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Open the gate. Madam has come.
– Who? My madam.
– Madam? The chairperson of J.P Group,
madam Meghana. That project was completed.
You don’t worry. lt will be done. Thank
you. Salutations. ls madam Deepika at home?
– Yes madam. Come in madam. Madam Meghana has come
to see you Madam. Who? – The chairperson of JP Group.
Madam Meghana. Hey! What a surprise! Sorry. What brings you here? Since both of us belong to Andhra,
shall we talk in Telugu? We are so accustomed to Mumbai that
we’ve forgotten that we are Telugu. Naturally. Ok Pandu, you may go.
– Ok madam. What a beautiful farm house! Thank you. So, to what
do l owe this surprise? Your father and my father are
friends. So l took the liberty.. ..of talking about one issue with you.
Would you give me the permission? Please, go on. l learned that you are going
to marry Mr. Ajay Rathore! Do not marry him! He is an
opportunist. He wants to marry.. ..you for your wealth. You
know, he used to work as .. ..an assistant in our company before
he became a secretary to your father. l recognized his talents and
wanted to promote him.. ..for the post of GM, you know! What happened then? Only talent is not enough.
One must also have a good .. .. character. He does not
have that. He is an actor. l think for some reason, you
do not believe what l said. Madam, tea. Put it there.
– Ok madam. You have not answered me. Look Meghana, we are very
fortunate. We have been born with.. ..a silver spoon. We have reached
a high position at a young age. But, everyone else is
not like us, isn’t it? So what? Taking the same liberty, l
also want to say one thing. Change your attitude, Meghana. What do you mean? You are the chairperson of a
top industrial group. Do not.. ..play with other people’s dreams. Playing, what are you trying to say? You offered this GM. post to many
people. ln the last 3 years.. ..not only Ajay Rathore, none
of them got that job. None of them were up
to my expectations. They will not be. Do you know why?
Because you do not have.. ..the idea to promote anyone. Everyone knows that under the name
of testing, you make fun of them. lt is wrong to play with a
common man’s aspirations. Stop it. l did not come here
to discuss my behavior. l just came to give you an advice. No. You want to take revenge on him.
So you’ve come to spoil his future. Why should l take revenge on him? Because he had challenged
you before leaving your.. ..company. You could not tolerate
that insult. You are.. .. hating a person for no good
reason. Something is wrong.. ..with you, Meghana. You better
consult a psychiatrist. What have you done Meghana?
Ten days before.. ..the marriage, you told her that
her fiancee is a bad guy. lt’s not right on your part. l told her because it is true. How can we judge that? You are
a good girl in my opinion, but.. ..there is no rule that everyone
else should think the same way. Appearance depends on
the perception we have. Do you know what everyone
thinks about you? l do not care for anyone.
l will do what l want. You have not outlived your
childhood Meghana. You are.. ..behaving in the same way, as you
used to be when you were 5 years old. What you say is right and
what you did is correct. Nothing has changed. Look, l am
your family friend. Right? Yes. You are my friend,
philosopher, guide, guardian.. ..and family doctor. Doctors say what is right
for you. lsn’t it? – Yes. Will you consult me before
you decide on any matter? Promise? Promise. l think you are going
to Hyderabad tomorrow? Yes. l have a meeting at lDBL. – ls
it necessary that you should go? Since l am the chairperson of
the company, l have to go. Going alone? Bablu is coming with me. He? Yes. l think it is better if Janakamma
also goes with you. l am going only for a week.
She talks too much. Stubborn child. Hello! ls that bank work
over so soon? What do you think of me?
