Monster Hunter Tip: Learning a Monster

hey guys this is gaijin hunter a lot of you have been asking me how do I get better at playing the Monster Hunter and honestly speaking it's a game so it's kind of different for everybody but I wanted to show off some basic strategies of what I do if I'm having trouble or I'm going up against a new monster the thing I like to do is to literally go in there and do a hunt where my objective is not to hit the monster I'm going in there as a good hunter would do to merely observe so we're going to be taking the Ratheon which is probably the most basic monsters but I think the principles hold true for any other monster out there so if you're having any trouble against a monster hopefully this might be able to give you a hint okay when you go in make sure you have ample stamina because the last thing you want to be doing is running around and running around and then running out and grab a paintball so you don't have to go and search for the monster because remember this is an investigation so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to check out the monsters reaction to us when we're in long distance now monsters will react differently if you are far away mid distance or right up next to them so understanding their attack patterns depending on where you are actually really makes a huge difference depending on what weapon you're using let's go ahead let her roar here okay we're going to try to take a long distance and see how she reacts beginning doesn't count because we weren't sure where we were but that was technically mid distance so mid to long she does fireballs or she likes to jump up in the air and try to snack at you okay so lot of distance we see that she did a run towards us and then a chomp where you go long distance again here she goes with the run and the chomp okay go further back okay so that mid to long distance she does a single fireball add that to the list or she might even do a triple fireball so this is really good to know that if she does a fireball you want to make sure you check if she's going to do one or three in around mid distance she jumps up in the air and does either a swirl to try to catch you off guard or will look at her other moves a little bit she goes mid distance again she's jumping up and she's doing the trill again if you know she's always turning around up to 180 degrees after she does like twirls or at arjen's so this is kind of the hint of where you can time your attacks let her come at you plan the idea that her head is going to be coming right back around at you get in a nice time quick hit and then get out okay so she flies towards you and she's not doing the twirls she might do a back flip it's good to know the charge in the Chop against you can get her to charge or chomp or a fireball there she goes again so if you're a greatsword user where you want to be able to set up this might be a really great strategy knowing that from a long distance you can bait her into running after you doing a chop and then she'll turn around right into the face of your sword okay in so in just that little time we've already learned quite a lot from the monster and this of course does not account for when she's raging which we'll check out but from long distance she has a tendency to charge after you into a chomp if it's mid to long distance she has a tendency to either do a single or triple fireball or she might go up into the air and swerve at you to guide to get the distance or she might try to claw you either way moving straight out of a straight line will protect you now one thing we want to check now is the close distance to find out when you're right next to her what does she do because you're going to be really close if you're doing let's say dual blades or sword and shield so I'm going to go ahead and start a new hunt because I she had gone to another area and remember we're not doing this to win or just doing this to check out how she plays okay nice little fancy adept evade okay let's get all up in her face let's go and hang around around her feet here okay so here's new move of her she does a double tail whirl so she feels you're close she'll try to knock you away by doing a double tail whirl she does a pause she'll go and do a back flip and try to knock you away it's good to know there we were at the mid to close distance she does a charge in which is very hard to avoid I call it the lawnmower attack okay so she's trying to get a grasp on you so if you're close distance should I try to swipe you away she'll try do a little charge in or she'll backflip you this is really good to know because if you notice how low her tail hangs when she does backflip so you could bait her into doing back flips so that you have a tail that's very easy to hit right as she does the backflip here she has long distance doing her charging just like we already showed in the first part roof air pressure and here we are by her feet again and she does not like to seem to want you next to her like next to her at very close distance she seems to want to get up in the air and backflip or try to get an idea of where you're at there she goes in the air again so yeah this would be really annoying if you were a greatsword user trying to get a clear head off on our head you don't want to be near her feet because that's going to trigger her to go into the air and that's going to really throw off your positioning so it's good to know that even from close distance will spew fireball so that could also make in for some really nice opportunities that air pressure is a killer okay let's run in and get some more close distance now that's mid okay short to mid she's doing the fireballs again it's good we get a tail swing nope she wants to know where we're at there's the tail swing we knew entails swings we've now proven that if you're by the feet you're totally safe that's good to know when I turn around here and here she goes again with the back flip trying to get whatever is in front of her she's trying to whap him away so if you see people online who she's fighting and she's looking at them beware of standing right in front of her because she might do a back flip now let's check out what she does when she goes into enrage mode because all monsters changed their behavior once they go and raised from here we already know her basic attack