MONAT – CBD Education with Dr. Agin (Scientific Advisory Board)

Okay so we are live I’m here with
Dr. Agin. How are you doing today? Good, thank you. Awesome, we’ll just give people a few minutes to join you know thank you for joining us today we’re gonna be speaking with Dr. Agin about something super exciting. Our new holiday
sets just launched yesterday so we’re really excited about that. I’m sure you are too, Dr. Agin. It is. It’s a great product so it is exciting. So we got our new holiday sets with some products that are new from MONAT. So we’re gonna talk about that. I’ve got them here it’s gonna be the new Skin Kushion by MONAT body oil and body butter which is amazing and you know it’s gonna be great to have you join us today, Dr. Agin A part our scientific advisory board for
MONAT. If you don’t know him and he has quite a few specialties that relate to this product and you know it’d be great if you could tell us a little bit about yourself Dr. Agin and you know we’re so happy to have you. Thank you for
coming today. No problem, thank you. Yeah so my
practice as many know–I focus on age management, and when you’re dealing with age management you’re also preventing disease. So CBD is something that I’m
very familiar with because it offers so many health benefits in a
natural route, and so you know I’m very excited that MONAT jumped on CBD so
quickly as you can see how fast we got great products available. So this is just
it’s an extension of my practice because everything we try to do is do things
as naturally as possible, and find things that have evidence-based research to
show that it can be beneficial and obviously we can do things that
are healthy without side effects and it can create such an array of relief in
different areas or improvements. It’s a great opportunity. I’ve
been in functional medicine my whole life. That’s what I do. Get people to look
and feel the best they can so I’m excited about this product these
products and what they can do for people. The health benefits they can get out of
them. Well that’s awesome Dr. Agin, thank you! At MONAT that’s what we’re
all about too – we want people that feel the best they can and I’m so glad
you said that that was amazing. So we have prepared some
questions we wanted to discuss a little bit about CBD with you, get your input,
and then talk about these amazing products, and if you’re ready we
can we can get started. Jump on in. All right, perfect. So could you tell us a little bit about what CBD is to start off Yes, and as you know there’s a lot of misinformation out there and the
education on CBD is still a little slow. I think the media makes a lot of
confusion just because they try to wrap CBD into a lot of different
things that it’s not. But the basics is that CBD is called cannabidiol and it is
one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa species which brings up
the confusion. But that is what cannabidiol is. It’s an ingredient in plant species that they found have a lot of health benefits. No, and that’s perfect and thank you. That’s our whole reasoning today – we want to make sure that we educate everyone. That we have the
correct information and I love that you said there can be a lot of misinformation and we want to make sure that we’re providing you with the best information on our products so thank you for that. That’s great so the
next thing that we wanted to discuss was What’s the difference between cannabis and marijuana and hemp? Oh, good. Because I was just about to start talking about that. So you asked that. So the big difference is, and that’s
where the confusion comes in. Is that you have a species of the plant, and you have
hemp, and you have marijuana. They’re both in the same species you can even throw in
hops that they make beer. That’s also part of this plant species. But the big
difference between cannabis and marijuana is that hemp has a lot of
CBD or cannabidiol and not a lot of THC. which is tetrahydrocannabinol and marijuana has a lot of THC and not a lot of CBD. So
they’re plants in the same species but they’re very different in
the opportunity and the health benefits. So that’s something that everyone has to understand. It has a little to no THC
and to be called hemp in the United States you actually have to have less
than 0.3 percent THC but there are ways that you can extract CBD from hemp and
have no THC whereas marijuana has a lot of THC and that is the big difference
that they think that you can get high from hemp plants and CBD products but
that’s not the case because there’s little to no THC in it. Ok perfect, I mean that was really great so so then this isn’t something that you can get high and I mean we were talking earlier and you were talking about one of the