l am Nanda Gopal. Computers!! By the way, your darling
has called you twice. What is so important? Only you should be knowing it. Here Hari, l have paid your
current bill. Give me my .. .. commission of 20 rupees Do you have change for 50 rupees? No. Adjust it next month. Miss Vijaya, since you are new
to this office, it will be .. ..confusing for you. But don’t
worry. Whenever he goes out.. ..on office duty, he services
others and takes a small amount.. ..as service charge from them. He
donates that money to the orphanage. lf you have any work, just ask him. Let her be. You have to give
me 500 rupees. Come on, give it. The situation is a bit tight, friend. lt will be. How many expenses
you have, drinks, cigarettes! Stop it please. l will definitely
give it from my salary. You have been saying this
for 5 months now. Sir, Mr. Tokkalingam
is calling you. Don’t shout. lf he hears you, you
will end up on the pavement. Do not give money. At least
count this money and .. ..put it in my drawer. Mr. Sudhakar, he seems to
be a typical character. He is typical. He has adopted a girl
from an orphanage instead of having one. What is this? None of the accounts
are correct. You have.. ..to be very careful while you work. What happened?-What Happened!? You entered the data into this
computer. Am l correct? Yes. None of the statements are
tallying. ls this the way to work? Did you put the computer on? ls it a joke? Which accounts do you want? Can’t you see? The accounts
of JP Chemicals. You are looking at the accounts
of JP Finance. This is the JP Chemicals account. These boxes are all nonsensical.
Everything is.. ..confusing. How easy
it is to handle files! Nonsense! l’ve been watching you. lt has came
to my notice that you are.. ..talking rubbish about me.
You don’t know my capacity. l can throw you out of this company. You do not have that authority. lt
is in the hands of the head office. Keep saying that. One day the head
office will issue that order. Hello. lt is not the phone bell.
lt is a fax. l know. What is this? What is happening? What you have pressed is the
printer. This is the fax. All these are nonsensical boxes.
Read the message. Our chairman, madam Meghana
is coming from Mumbai. What? Madam is coming? Don’t worry. She is
arriving tomorrow. Why are you so sad, baby? They are saying that you
are not my real father. Who said that?
– Pinky. Your Pinky is a monkey.
Do not believe her. She says her mother told her that
you brought me from somewhere. Even Pinky’s father brought
her from the hospital. The word.. ..daddy has only one meaning.
There can be no rented daddy. What Mr. Sharma, from
where are you coming? l’m returning from a death
anniversary ceremony. Did everything go smoothly? What sister, are they Jasmines? Yes, brother. lt seems your husband is
still young at heart. The smoke from your cigar has
nullified the fragrance. Both your lungs will be infected.
Why don’t you stop smoking? How can l, when there are so many
Tensions? What tensions do you have, brother? l want to know when my
son-in-law will get a promotion. Look at his horoscope. l have already seen it. The
stars are a little unfavorable. lf you perform some rites, then
everything will be okay. Here he comes. Hello son-in-law! Hello my dear! Hello grandfather! Son-in-law, did you bring the pipe?
How should l open this? No l asked him not to bring it.
Shruti, you go inside. Why? Why did you ask
him not to bring it? Why do you need a pipe?
Have you taken a look at yourself? You are reduced by half due to
your smoking habit. And now you want a pipe! Why do you speak like that?
This is a prestige issue.. ..for our family. That neighbor,
Subba Rao boasts.. ..about the pipe that his
son-in-law presented to him. l told him that my son-in-law would
present me with a better pipe. Now if l go empty-handed, would
l not lose my prestige? You lost your prestige
long ago when.. ..you gambled under the tree. Say whatever you want. But one
day, l will win a jackpot.. .. and buy a car for my son-in-law.
Mr. Shastri, you tell me. ls it indicated there, that l
will buy him a car? Your son-in-law will definitely
own a car.. .. though l don’t know whether
you will present it to him. Did you hear that ? Yes l did. How else do you think he will get
a car? l will buy it for him. Why do you talk loudly on the
streets? Why don’t you.. ..sit there and talk slowly?
You please come inside. l will talk to her. Did you not get me a golden
frame for my glasses? Why do you need a golden frame now? Can’t you see without
a golden frame? lt is not that. l feel
uncomfortable with this frame. There is no need for luxuries.
First plan her marriage. Why do you needs jeans now? Just had a fancy for it. ln that case, get married
and ask your husband for it. Go now. Everyone wants luxuries. You are advancing in age
but not in wisdom. lt’s getting late for the train.
All of you get ready. l asked you for a packet of
sweets. Did you get it? Yes. lt’s in the bag. My dear, what is wrong if
we satisfy their desires? All they want are luxuries
and not important things. lt’s not that. Am l not being responsible and
saving thousands of rupees.. ..every month, for her marriage?
lf we make.. .. unnecessary expenses,
how can we run the family? That’s true.
