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Wow! A real monster truck! Are you ready to learn
about some monster trucks? Let’s go! Hey! Wow! Look at that! It’s a giant monster truck! Let’s check out some of the
parts of the monster truck. Whoa, these, yeah,
are the wheels and tires. They are so big! All that in there, that’s the
gears and the suspension. There is so much stuff
going on in there! Wow, yeah, the engine. The engine is right here,
that’s where the monster truck gets all of its power from! Uh, and this, that big yellow thing, that’s the body of the monster truck. Monster wheels and tires! Wow! Check it out! This green monster truck
is doing a wheelie. Let’s watch an instant replay
and then watch a couple more monster truck wheelies. Hu-uh! You are inside
a real monster truck. Let me show you some of the parts. First stuff you got in here
because you went from the bottom. You get inside a monster
truck from the bottom. And here it’s the first part
I’ll tell you about. This is the steering wheel, you
steer the monster truck with this. And then let’s push the ignition button
which then flips on all of your gadgets like your oil,
temperature, transmission temp, your tach which is your rotation
per minute of the engine. Wow. And how you make that engine
go vroom is down here. It’s the gas pedal,
vroom, vroom, vroom. And then this is the break, that’s
how you stop the monster truck. Alright. Now let’s watch
some monster trucks. Oh-oh, it crashed. Look at how big
this monster truck is! It’s stands about 12 feet tall. That’s 4 meters in height. To put it into perspective,
that’s about two of me, Blippi! Phew! That was close. Do you want to see what is like
riding inside a real monster truck? That was really cool seeing inside
a real monster truck while it drives! It was really bumpy. Meet my friend Payton! He is a crew chief
and he is going to tell you a fact about his monster truck. This monster truck
weights 10,000 lbs. Payton is so cool. He gets to work
on monster trucks all day long. And he even get to wash their tires. I like monster trucks, do you
guys like monster trucks? That was so enjoyable learning
about monster trucks with you. If you want to watch this video again
or see more of my fun videos ask your parents nicely
to search my name, Blippi. B-L-I… P-P-I! Wow, now you can say
and spell my name! Blippi! Parents, if your child loves
my monster truck video I have a special edition
Blippi monster truck t-shirt for sell out at Thank you so much for supporting me
and helping me make educational videos for kids
all across the world. See you.

28 thoughts on “Monster Trucks for Kids with Blippi – Educational Videos for Toddlers | Learn Colors”

  1. Wow, cool monster truck video Blippi!  I can't believe you got to drive one and it was fun to see what it's like riding inside a real monster truck. 🙂

  2. @Blippi Your videos always amaze my kids. This video with monster trucks is crazy. I don't know how many times my kids watched it LOL! Thanks for showing kids different parts of monster trucks and truck stunts. Liked it 🙂

  3. Maybe teach kids that driving big trucks and smashing things is a compensation for feeling very small inside 🙂  Peace!

  4. My Liam has loved you since he was about 18 months! Now he's 3! Thank you Blipping, love Mom 💜💝💙🎭🎵✈️🇺🇸

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