hi guys today a design is going to make the video asking any questions about homeschooling unschooling what we do I've gotten a ton of emails and a ton of questions about it so I decided to make this video and I don't answer your question please leave me the question in the comment section underneath this video and I promise I will make another video in the future and answer those questions so here we go can you talk about unschooling your kids and what you do alright so I'm going to start off with explaining what unschooling is and I'm really sorry if you can hear Smeagol and he is purring away on top of me right now and I can't do anything about a lot of people think that unschooling is like offshoot of homeschooling and it technically kind of is but the philosophies are completely different so yes my kids are at home with me and yes I'm technically their teacher and all that stuff and we are registered as homeschooling in Ontario that said are we actually homeschooling we actually have curriculum are am I actually following any thing like that no I'm not I was actually homeschooled as a kid from the age of five the age of 15 I was home-schooled by my mother's our home in the middle of nowhere in connect and that's that's what I that's what we did and I'm taken out of kindergarten as I kept getting sick and also the school I was at the public elementary school I was at what is raise the level of education or the grade level I was in so I was in kindergarten yet I could read and should have been in like great – and they didn't want that to happen it is want me to increase in level ahead of other people my age even though I was very very bored my mother home schooled me until I was 15 and then I went to high school to complete my diploma basically and after that I went on to I did a few courses and adult education to increase the level of math I was at and things like that and to prove that I could speak French which I still can at 15 I went to high school and it was the worst probably one of the worst experiences in my life I wish I could visit skipped high school and come straight to college and right now in Ontario you can do that so if you're homeschooled it can submit your portfolio to a university or college and you they will accept you on the basis that you were homeschooled they don't have to see a diploma they don't have to see any of that but so that there are some rules surrounding that that I'm not I haven't looked up because we're not there yet but as you are home-schooled and you're looking to apply to college at University definitely check that out there's also a ton of different rules and regulations about home schooling in Canada and its dependence on the province so in Quebec there's different rules in Ontario there's different rules and Ontario is definitely the most weenies in terms of rules in Canada about homeschooling I think it's the most free I'm very lucky to live in Ontario I really like that there's no more free with the curriculum that you provide kids or they'll provide your children and that's fantastic there's also we're part of this homeschooling Board of Canada so I'm registered with my kids and my husband on this homeschooling Board of Canada and they send us stuff in the mail I get emails all the time about so it's really very nature I'm sure the regulations in the States are just the same I'm sure it's dependent on the state you're living a so you should always look into whatever country are and always look into the homeschooling regulations of that area is the same in Australia I looked into that at one point home cooling is very different than on schooling and home schooling is about curriculum its curriculum based you are a teacher there is stick curriculum dependent on the grazier child is in they have to complete certain things like let's say selling mathematics science all that's definitely how we can complete it at certain points with a bunch of guidebooks and so on and so forth and that's what I did was raised with I was raised with a sex curriculum that I had to follow and we had we had French we had history we had science we had math all that stuff writing all that all of that and yes my mom was a bit free with it but she did follow a set curriculum of the book she had she checked our work that way we did have to sit at the table in the kitchen for a set amount of hours during the day to get our work done unschooling is not like that at all unschooling is very it's a very different philosophy it was actually developed by or I guess John Polk was the first one to talk about he's basically the father of unschooling and he came out with the name in the 1970s I believe and so a lot of unschoolers look to him as the first person to talk about it and what what he talked about is that there's a difference between hunks going and unschooling unschooling is you break free of a sort of certain model of factory schooling so you're not sitting in a classroom you're not following a set amount of criteria you're not doing it by module by module there are no books that you have to follow there is no criteria there's no curricula and you're not sitting at a table none of that so he really didn't believe in the factory sort of mode of schooling which is basically you go to school you're given curriculum you are tested on that curriculum and your knowledge of that curriculum regardless of where you are in that curriculum you would have to keep up with the class such as my thoughts on it if you want to talk about education in the education system I see the educational system having been in it for like two years of high school and what I've seen as a teacher who did teach high school English and who did go to university in college college and university are very different I find then like Elementary School in high school that said there are problems with college and university I'm just not going to get and this video out that the current elementary and high school situation education is that it's basically setup and design for people to sit down shut up pay attention and be told what to do so that children are are created to be good workers later on so if you can like sit down be quiet and pay attention and do what you're told you will be a good worker a good factory worker