But they may feel bad. That is why l took the
responsibility of denying them. Mathematics is over
– Very good. What next? English. English? Your dad is the king of
English. Just ask me what you want. Not this dad.
– What then? ‘O Ratanamala, do not tease
me like a love bird!’ ‘O cuckoo, don’t sing! Why do
you want the world to notice?’ ‘Love is overflowing in me.’ ‘You are the rainbow.’ ‘Leave the sky and come to me.’ ‘Even if l love you too much, l
cannot come to you, till it is night.’ ‘Should we maintain this
distance for so long?’ ‘Should l bear this separation
even in your presence?’ ‘O Ratanamala, do not tease
me like a love bird!’ ‘Daddy, daddy. Help me with
these fill in the blanks’ ‘ l desire you daily
like a new beloved.’ ‘The moon, he is observing our
actions and smiling to himself.’ ‘The jasmines have bloomed
like our desires.’ ‘Please stop this romance in public!’ ‘Those creepers are extending
invitations for sweet nothings.’ ‘Do not pester when
the time is not ripe.’ ‘Love has flared up like
the flames of a fire.’ ‘O Ratanamala, do not tease
me like a love bird!’ Please go to sleep, my dear
– l’m not feeling sleepy, daddy Close your eyes, my dear. You
will get sleep automatically Tell me a story then! l’m not in that mood right now.
– Then l will not go to sleep! Okay then. ‘Once upon a time there was a king
and his very suitable queen.’ ‘Together, they lived a very
romantic life as a couple.’ ‘When the Queen approached the king
like the celestial danseuse.. ‘ ‘..and when the king
embraced the Queen.’ ‘When the nights and the
surroundings became pleasant..’ ‘..and the nights were spent
in enjoyable experiences.’ ‘The heart floated in joy like
a deer in a beautiful garden!’ ‘Now is the time for us to
indulge in some romance.’ ‘As you wish, my handsome
husband, Nanda Gopal’ Have your breakfast quickly,
without wasting any time. Who applied this powder
on your face? Ratnam, Ratnam What is it? Where is my file?
– Which file? The one which l had
kept in the cup board. lt should be there.
Who will take it? l am telling you that
it is not there. lt should have been here Yes it should be here.
Have you misplaced it? Why will l misplace it?
– Then is it there? Now l remember it. The day
before yesterday, l took it.. .. along with your other
old books and.. .. and then, did you sell
them off as trash? No. l will not do such
a foolish thing. Do you know its value? Yes, my dear. l know that it
is your thesis on business.. .. on the relationship between
business and society etc.. .. and your advice and suggestions
on the matter. Yes, you always speak lightly about
it. But the same issue.. The same issue was dealt with, by
the great Mr. JP in his work.. .. on business. So l wish that
you too, will succeed like him. Since morning you were just
ranting that l lost it. Sorry dear, l’m late. Did you
pack your lunch and water? Why did you wear the new shirt?
Did we not keep it aside.. ..for special occasions? My dear. Today we have a special
occasion in our office. Today our madam is coming.
– Who is madam? She is the daughter of Mr. JP.
Ms. Meghna, our chairperson. ls she your lady boss, Ms. Meghna? Stop it there. Why are you
so excited about her visit? See, you are getting jealous like a
woman. But, what is her status? Do you think your husband
is so handsome? Okay. Her visit to the office
today is a Godsend for me. After a long wait l have got a good
chance to put this file in her hands. But you told me that you gave
this file to Mr. JP.. .. when you went to Bombay
three years ago! l gave the file to his secretary and
asked him to put it on JP’s table. The secretary must have
forgotten to do it. l also gave him a party. Anyway,
better late than never. l will give her the file today. Do you mean that Ms. Meghna will
surely see the file today? Give me 50 rupees and
l will ensure it. Oh! Will she read the entire
Book, only for 50 rupees? No, you fool. Do you think she
is a government servant.. .. to take a bribe? l will
do a marvelous thing.. .. for just 50 rupees and
win accolades from her. What will you do? Look here. When madam
enters the office.. .. everyone will try to welcome
her, by smiling at her.. .. but l will very intelligently
purchase a bouquet for 50 rupees.. .. and welcome her with
that and win her over. Oh God! He is still on the street.