patterns we've gotten an idea of the timing of them how long she takes to recover from them so depending on your weapon you can plan out how you want to attack but when they go into an arranged state I think a lot of people don't take the time to really see how a monster changes in order to understand it so let's go check it out okay after enough hits she will do a roar and then she'll go into an inner rage state you'll notice the little fire fuming from her mouth now let's just take a quick look at what she does let's get her down from the ground so we can see whoa that was much faster so we already can tell here that her speed increases when she's enraged a fireball becomes any radius blast okay whoa and she charges it very fast so she still does her charge and chomp try to bait her to do it notice just how much faster she is when she turns around she's off so if you're doing a great sword and you're used to triple charging you're probably not going to get a triple charge off in that type of time space she also takes the air much faster so if you just know that she's very agile let's check out close to mid distance if you remember she used to charge us and we'd be able to get out of the way but watch what happens in this mode she is fast and then she sticks on you she's charging but no she's not chomping so what she does have if you do this a few times you'll notice is that she'll do what I call the lawnmower which is she literally just wants to drive you out so she'll run at you she'll run at you she'll run at you and she won't stop until she does her final chop animation so if you're sort of like in her way just don't even try to attack you get greedy she will hurt you for it she still does her tail thing when she's upset okay if you notice the flames are gone so she's no longer upset so now we can go back to normal strategy so we already know she's going to turn her face towards us that's kind of her signature thing so we're going to use that to smack her in the head a little bit but it's just taking a hunt like this to see where their animations are to see how they react when you're in long distance mid distance close distance can really help in understanding the monster now of course online it's going to be kind of like a battle fest moment there on somebody else it's just going to be a hit for all as long as they're not on you but it is really good to know how to handle them solo so when the monster is going on you you know how to deal with it because as I say the really best multiplayer is when four solo hunters come together now another thing that I personally like to do is to grab a weapon and take one or two signature moves and just figure out just testing how I can work them into the routine with the animations that we're now aware of so let's say hunting-horn I'm going to take this and if you hold forward and press X and a you'll do this wonderful wind-up slam and what I'm right here boom now we already know that Ratheon is going to turn towards us if she goes and runs a chomps or anything like that so we're going to take that to our advantage we're going to see how we can work this attack in because technically you should be able to kill a monster using only one attack it doesn't take the whole arsenal mixing any other moves just makes it more fun and improves your rate of efficiency so let's go ahead and check this out that's Superman superwoman I guess okay so she's bait take the bait and switch we're going to weight forward forward and slam and don't get out of the way and if you notice this is going to hold true to every weapon but you only have a limited time of window from when she turns around to ensure head is at you and she does whatever she's going to do so you want to time it a little bit earlier than you normally would think try this out here I'm a little late little late but I got lucky she's doing of all we already know that she does three and does a little recovery so we're just going to smack her around a little bit this is getting greedy but you know what sometimes you can get greedy it's okay I think figuring out when you can get greedy is another key to really increasing your hunting times but I wouldn't worry about it too much early around okay now she's enraged I want to be very careful if she does lawnmower mode I'm gonna wait until she does that a chomp I do have to play my movement up song again because I am starting to live a little slower so I'm going to play that okay here's a good opportunity because she's doing a fireball up still the triple gives us an opportunity to come in here and Schmeck get out from in front of her and again it's just a matter of dancing and hit in a way especially with this attack at least nope she didn't chomp don't go for it if I had gone for it she would have punished to me there she goes chomps a little bit hot fast go forward slam okay good we got a flinch okay she has a no after you do a nuff set damage to a certain part of a monster they will flinch they could really save your but if you get your timing wrong let some stuff okay when a level ground is really annoying there are no fireball is open territory for smacking up she's doing it again I see Amy if you really want to be official with her I think you need to stay behind her or you need to be able to knock her out of the air because she keeps going up like that it can get very annoying punished get out of there if she knocks you over – get out of there because close by or mid distance you can charge you again and charge you again in charge you again and so forth see we're now able to utilize this one move to really smack her down because we know what her animations are and we have an idea of how long we have between them this is the difference between being good at a monster and being really good at a monster go ahead and smack her in anyways this is how I like to hunt this is how I like to think about the game so I don't know if it's going to be any advice for any of you new players out there but do go and grab a weapon and go in there and just observe the monster you'd be surprised how much you can learn go ahead and hit like down below if you enjoyed this video please subscribe to you haven't already it really does make a difference for me and if you have any tips for new hunters go ahead and share it in the comments below until next time happy honey Oh