a good worker in general because your boss is going to tell you what to do and you're going to do it it doesn't the education system doesn't allow you to question what they're teaching they don't allow you to go at your own pace you are told this is how you draw a flower this is we are doing this map right now and you can't pass the test you fail and everything is it seems like a lot of kids these days and I can attest to this in high school as well as in college in the university everything seems dependent on that exam everything seems dependent on that test because if you don't pass it you're not smart and if you're not smart you're not a good person and a lot of it's tied up and self-worth and self-esteem and I really didn't like that about college in the university that I had to sit in class and basically regurgitate to my my teachers in paper form if you know how to regurgitate information and retain it for I don't know a week then you can pass something what I would do is I would cram for exams and then pass the exam and boom there you go but it's not a clear representation of my knowledge of what I know on the subject because I have to put it in whatever box you're asking me to put it in so what about the people who can't remember like that what okay so I'm a little bit ranting right now I don't agree with it I don't think that everyone is going to be I don't think everyone in grade let's say let's pick a great here I don't think everyone in grade 5 should be under a set of rules where they're told if you don't pass this you get held back I don't there's to be you know such emphasis put on it taking an exam and if you don't toss it you're not smart that doesn't make sense to me everyone is different and everyone is at a different place mentally and everyone is going through different stuff that they're in their lives at any given moment so why would you expect one grade five person whose parents are going through a divorce and who is easily distracted and who is much more interested in the arts and they are in science to go head-to-head with someone who parents aren't live at stay at home and work from home and he has never seen anything happen like death or anything happened he's not depressed nothing's going on and he just really like science and doesn't really care about any of art why are you going to compare these two people that doesn't make sense to me I'm a very artsy person I am not good at math I am NOT good at science I'm not good at those things so that's what I am good at is I'm excellent doing film editing I am excellent at doing paintings and I'm pretty good at writing and those are the things I am interested in that is what makes me excited if you sit me down and tell me to do some like hardcore coding for for programmers I'm going to be like I don't want to do this I don't want to be here why would I expect my children to be excited about things that don't expect them so basically in unschooling it letting my kids be who they are and be interested in what their interest is in and learn at their own pace so right now yes there are certain things that like selfie needs to learn let's take for example counting instead of counting and sitting down and sitting with a piece of paper and just counting on a piece of paper I have her tell things she wants so she'll tell out money so she's learning about currency right now which I don't think a lot of five-year-olds are she's not even side yet she's four and a half but a lot of kids I don't think are learning about currency right now but we count out things like how much do we need 4-bit organic bananas some live from the superstore we counted out how many edamame can use edamame can you eat you can have ten pieces of edamame what is two pieces of edamame plus two more pieces of edamame there you go and she gets the edamame once she's counted them and she loves counting edamame now so that's what we do and I don't force her to right now she is really not interested in learning to write we have tried to like show her how to write names but she's really not interested she doesn't want to do it I'm not going to force her to do it at some point there's going to come a point in her life where she's going to be like oh it makes sense to write my name on something I want to write my name right now she's not interested in it but I'm not worried about comparing her to other kids so doesn't matter if other kids were learning currency it doesn't matter as other kids know how to write their name or not I'm not comparing her to other kids she's not in a classroom where she has to be compared to other kids so he is like a very sensitive and an emotional artistic person and so I let her be that she loves to paint she loves to color she can like draw all the shapes she wants that she's interested in that and in the summer she was really interested in insects and ant said she wanted to know about the structures of colonies of ants so we learnt all about ants and right now we'll see right now she's interested in islands and like tropical birds and stuff that we're learning all about Island I'm letting her be the person who said what she wants to learn I'm not forcing her to learn stuff she doesn't want to learn and that's why Scalia's that's I'm letting her decide what she's interested in and I'm letting her learn at her own pace one day she's going to decide that she wants to write and she's going to learn how to write right now she knows how to she's so interested in books and reading we read like so many books live sit down and read books and now she she reads me books committed to memory and she'll she'll look at something worth and be like mom just this this word here is lizard and I'll be like yeah that's what was there good for you so it's like a natural progression of an up learning and things like that she she's learning at her own pace she's learning the way she wants to and she's not in a box where her teacher is telling her you have to learn this this and this or you're not you're not going to pass and I just really don't believe in that I believe in and especially children having the freedom to be who they are because society is soul-crushing and I don't want to do that to them I want them to learn as much and about everything as possible I