Module Four Overview – Critical Thinking – Management and Leadership

critical thinking is a form of what we call metacognition it involves the analysis of the process of thought through which we or others reason a central tenant of critical thinking would be that an opinion idea or belief can only ever be as good as the process of reasoning that went into creating it none of us were born with a superior form of truth no one has a privileged experience on reality without earning it with critical thinking we're seeking objective knowledge and that is achieved by adhering to certain standards in our reasoning to ensure a quality in the process and thus equality in the outcome in this section we'll be exploring this process of reasoning its different elements and the standards of thinking we can use to help us reason better standards such as clarity or accuracy knowledge that is clear or accurate is always going to be better than knowledge that is unclear or inaccurate these are examples of universal standards that will help us to create knowledge that is relevant sound and accurate and it's these standards of reasoning that helps us think better that we'll be talking about in this section to the course

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