bills that was legalized Yeah the Farm Bill. Obama passed the farm
bill in 2014 and that’s where they basically distinguished the difference
between hemp and marijuana because they had it as a Schedule I drug and hemp obviously has no psychoactive ingredients in it. So he made the distinction in that bill. So then now hemp is legalized to be able to be
given out and used in products, whereas marijuana is still a Schedule I
drug and illegal federally. Perfect! So what are some of the main reasons that people will like to use CBD like some of the reasons that we would
use them in our body butter and in our body oil? Well it’s pretty much everything as you know I mean CBD is so safe there’s
really there’s been no recorded overdose, there’s no real side effects from CBD
other than the way that it might be processed, but in different companies, but
the way MONAT is using it in these skin products is extremely safe. And our
skin is our biggest organ and so you find such so many different health benefits
because we have this internal endocannabinoid system that can help with relieving anxiety, relieving pain, decreasing seizure thresholds, helping
with circadian rhythm or sleep. So those are some of the biggest complaints that people come into my office for. Is they want less pain, a
lot less anxiety, they want a better, improved mood and they want to improve
skin turgor and hydration and moisture, you name it. CBD probably has its
fingers in improving it. The great thing too is that our set comes with the massage stones and that the oil so you can do a nice relaxing massage and you know get all of those benefits that you were just speaking
about. It’s perfect. And I see a lot of the comments and
people are really excited about it and they’re saying this is so helpful. And
thank you for being here and they’re loving it. So that’s great I’m glad
you guys are liking this. I mean we’re so happy to have Dr. Agin here as well. And
so one of the other things that we wanted to ask you Dr Agin was, can we
talk a little bit about is CBD safety. You did talk a little bit about that already but can we without a little bit more Yeah I mean I think that it comes back down to the difference in or
understanding or being educated on what CBD is and when you understand what it
is I think all of the worry about it being dangerous or unsafe comes
from the fact of not being educated on what CBD is. When you don’t have
THC in the product you can’t get a psychoactive reaction or a high
which is what worries a lot of people. When there’s no THC in this product. There’s really no dangers at all. Even if you look at the whole use of marijuana through the years they have a lot of
research even on other cannabinoids that come from the hemp plant in the
marijuana plant and they’re all safe. So they really have not found any serious
side effects or safety measures that we have to consider with CBD. So obviously MONAT did its homework before putting it into a
product that it has to be safe it has to be effective and so you know when it’s
manufactured right and it’s a tested and utilized the way it should be, it is a
really really safe opportunity and a really a product that delivers so many
different health benefits. it’s just it’s really you’re gonna see
it just gonna continue to grow and grow and grow and that’s why the media is so
into CBD right now is because there are so many health benefits and they’re just
trying to find ways to say, “oh wait… there’s no way this product can be
so safe without any sort of side effects.” So it’s a great opportunity for
everybody. That’s wonderful, so just
to reiterate what you were saying. So there’s no bad side effects.
It’s perfectly safe. You had a great analogy hat we had we had talked about in our meeting with the non-alcoholic beer that
I really enjoyed. Could you share that with us? Yeah, so what happens is because it’s MONAT there’s different types of CBD there’s sea term there’s
broad spectrum there’s isolate there’s distillate, and what MONAT did is they
actually chose the best one. of course, which is they chose the broad spectrum CBD and
what that means is that you take all of the plant parts of the hemp and
you actually extract a CBD from that. Because then you’re getting the
phytonutrients, the terpenes, and the phytocannabinoids and there’s a thing
called an entourage effect, which they say this is the cannabinoids actually
work better when they have all of the cannabinoids together, minus the THC so
the extraction process is to pull out the CBD from the whole plant. And so any
minute amounts of THC that would be in the hemp plant is extracted, and so it
leaves but because you are using the whole plant there, you can’t say that
there’s no THC but it’s negligible to non-detectable. And that means that
