25 thoughts on “MIT 6.S094: Deep Learning”

  1. Can you please share the lecture slides for this lecture and other subsequent lectures as well. The link mentioned here is broken too!

  2. There seem to be a assumtion that a self driving car is the only autonomous vehicle in traffic. Let’s look at that ”90 – 10” page of what a self driving car can handle. It assumes for that 10% that there are a lot of humans involved, but as more and more cars are autonomous, more and more situations like this can be avoided. Imagine instrad L’arc de triumph being surrounded by self driving cars, communicating in a network. These types of situations would be avoided.

    My point is that the human element of a car becomes less and less important the more care are autonomous. Lex Friedman points out human flaws, like being annoyed in traffic. I disagree that this will be an issue, since a car can communicate with another car and come to a conclusion how to solve the particular problem without a human involved. Human flaws like road rage can be torally eliminated when you take humans out of the equation. Or rather, a car will not be a car as we know it much longer.

  3. Does anybody know where to find Oliver Cameron's talk about how to start a self-driving car start-up ? I can't seem to find it.

  4. Really super cool lecture, and would you please upload the lecture of deep learning for driver state sensing?

  5. Taking notes, or grading this presentation will go best with a magic marker, is samples your attention spanTGB

  6. trivail data the seems wrong to human beings, = international law, A.I. intellegence take the place of judgement. (training that works if what he says is true), Lex Fridman talks about the 80's(decades),then list hundreds years, thousands years, and million years. (before that he says "is" "There is " 3 times, he also says "is not" and humans "do not" , lex sums it all up by saying " to/two winters" this is A.I. salesmen training. Its kind of dangerous becuase you could discredit, and take all he has said with a single word or phrase, I like to take the whole thing, and use it properly. A.I. training will back up what a human can do and says. Whens its all intergrated, and put together like this it carries alot of influence, there are billions of neurons trained in these bodies.TGB

  7. 17:46 Your suggesting that week make imaginary "poles", How with this work with public international law and such?. Its kind of like having a cloud of rules around you ( made to work with A.I.) So your cars can do the same thing, but use your poles, and thought space mechanically and physiologically, leaving you dumber and weaker. More susceptible to disease (thought process) Have you seen the countries that all where masks's everywhere they go, (mentally struck by technologies A.I. and such, there on a unique pole system there.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this. I got a problem to download slides. Are those dropbox links still working?

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