28 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Tip: Learning a Monster”

  1. At some point in time
    I dodge the monster attacks…
    Even though im out of the area where the monster is….
    Is this what ultra instict feels like?

  2. That point about only needing one move is a really important point. Learning gun lance with its super simple move set (as a wide lance at least) really drove this home to me. Taking notice of when I can get off one or both of my shots, or those awesome long recovery attacks where I can go full pokeshotpokeshot etc. Now I need to start applying this to other weapons and stop worrying about getting off my full combos or maximizing the use of my gauges like with SA or LS. Playing turtle gun lance with Guard Up and Guard 5 has probably done more for my understand of this game than any of the other weapons I have tried.

  3. You call it a lawnmower, I call it a pacer test. Btw, excellent video, I hadn't thought to do this before, I'm going to go study Alatreon and Akantor.

  4. Random hunting tip. If you're hunting with someone using a Longsword, you. will. get. hit. by. them

  5. I despise that run in world I'm minding my own busness attacking the tail and the charge forwards somehow manages to hit me and send me flying…

  6. Rathian becomes one of the easiest monsters to fight when you learn how she attacks. I did the quest with Daimyo Hermitaur, Rathian and Nibelsnarf, and Rathian was by far the easiest of the three.

  7. I should try this..cause i jist learm as i fight them lol..i jist look at what movement hey do and time it…i rememer watjing game heory video on darksouls and he read bosses attacks as music i do it like like them going for am attack would be beat 1..them attacking beat 2 and then me attacking beat 4 and stuff lol…i look more for what they about to do to know which attack is about to come up lol

  8. I know this is a pretty old game by now, but this could have easily been turned into a series. Call it "Monster Spotlight" or something, and talk hunters through the monsters step by step. Maybe use GU or World instead, since they're the new ones. I bet the series would be insanely popular.

  9. you know i just go and charge and then i get frustrated because i get hit a lot… i have to be less greedy, i really wish to get good with the chargeblade 🙁

  10. Am a noob at monster Hunter lol + my first game is generations so that doesn’t help lmao I also cannot beat malfestio Xd

  11. Thats not my approach. I just react really fast not bothering to predict. Safe to say i can only use SnS and Duals because of this

  12. What’s great is that even with Monster Hunter World all of these tips to learn the monster and read animations hold true.

  13. I've played so much that i can say for certain this is accurate. I actually had a phase where i was practicing with the glaive, new at the time. I steadily got so good with it, i incorporated a playstyle with it along with certain skill sets, focused on evasion and constant combos.
    Knowing and predicting a monsters movements is VERY important, and not just the monster either. I pay attention to my teammates positions and make sure to keep away or backflip out of the way when they are about to do a heavy move.
    I've been complimented many times on my ability to move fluently about the battlefield, lead and set-up monsters, and target areas to break with different attack styles. Hell, i can even time the mounts so that after it gets up from being knocked down, i'll just knock it over again.
    This all stems from researching a monsters moves and when and how they'll use them. Know the monster, and you'll develop a strategy. Hardcore rhythm game in a sense.

  14. One of the good things about Monster Hunter World is that we'll be able to do these sorts of investigations in Expedition mode without worrying about a quest timer.

  15. What mean that animation when yoy kill the normal monster an it began to eat it? What is the bar for?

  16. Noobs: observe monsters before the fight

    Pros: research monster moveset

    Legends: gains info whilst mid fight

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