there’s no way it’s not gonna affect a drug test. It’s not gonna get you high
and like the non-alcoholic beer you would have to drink so many beers to
actually get affect by the point zero five percent or 0.5 percent alcohol in a non-alcoholic beer. It’s kind of the same analogy people drink
non-alcoholic beer because they don’t want to alcohol. People are gonna use
broad-spectrum cannabidiol because they don’t want the THC. So it’s
very safe and that’s a really good analogy. I’m glad you brought that
up because that makes it very simple for people to understand is that even the full
spectrum a broad spectrum that might have negligible or under .03% CBD you’re not going to get the effects. That was a wonderful analogy Thank you for that, that was wonderful. Next we want to talk a little bit about
how are the products tested? Yeah, so and that’s really the bread and butter on the research and development team I
mean they got to find a source of hemp, which we did, which is domestic it comes
in the United States, it’s non-gmo this the hemp is independently tested to make
sure that it has no THC like we said, so it’s coming
in with a non-detectable amount of THC it is broad-spectrum, so it uses all the
plant parts so it’s very important to test it and get it from a reputable
growing source. But it’s great we have 90% percent CBD,
it’s mixed with sunflower oil, it’s really pure, it’s a great product and we
make sure that everything is tested too. We make sure that the product the
hemp and the CBD that we use in these products are going to be perfect. From what I understand you know each batch of our CBD oil is independently lab
tested for potency and you know all of that all of those good things as well Yeah, they picked eight they picked a facility that has their own proprietary or patented extraction process to so they’re really getting a
lot of the potency of the CBD is perfect. And so and again I can’t stress more
the fact that they’re using the broad spectrum. Is really putting the
right product into the skincare line. Can you tell us a little bit about the what’s the point of difference with our CBD infused products
I know you were speaking a little bit about it already. With the full and broad-spectrum, can you elaborate on that. What’s our what’s the difference
with ours? Yeah I mean a lot of the companies out there you know because alot of these products aren’t regulated by the FDA. So a lot of companies use
what’s called CBD isolate and it’s a powder that they take out but they’re
not taking it out from the whole plant. So they don’t get that entourage effect
by having all the phytonutrients and chemicals. You’re removing a lot of the
benefits of CBD by using an isolate and so there are tons of products out there
that if you don’t read the labels you’re gonna find is an isolate and
you’re just not getting the benefits that you could get from a broad spectrum.
So MONAT’s products are distinctively better than any of the other products
out there that aren’t using a broad-spectrum So they did the right extraction process they do the right testing, they use the right type of cannabidiol, of course. That’s what MONAT does. They stick to standards and putting out the best product and so I was very happy to see that they could
use the broad spectrum and that is going to keep MONAT’s products distinct
from a lot of our products out there. It’s great to talk about the point of
difference. I know we’re all about quality, quality ingredients and technology. So it’s thank you for bringing up the point of difference and clearing that up so it’s broad-spectrum and it’s because of the way that it’s made, from the whole plant. Yes that’s exactly right. Perfect, so let’s can you talk a little bit about the skincare benefits of CBD? Yeah, like I said the skin is the biggest organ or so, it’s kind of nice because the products I got to actually smell, and
feel, and touch and they’re not oily and the way that you that we’re gonna administer these through massage and rubbing onto the body, we’re putting
it onto the skin, it’s gonna get absorbed It has antioxidant effects, has
antibacterial effects, it can help moisturize and nourish the skin. I just think
that once people get their hands on this stuff they’re gonna they’re gonna
they’re gonna be excited to use it and so the benefits of CBD is just
being basically just rubbed right into the skin which is perfect. You know this holiday gifts it’s gonna be a great set. We’ve been talking a lot about near the nourishing and hydrating benefits, and then the
soothing benefits. It can be a stressful season for the holiday
season so I think this kits gonna be perfect. I was surprised that after you rub it on your body you don’t have this extra oily feeling on you which I was anticipating I would, but there’s none.