– Who are you talking about? Who else? Mr. Shastri. lf
he catches sight of me.. .. he will not let me go. Why do you talk like that?
He is an elderly person. He is killing me with stuff about
propitiating the stars etc He gives advice only
for our benefit. That is true. But l don’t
have the time. Hello, Nanda Gopal. l have
something important to say to you. Are you about to go to office? Uncle, what is Auntie doing?
– She’s making some eatables. Out of what?
– The clay coloured pumpkin. But the pumpkins in your backyard
are not yet ripe. The pumpkins are not
from our backyard. They are from my nephew’s place. l think his wife cooks really
well. Doesn’t she? Yes. She cooks brinjal with
all the spices really well. And it is very tasty to eat it
with hot rice. Hey, Gopal!! He just escaped like quicksilver. He is in a real hurry. Their
chairperson is making a visit today. He needs to buy a bouquet
etc. on the way. All these things are unnecessary.
lf the couple.. .. performs a few rites,
it is sufficient. She left a long while ago.
Why don’t you come inside .. .. and help me with the chores? l’m not wasting time. Because
Gopal is close to us.. .. l am advising him. What
is the use of bouquets etc.? What is the use if the planets are
not favorable? – Location: office Good morning. Madam is going to arrive
in five minutes. l will be the first to garland
her when she comes. Ladies are not garlanded. lt should
be given in their hands. lt is okay since he is of
her grandfather’s age. Who was that? What do we know
about Hindu traditions? lt is customary to welcome
guests with a garland. Why don’t you welcome her
with ‘Tilak’ and ‘Aarti’? One should not garland ladies. lt’s okay. You’re like
my grandfather. Thank you. So beautiful.
– Salutations Madam! Please come. Let’s have tea. Madam! l will tell you a joke. A farmer
was upset that he did.. ..not get a good crop. A friend
asked him the reason for it. The farmer said that he did not
know which fertilizer to use. The friend advised him to taste
different fertilizers and.. .. use that fertilizer
which tasted the best! Where is the company’s accountant? What for?
– l have a meeting with lDBl. l am there to assist you. You must be able to quickly
recall all the statements. Yes, l can do that very well. Do you know how to operate
the computer? You don’t know it, right?
Call the accountant. Nanda Gopal! Madam is calling you. Bablu, are you hungry? Madam! l want you
to see this file.. One second. Hello, Mr. Mehra.
Right now, l’m in Hyderabad. Your papers are ready. We will
meet when l come to Bombay. Bye. Madam, l have a file.. We need to purchase some
furnishings for the guesthouse.. .. where can we get them? l know the place. l will
take you there. Go to Abids. Nanda Gopal where is the
packet l gave you? Here it is. Open it. Ok. He is Mr. J.P. The great J.P.
The one and only J.P. l am a great fan of his. ls that so? Choose a nice
location and have it put up. What if we put it up there? Maybe, it will be a bit too high. Have it put up there. A really good place.
Do you know one thing? l have read the book ‘Business
and Social dynamics’.. ..written by your father, 10 times.
What a book! lt is like.. ..the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ of business.
lt is like a guide to every.. .. upcoming businessman. The
funny part is, l also wrote a.. ..a thesis, even before reading
that book. l too touched upon.. .. the same topics as your
father did in his book. Of course, l did not present it
as well as Mr. J.P., but everyone.. .. who read the theses appreciated
it. l sent a copy to your father. lt seems the copy did not reach
him. So l want you to read.. .. my thesis and express
your opinion about it. Whenever you are free, if you can.. All the figures are okay, Narain One more thing, Madam, lndigo
software is also.. .. planning an lPO. l know how to play
the game with them. l am the master of the game. But they are insisting that the
meeting should take place.. .. even in your absence! Look, Nanda Gopal! Writing
a thesis is one thing.. .. and doing business is quite
another. There are many people.. .. who wrote very popular
books on business. .. such a good business sense,
then why didn’t you.. .. start your own business? l tried that. But l was
cheated by my partner. There are always cheaters
around us. The first point.. .. in business is,
never get cheated. l learnt that lesson. But since
l have a family to take care of.. .. l am doing this job. Of course,
it is not a job.. .. worthy of my talent. Madam, shall l serve you dinner?
