a spoon
And all that a toddler has to do is Transfer rice from one container to the other
You can even do it without the spoon if they want to
And if you have your child who is still putting everything in the mouth
You can give Frosties or Fruit Loops or Chocos to transfer
That’s what I did with Ritwik initially Hope you guys enjoyed watching these activities and got some ideas
On how to keep your child creatively engaged at home
Thanks for watching and give a thumps up If you like this video

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