It’s just it’s really amazing. Definitely is and I guess I should let
me see if I can pull this a little closer so everyone can see what this
looks like. And I have the body oil here which is amazing. And then we have butter
as well which is great. It’s great to hear all of the benefits
that this has and so I mean if we’re gonna be doing massages or relaxing so
what’s a good time to use these products, do you think? Well I know I would like to use it and that’s basically when anyone wants to rub it on me because it’s great. It smells good, it feels good, and massages are great. So I meanreally anytime is great to use the
product but after working out, or a long day’s work, but anytime you can either rub it in yourself or have someone rub it in on you I think that
you’re gonna find the benefits but I just think it’s great because you have
the stones in the kit, I mean it’s basically setting yourself up for having
a really good massage and I mean you’re putting it on the skin, you’re rubbing it
into the skin, it’s gonna sooth the muscles it’s gonna relax you, so before bed increase the deep stages of sleep. I am a sleep nazi. I just
really believe that everybody should do anything they can to improve sleep. CBD
is very known to help with sleep and so if you’re using this as a massage and
rubbing into the skin you could find it would be a great opportunity to just
throw someone right into a nice deep stages of sleep. But of course
after workouts or after work anytime. Okay perfect, yeah and I mean this is a great kit. I think that anybody I think this is a
great kit for anybody on anyone’s holiday list. I mean who wouldn’t want to
try it? Who wouldn’t want to try these products and I mean I would just love to
do a little bit of a recap of what we discussed. So we’ve discussed quite a few
different questions that we’ve had about CBD and I just like to recap a little bit so I can make sure we make sure that everybody got all of your amazing
answers. How does that work for you? That works. I love that you said anyone that’s
gonna anyone that’s gonna rub the body butter on you. I think everyone’s gonna really like that response. Yeah, maybe that didn’t come out completely right. Great so let’s just review late what’s the What is CBD and you know why is it safe?
And then we can just review that really quick and I think that’ll be that’ll be really good. That’s the main thing people really wanted to discuss so let’s just go over that one more time. Yeah so the big difference is understanding the difference between marijuana and hemp, and it’s really hard
to understand that, but if you look at marijuana, you look at hemp, you even look at hops if they make beer out of it. All of the plants look very similarities a lot
of similarities and they can be hard to be distinguishing but the big
difference is again is that hemp has high amounts of cannabidiol which is CBD
and low amounts of THC. Marijuana has high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis species but hemp has a very minute amount of it so when you take a CBD plant you can use the extraction
process and actually pull out all the CBD from it and otherphytocannabinoids but you don’t have the THC. So you have that non-alcohol beer kind of analogy where you’re getting a CBD product that uses
all the plants and gives all these nutrients from it but has not even a
detectable amount of THC. So there’s no chance you’re going to get
any sort of psychoactive reaction or high from it. The cannabis sativa plant in general has been extremely safe so the cannabinoid which is a part of this plant is even more safe there’s just been no dangers.
We haven’t found anything but helpful benefits from CBD the only complaints
I’ve ever even heard from many CBD is that certain manufacturers might not process
the product right but that’s their own company’s issues. But when it’s
done correctly, it’s extracted right, it’s tested and put into the products the
right way. It’s just a really great benefit and you’re just really nothing
to worry about from the safety profile. So remember there’s no THC. It’s not
going to hurt you. It’s only helpful and has a ton of helpful
and healthy benefits. So just use it with with excitement not caution. That was perfect, Dr. Agin thank you so
much. So you know that was wonderful. I mean so it’s safe, you can use it for the bath or to go to bed, before relaxing and going to sleep, or after working out for muscles. It’s not gonna get you high and it has tons of benefits in our formulas so we’ve got the new MONAT Skin Kushion Body Oil let me put it so you can see it and the new MONAT Skin Kushion body butter in our amazing holiday set Laughing all the way. And don’t forget the stones. Yes, and the cool thing about these two
is you can actually heat these stones up in the microwave so you can heat these
stones up so that you can do a warm stone massage which i think is is really
great! Yeah people are gonna like that it’s something that for everyone on your list we’ve got such amazing sets this holiday and you know
you’ve been amazing thank you so much for taking the time to join us today and
you know to share your expertise about CBD and just to have you on the
Scientific Advisory Board from MONAT Everyone’s loving this, all the comments
so let’s give it up for Dr. Agin and everybody and thank him for joining us
today. We’ve got all kinds of people that are giving you love right now And so that was wonderful so you know
thank you for joining us today and we appreciate all of you and all of your
responses about CBD and it’s been a real pleasure, Dr. Agin. thank you thank you
so much. Well all right everybody, and
Dr. Agin it’s been wonderful and everybody have a
great day Thanks, Bye.

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