Mobile Educational Games

Hi good afternoon everybody, my name is Dr. Ilmana Fasih and he is Mr. Hilmi Quaraishi from ZMQ India. We represent ZMQ from India which is a social business engaged in creating awareness of critical health challenges, like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other critical issues through games, especially mobile games. (crowd noise) This is a game we have about HIV/AIDS. This is the learning zone, they can learn the facts about HIV.Game: The most common route of HIV transmission is…musicThese games reach the large community at the bottom of the pyramid. Our games have hit about 50 million real time downloads in India and East Africa, especially Tanzania and Kenya. And the good news is that the cost of reaching our games, from development is less than one Rupee per person. You’ve heard it correct, less than two cents per person! And there are about four billion mobile phones in the world at the moment, and 60 percent of them are in developing countries. So we see a huge potential for this market increasing awareness in developing communities through mobile game. We did this in India and in East Africa in the local languages and now we are moving forward to West Africa and Latin America in their local languages. And we do partnerships with local service providers, and other local communities in the area in order to proliferate these games. Thank you. (applause)

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