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>>Crazy Nate: Welcome back, so many of you
requested it, so get out a pen and paper Gents and Gentlets. Today we’re going back to school to the coolest
school ever. Here’s everything you missed in Monsters University. Also keep an eye out for these hidden Easter
eggs for your chance to win a free share a smile shirt. [intro music plays] A lot of your wonderful faces are new to this
channel, so welcome, I’m Crazy Nate.>>Mike: Well now that we’ve all been introduced.>>Crazy Nate: It seems like Monsters University
will be a perfect fit for this channel, because they have professional happiness spreaders
in the movie. But some people manage to spend most of their
life full of anything but happiness. That’s what we call trolls on the internet. Random fact. That’s called the Troll Bridge. If you don’t believe me, you might be a troll. Speaking of trolls, Randall was obviously
one of the bad guys in Monsters inc. but in Monsters University, we learn that Mike was
actually the genius behind Randall’s scare capabilities.>>Mike: You gotta use it,>>Randal: Really?>>Mike: Yeah, but lose the glasses, they
give it away.>>Crazy Nate: Also, Randal was originally
a nice guy, he just didn’t have any friends, and he was so desperate to make friends that
he was willing to be friends with a bunch of Dodo heads.>>Randal: That’s the last time I lose to
you Sullivan.>>Crazy Nate: The reason Randal got so mad
when he lost to Sully, was because he was afraid he was going to lose all his brand
new fake friends. Remember that one cool thing that Randal said
to Mike, back in Monsters Inc?>>Randal: Do you hear that? It’s the winds of change.>>Mike: You hear that? you hear the winds
of… what a creep!>>Crazy Nate: Well that wasn’t his idea either. Look at this. The poster in his dorm room has the famous
quote. That’s right. He stole a quote from an inspirational poster. So it looks like he actually has zero original
ideas. Here’s something that doesn’t make sense though. How did that balloon pop? There’s nothing around it. The first time, who knows who popped it. The second balloon that popped though. Think about this. Where’s Randal? Nowhere to be seen. Then all of a sudden, here he comes walking
away from that direction. I think he popped the balloon.>>Randal: Don’t blow this for me.>>Crazy Nate: Remember poor George Sanderson
from Monsters Inc? I felt so bad for him. Always getting taken out by the CDA. But, in MU we see a little bit more into his
true colors. When the ROR’s are picking on OK, watch in
the background and you can clearly see George reluctantly laughing at them as well, even
though he clearly feels bad about it. In the scare games we can see that George’s
team got disqualified for cheating.>>Announcer: JOX has been disqualified.>>Crazy Nate: So here’s what I don’t understand
though, if Sully got expelled for cheating…>>Sully: I cheated.>>Dean: I expect you off campus by tomorrow.>>Crazy Nate: Then why didn’t George Sanderson
get expelled?>>Mike: I know, I know, pick me! Pick me! Over here, oh oh, I know the answer, pick
me, pick me.>>Crazy Nate: He should of never even been
a Scarer then, unless he worked his way up from the Mail Room. The college club life has some weird rituals. In the basement of Oozma Kappa though, you
will find the type of rituals that we like to find. That’s right, Easter eggs. If you look when Squishy’s mom turned on the
lights you will see a poster of a car on the wall. Ha ha! Look familiar? That’s because that’s Mikes dream car that
he’s so very proud of in Monsters Inc.>>Mike: What do you think?!>>Crazy Nate: Also that outlet on the wall
looks a lot like the window to the soul of our favorite little robot. Wall-e. Y’all remember 1200 Park Avenue from my other
videos? In case you don’t, that’s Pixar’s address. Looks like they are trying to be a little
more sneaky though in this video.>>Don Carlton: Don Carlton, mature student.>>Crazy Nate: But it looks like Don Carlton
works for Pixar! Lucky duck! And his mustache looks like the old batman
logo.>>Sully: This is not gonna work.>>Crazy Nate: With all that grass there had
to be a reference to Bugs Life somewhere. I checked all the little dandelions too, looking
for Flick. But, I didn’t see him anywhere. I did however see pretty little Frances… Well for a second. And there’s Gypsy, the Butter+fly.>>Squishy: Oh, a lady bug, make a wish! Make a wish!>>Crazy Nate: Our beloved A113 was in there,
but it wasn’t on the dorm room, wasn’t on the bus, not even the van. It was on the most valued building in the
entire University. The scare room. In Monsters inc when Sully and Mike got banished
we found out that the abdominal snowman was already banished a long while ago.>>abdominal snowman: Snow cone?>>Crazy Nate: But in Monsters University,
we see him working at the mail room, before he got banished.>>abdominal Snowman: Alright you newbies,
quit pooping around, I’ll have you know, tampering with the mail is a crime punishable by banishment.>>Crazy Nate: Today’s survey is this. Would you rather get a job in the Mail Room
and try to work your way up to become a scarer, or would you rather go to Monsters University,
and try to graduate from the scare program? If you’re wondering if they’re really having