– No, later. You missed out on a point
written by my father. Good businessmen create
opportunities. They do not.. .. request for opportunities like
this. Anyway, l will be here.. .. for two more days. lmpress
me with your dynamism. Prove your uniqueness to me.
See you later. Good night. Good night Madam. Can you give me 500 rupees?
– Why? l have been doing your work
since evening. Do you mean ‘service charge’? Am l
not paying you salary at the office? That is only for the 9 to 5 job.
5 to 8 is my private time. l am dynamic not only in theory
but also in practice. Very smart. l don’t think that you
did the right thing.. ..by asking her for money instead
of just giving her the file. We don’t need any money urgently. l did not take the money
because we need it. l employed a strategy called the
reverse strategy. lf we act.. .. the same way as others do,
than what is our specialty? So, to make her notice me, l
do some things differently. Yes. That is why you got an
idea which no one else had.. .. and took the bouquet
in the morning. That is right, but it is not
sufficient. l have to do.. .. many more such things. You
did not understand, right? The story goes that our proprietor
Mr.Jagdish Prasad.. .. joined a small company before
he became very rich. He drew.. ..a salary of 200 rupees per month.
One day his boss made him.. .. do extra work, all through the
night. He finished all the work.. .. and asked the boss for overtime
pay. At this, the boss.. .. got thrilled by his practical
sense and offered him.. ..both a promotion and a partnership.
Just between us.. .. l remembered that incident
today evening and copied it. So you acted like her father,
and reminded her of him. You guessed correctly. Now
she will compare me with him.. .. and get impressed. How
is my reverse strategy? Very good. But will she not
think that you copied.. .. her father’s idea,
just to impress her? You fool! How will she know
that l know of that incident? You are not as innocent
as you look! What have you seen? The
real game will begin now. ls this the promotion? No. These are alms. What
a great person you are? You could not even contain yourself
for a single day! You must have.. .. played some prank with her
and she fired you. You were.. .. saying that you would get
something from the head office. Take this, which the chairperson
herself has given gave. Do you know.. ..why l have called all of you here?
To show you what l can do.. .. if you behave arrogantly.
Now go and tell everyone. Go to your seats immediately! Do l need to l tell you specially? Sir, l am the receptionist.
– Then sit immediately. You believe that you are very
lntelligent! Where have.. ..your brains gone? Now take
this garland home and.. .. tell them why you got it. What Gopal? What happened? l shall see madam immediately. Salutations madam! What makes you come here? l went to the office and was
told that you have dismissed me. They also gave me this check
as final payment. Did you.. .. really dismiss me? Why? Do you think it is a joke? Excuse me, is today the
first of April? No, madam. See, it is not. Why did you dismiss me, madam? Don’t you know? l know it is wrong to
have asked for 500 rupees from you. l was being foolish. l will
return the money to you. After the hands are burnt…
what is the saying, Gopal? What is the use of applying balm
after the hands are burnt? Right, was the use? l was really idiotic
when l did that. No, you were not being idiotic.
You were over smart. You are a fan of my father, aren’t
you? You thoroughly studied.. .. all the incidents in his life.
And you thought that you could.. .. impress me by using the
same tactics. Am l right? l really don’t know what
you’re talking about. You really don’t know? No, madam.
l really don’t understand. Anyway. l did not dismiss you for
taking 500 rupees. But because.. .. you had the feeling that the job
was not worthy of your talent. l just released you from that pain.
That’s all! Now you can.. .. happily go and search for
a job worthy of your talent. What is there in useless talent?
