MM Personal Q & A: Michael’s Education

Alright, so the next one, my trusty little
treasure chest. What trainings or certifications in
relation to your teachings do you have? Trainings or certifications? Let’s just
say none, probably none, I like the fact that what comes to me comes to me. It
just comes to me in the momentm so it’s kind of like an embodied two-channel.
Embodied meaning I don’t go into a trance and not know what I’m saying. I’m here,
embodied, but whatever I need to know comes through whether it’s questions
from an audience or questions online or counseling. When I’m doing spiritual
counseling with people or healing, it just, things come to me. That’s most of
what I do, like Buddha, like Jesus no formal training, okay? When I say none
it’s true academically like zero, but having still studied a bit in terms of
I loved hearing about mysticism or whatever. I never studied academically
and and I wouldn’t be able to typically because my memory doesn’t sit there just
hold data and answer quizzes in a school classroom things come to me when I need
to happen we need them to and then that’s how I know things but but no even
the healing arts when I was a kid I did take classes on acupressure massage foot
reflexology some of the basic things that were available back then so I did I
studied a few healing arts and took some classes in you know what was available
because I would just loved I love to the people at the classes the little centers
you could go to and take like psychic development classes or something you
know those were cool but it was the people learning this stuff was a breeze
it just always came to me but it was actually not I didn’t really retain
anything from those schools that I could say is now being taught through me today
it’s not just doesn’t happen that way there
wasn’t really that much of value because in those days there it was just really
much more primitive metaphysics for the time you know in psychic psychic
development and so on when you really realize who you are and
and so whether you just are able to do readings from just consciousness I but I
do think that and believe that the classes are beneficial to people if you
don’t have something else and you go to a class I think it’s great I mean I
teach classes too but so I think that’s fine but also other people I think it’s
great that someone goes and takes a tarot reading class or astrology course
online or in person baking metaphysics 101 or universities
of metaphysics I think it’s great especially that you get to hang with
people of similar consciousness that’s what I loved most but there’s also a lot
you can learn and it might be you know it might be helpful to you in your work
and one more thing is I don’t typically have notes to teach from but there’s a
what I have quotes because I don’t memorize things if I think I’m gonna use
a quote in a talk I’ll bring and print to help the quotes cuz free memorizing
the quotes my brain doesn’t do as much as just channeling whatever right but
it’s a funny thing because in my met many years ago there would be a part of
me that would think it’s almost irresponsible to not to just go out
there and and just channel it it you know as the human part was a little
insecure about it so it was funny I would get a piece of paper and have some
notes on it but I would never look at the paper or eventually I thought well I
don’t even use those so I even pared it down to a post-it so post-its became my
best friends so in my talks I would have a post-it but I don’t even stand in
front of a podium to stick it on there you know it would look kind of silly
reading from a post-it so it was funny because I would put a post-it like try
to remember this story or this call just like little reminders to utilize but I
would never look at them so it was a security blanket or training wheels in a
sense for many years that I never even knew
never really you know needed but that’s just sharing that kind of a silly
vulnerable story about my having to have that for a little while I mean I knew I
wasn’t using it but I just kept it it’s like I was still honoring that little
doubt you know or catering to that little doubt okay

4 thoughts on “MM Personal Q & A: Michael’s Education”

  1. How can I activate and allow more of the spiritual guidance so I can work with people in this area? I am trained in psychotherapy but wasn't able to finish my grad school degree and thus not allowed to practice as a psychologist in my country? How can I work in the area of intuitive counseling/coaching and energy work without formal schooling and certification? Please give me advice Michael. I want to start doing my purpose work this year.

  2. Thank you and can relate with fact l am healing hands but just went and completed course 1 and 2 in Reiki so have some certification for the wall. Otherwise people think you think you are Jesus. Lol

  3. Great that you so openly answered this question Michael. I've done quite a bit of training, attained certificates in counselling etc. But the real qualification is to come to know oneself. There is no certification for this. I feel that I was ready to work with people, to help end suffering, before I had any qualifications. Delighted you're reaching so many people. Your energy and vibrancy come across so clearly. God bless Mighty Companion.

  4. Michael I can’t tell you how relevant this is for me, thank you. I too share very similar experiences with both education and embodied channeling. However, I can also stay too much in the head/personality which keeps me tethered to thinking I need more certifications or proof of my abilities. Thank you for the reminder to Trust. With much gratitude, 🙏🏼.

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