fun at the party or not, have no doubt, they were having a blast. How do I know? Because they ordered pizza from Pizza Planet! There’s the famous delivery truck right there.>>Nerdy Nate: Well actually there’s no proof
that they actually ordered pizza, and statistically the average age of the pizza delivery drivers
are the..>>Crazy Nate: NO! No, get out! Get out! [door slams] When they’re in the sewer of the scare games
we also see the famous Pixar Luxo ball. Yes! Yes, yes. Also in the first contest when Squishy’s face
blows up, it looks just Arlo face when he got drunk in The Good Dinosaur. Squishy’s mom is full of surprises. But did you know she also plays hacky sack? And she’s pretty pretty good. For this next one, look harder.>>Rafiki: No, look harder.>>Simba: That’s not an Easter egg.>>Crazy Nate: Mike does the same thing Sully
does in the future’s past when they got all banished, we know Mike had a hard time remembering
to file his paperwork in Monsters inc, and apparently that’s been a problem with him
since day one. Which is odd that he would forget that since
he’s an A student. Naturally the scare school would think the
name Jaws would be pretty cool, because it’s scary. and there’s also the double headed monster
version of the pink flamingo wearing sunglasses next to the pool with the palm tree. And in the backyard there are two girls jell-o
wrestling in a play pool. There’s nothing I can say about that. Mike and Sully aren’t the only ones that were
new to working out. This guy in the background just dropped the
weights on himself. Mike is a genius at teaching people to be
scary. The reason he isn’t scary though is because
he only has one little eyeball. If you look at his study guide you will see
it’s all about the eyebrows. A random fact is that we are all typically
right brain or left brain thinkers, but did you know that with two headed monsters, one
head uses the left side of the brain, while the other head uses the right side of the
brain. And for those of you that don’t trust me. I got my information from Monster University’s
official website. I wonder what side of the brain a three headed
monster uses though? What’s that? You didn’t even know the school had a website? Well also there’s a place to log in as a student,
and when Mike shows the camera his student ID, we can see his ID number. Also on the website it says the password is
the students last name. This sounds exciting, but I tried it several
times, and it seems we can’t log in to mikes account. They must of deleted his account when he left
the school. Recognize that? That’s Mikes doll we see in Monsters inc.>>Mike: Here you like this?>>Crazy Nate: Speaking of dolls, does this
doll look familure? Does that doll look familure? It should, it’s the same doll from Toy Story,
before Sid destroyed it, and turned it into a spider baby. Wait a minute, does that mean that one of
the girls in here is Sid’s sister, Hannah?>>Hannah: I don’t know.>>Sid: What do you mean you don’t know?>>Hannah: I don’t know.>>Mike: I know the answer, pick me, pick
me.>>Crazy Nate: Also while Toy Story is on
the mind, remember Randal’s Andy’s monster? [scream]>>Monster: Come on!>>Crazy Nate: Well this scene, we can see
Andy’s closet door is being made. This girl doesn’t scare easily from Mike,
because he’s the wrong type of monster, we can clearly see her monster is in her coloring
on the wall. There are several categories of monsters,
and as long as the monster’s in the same category, they’re going to get a descent scare out of
the kid. Mike isn’t even in the right category though,
and that’s WHY she doesn’t scare. Sully beat Randal, but if you look closely
Johnny actually got a better scream than Sully. So one thing I’m curious about, is what ever
became of Johnny Worthington the third. Sanderson, the cheater made it to become a
scarer, and he wasn’t even one of the better screamers in the school. So do they only hire out of the mail room? Or since so much seems to be opposite in monster
world, maybe bad is good, and good is bad.>>Princes Leia: Bad is bad, good is good.>>Crazy Nate: When they have the final competition,
if you look on the floor, you will see a little Nasa space ship. Probably looking for Asteroids. And there’s Arlo referencing to a future movie
of Pixar. Remember Rainbow Unicorn from Riley’s dreams? Here we can see her on the notepads, that
Art gave to Mike and Sully. Also we know that a child’s laughter is more
powerful than a child’s scream, but an adults scream is even more powerful than a child’s
laughter. They obviously can’t go around trying to scare
adults all day though, because that’s super dangerous, and they just might wind up on
the wall. If you want to see if you can try to pass
the test that Mike Aced, you can take the test over at, also Gents and
Gentlets, does anyone know what your homework assignment is.>>Mike: Come on, right here, right here,>>Crazy Nate: Always be you. Because you are awesome, don’t be someone
you’re not, and remember share a smile today, they are contagious.>>Mike: Hey, hey, hey, hey! How come he’s not picking me?>>Outro Lyrics: Hey, share a smile,
they’re contagious. Can you imagine a day without smiling? That would be outrageous. Thanks for stopping by,
and hanging out with Crazy Nate make sure to leave a thumbs up
if he left you feeling great have fun, and we’ll see you next time,
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