Also, it is a great fortune to.. .. work even as a peon in the
JP group of companies. So.. .. being an accountant is really
great. l love my job.. .. and l love my company. Please.. lt is too late, Gopal. Please madam. Reconsider
your decision just once! l will fall at your feet.. Nanda Gopal, what is this? Get up. l will not get up till you
gave me my job back. l said it jokingly. Where is the joke? And today is not
the 1st of April. You were serious. Poor Nanda Gopal! l dismissed you so
that l could give you a promotion. A promotion? ls it true? You have that talent in you.
l take an oath on myself.. no on you. Then why that entire episode
in the office? So that the others do not know
that you are being promoted! And why should it be a secret? So that… should l explain
all that to you now? Okay wait here. l’ll change my
clothes and come. A big post or a small post.. A big post or a small post.. Was l late?
– No not at all. You should wait, since
it is a promotion. To what post am l being promoted? l was wondering how
the post of the GM would be? What? Are you coming
with me or not? Yes, l am coming. Madam, my education is M.Com.
l am an accountant. From which angle did you
realize my talent? From the angle of Sir J.P.. Wow! Like father like daughter!
He also said that.. .. one should look at things
from one’s heart. You too.. .. did the same thing. Am l right? That’s why you could identify my
talent in a single day. Right? Yes. l did identify it. But it
would be better if it were.. .. concretely proved. You must not say to others that
she is a sadist, a psychopath.. .. she plays with others’ lives etc. Why will l say things like that? Because there were others
who said that. Did they say that? May they
go dumb! Cheap people! lf they cannot pass the test,
they must accept failure. lsn’t it? Madam, should l come to Bombay too? Why? l’m staying here for three
more days, specially for you. Madam, are you going to change
your schedule just for me? Yes. l want to make a final
decision on your talents. Come to my guesthouse at
six o’clock tomorrow. The test begins for you. My dear. lt will be very good when
you get the promotion, isn’t it? Why? So that you can
buy a silk sari? No. So that we could buy a
cradle for the to-be born. Please be quiet. The
girls are here. She’s already fallen asleep. Daddy, l have to go
to school. Let’s go! Go to sleep now, dear. You can
go to school tomorrow morning. My dear. You said you
needed to go early. Where to? To madam’s place. Tests, madam, Oh God! Where are we going, madam? – For
Jogging. This is your first test. Let’s go back home now. Just now? Now the second test.
Soup recipe. Make it. Prepare a large quantity. Madam, the soup is ready. Climb this pillar and
sit on the top. But the oil? That is the test. The tests are strange.
Aren’t they? Go home.. .. and think why l am making
you give these tests! You finished you work with
lDBl a week ago. l’m not able to let go off
the Hyderabadi biryani! l also have an appetite for it.
Shall l come there? No. Being alone, are you not
getting bored there? No, l made an arrangement. What sort of arrangement?
What are you doing there? What am l doing here?
l’m having fun. What troubles she may
be facing there? lt is enough if she doesn’t
trouble others. How great! l initially wondered
what could be the.. .. link between the GM’s post
and these tests? But you.. .. made me run because a healthy
mind needs a healthy body. A person needs health first.
lf one is healthy.. .. one can work well. So you
tested my health. Right? Yes. Next was cooking. Just as one does
when preparing a tasty meal.. .. a good manager should utilize
the available talent.. .. in the correct proportion,
when managing a project. To test my management abilities,
you made me.. .. prepare a recipe and got a taste
of my talent. Great, madam! Next was the pillar. lt is a test
of determination in adversity. You wanted to test my resolve
and l passed that test too. Then why am l making
you iron my clothes? That is the only thing
l did not understand. But there must be some deep
significance to this too. l will definitely find that out. What a wonderful dress
madam! Today.. .. no one can take his eyes off you. Yes. Why not? lf l go
out in a nightdress? Oh! ls it a nightdress? ‘When l sing, the world
sings along with me.’ ‘When l dance, the world
dances along with me.’ ‘When l sing, the world
sings along with me.’ ‘When l dance, the world
dances along with me.’ ‘Happiness is where l am.’ ‘l am filled with joy.’ ‘And all of you, enjoy yourselves!’ ‘When l sing, the world
sings along with me.’ ‘When l dance, the world
dances along with me.’ ‘Happiness is half the strength.’ ‘Laughter is my signature.’ ‘Welcome to those pleasures
which drive away despair.’ ‘There is music in laughter.’ ‘There is magic in the flowers.’ ‘And if there is no logic
this life becomes a picnic!’ ‘The sun, the moon
and the moonlight.’ ‘All are my friends.’ ‘When l sing, the world
sings along with me.’ ‘When l dance, the world
dances along with me.’ ‘Happiness is where l am.’ ‘l am filled with joy.’ ‘And all of you, enjoy yourselves!’ ‘Let exuberance state on
your lips every moment!’ ‘My heart is filled with
joy every second.’ ‘lf you feel like saying
it, just say it!’ ‘lf you feel like doing
it, just do it!’ ‘Life is so great!’