have no worries that they're going to learn how to do math or learn how to write or any of that because they're going to learn at their own pace when they want to learn things like I'm sure they're going to learn letter-writing because one day they're going to want to write a letter to somebody and they're going to learn how to write that letter because they'll be wanting to it's not me forcing them to write a letter it's them wanting to write a letter and I think there's a very big difference between homeschooling being told listen this is how you write a letter this is what we have to do because it's in curriculum which is very similar to school except her at home basically doing school and as on school and where selkie might decide she wants to write a letter when she's six and learns how to write a letter then or she may decide she doesn't want to write a letter in one's when she's 12 it's about using things in her everyday life to teach her so she's learning things from being at home she's learning how like we learned how to cook right now we've been learning how to cook and I show her how to make soups from stuff which she'll show one day do by herself she's learning a valuable life skills we last summer we planted a garden the summer were priority planning our garden and that's a big deal to her she's what about how seeds germinate she's learning about soil about composting weeds we have a burny compost bin in our basement and she was learning how was the worms Canela and what the worms can't eat so it's about a lot about what we're doing in our everyday environment and taking that and saying this is a lesson right there that's that's something you're learning and sure I could write down everything they do in a day and it would be like oh that's some science and that's the math and that's some like reading and it just doesn't structure like that doesn't interest me because I find it limiting I'm not going to say this is now like coloring time and this is now math time because I like it when things flow easily and all blend together seamlessly to have structured times when we're doing stuff doesn't make a lot of sense to me as a person it's not how I think I don't want to set myself in that grid that's not fun for me and that's sure not fun for my kids and I'm not saying that all kids would thrive in unschooling environment I know some great we're part of a great home school and community here where we live and there are some kids who do so well in school do so well in homeschooling but me and my kids were better off on schooling and I wish I had been unschooled as a kid because it was really hard sometimes to sit and be like I have to read right now my mom would get these colored translucent papers over pages of writing to get me interested in writing so I was just I wanted to be authoring other stuff so there you go I had my way without the kid I would have been outside gardening and running around after animals and creating like buildings I like to build and I like to do things like that and I like painting and arts and all that stuff and I'm still a very creative person I like to read I like to write and I'm still interested in the same things I was interested when I was like 10 8 10 12 years old it's the exact same stuff I guess I just want my hips to be really happy and really well adjusted in terms of who they are as themselves and self-confident and if they want to learn something about islands or Birds or vermicomposting and be excited about that good for that and I think anything that teaches a child to be more compassionate and more loving towards themselves and other people and being more accepting about what they like as themselves as Sophie wants to go into science or indi wants to go into sciences or mathematics good for that I will help them as much as I can I will bring them to courses community centers and museums and art centers and all those places aren't assets on schoolers because Sofia is currently in a dance program and she loves it and she found out recently she really wants to try cart karate so we're going to be doing karate and there are tons of workshops out there words like gymnastics there's art workshops there are pottery workshops there's coding workshops there's you know cool science workshops and stuff and you know it doesn't have to take place in a school setting it can take place somewhere else and I brought selfie and NZ to museum and we're going to be doing that like twice a year just to show them all the different things that there are and all the different history that's available to them to learn from and I think that's really important I think field trips are important because instead of staring at a screen in a classroom with the lights off and being like this is what welding looks like I can actually bring them to see a welder actually welding and I think that's much more valuable and exciting than than staring at a screen and being told you should be interested in this as one of my kids asked me about outer space I try to find out as much stuff and give them as much resources as they can that's available to need to give them like bring them to museum bring them to you know look at a telescope outside like there's so many things you can do that are available to help your kids learn and be excited about learning as when it comes down to it life is about learning different things and it can be really funny to be really cool or I can stop learning once you just hit that wall I'm running out a little bit out of time right now so hopefully that little red helps some of you understand my thinking about unschooling and has homeschooling if you have any questions please leave them below in the comment section and I will promise I will make another video for you as there's enough questions and that is it that is that's my those are my thoughts you don't have to totally agree with them you don't have to agree with them at all that's totally fine with me if you have your kid in school that is totally fine this is what you choose to do and I totally respect that this is just what I choose to do and I hope you respect that these guys get dirty stay magical and subscribe to low if you want to see more videos bye

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