– ‘ Love it always!’ ‘l am that flower which blooms
both in the sun and in the rain!’ ‘When l sing, the world
sings along with me.’ ‘When l dance, the world
dances along with me.’ ‘Happiness is where l am.’ ‘l am filled with joy.’ ‘And all of you, enjoy yourselves!’ ‘When l sing, the world
sings along with me.’ ‘When l dance, the world
dances along with me.’ You sang really well. Can
l ask you a small question? Why are you not thinking
about marriage? Since l did not find a handsome
guy like you till now You always make fun of me, madam. Ok, will you marry me? What is this madam?
l am already married. Does that mean you would have,
if you were unmarried? No, it’s just a
slip of the tongue, madam. You said it because you
have it in your mind. No madam, it’s nothing like that. Mr. Nanda Gopal, accept it! How can l accept it? Are you awake? l lost myself in your music. Madam, it is going to be 11 .30
pm. l should leave now What’s the urgency? lt’s only
11 .30. The night is so young. My wife will be waiting
for me at home. Will she hit you if you are late? What is your wife’s name? Ratnam..Ratnamala! ls she a garland? How many children do you have? –
Only one girl. And that too, adopted! Don’t you have your own children? Not yet. – Why? – First we
want to stabilize our life. So you preferred to adopt
children, than having your own. You deserve some marks for this too. Since how many years
have you been married? Five years. Were you not bored? Bored? – That is, are you
not bored with your wife? Bored with Ratnam? No, not
at all. My wife is a gem.. ..as her name suggests. She’s
beautiful, has coped well and.. ..keeps the house in order. But
sometimes, she is emotional.. ..and gets angry. But she’s
beautiful even when angry. Stop. Stop there.
ls it a love marriage? No. lt is love after marriage. What is that? They are
all empty words. Why do you say that? Arranged marriages are made just
to fulfill one’s necessities.. lt’s true. There is no
love involved at all! But our marriage is not like that. l don’t believe it. Suppose you both
were married to different persons you’d.. ..have lived with them as well and
that too would have been called love. You are confusing me. Marriages
are made in heaven. l love my wife sincerely. lt is getting late. Can l go now? Good night, madam. Nanda Gopal,
– Yes madam. Think about what l said seriously.
Because it is the truth. You are at home after one week.
Because of these tests.. ..you are working day and night.
You have strained a lot. You had told me that someone
else came to see you.. ..before our marriage. Yes. He was very handsome. Why didn’t you marry him? He demanded high dowry as
he was a bank employee. That means you married me because
l didn’t ask for dowry! You are as nice as gold my dear. Ratnam, suppose you were
married to that guy.. ..would you have behaved in the same
way as you are behaving with me now? You told me that you loved
your neighbor’s daughter for a.. ..year. What about you, if
you were married to her? Do not pull my hair. Let
us forget this topic. Why did you start this
unnecessary topic? Do you think it is a joke? lt was not a joke Ratnam. – Then,
why did you raise this topic? Yesterday madam Meghana and
l were discussing about.. ..love and marriage. l told
her that our marriage was.. ..an arranged one.
– Then? She argued that our
love is not real. What is the necessity of this
discussion for your promotion? When working together you
know, different topics.. ..will arise. Even then, l told her
strongly that our love is real! lf you were so strong in
your argument, you would.. ..have never asked me why didn’t
l marry the other guy! Just tell me one thing. Why
are you discussing our.. ..personal matters with her? That is because…. What is that? Why are you so angry, Ratnam? She
raised this topic for her.. ..to pass time. Like an idiot, l
raised it here. What happened now? When did she become so close, that
you started to discuss our.. ..personal matters with her? Close! There is nothing
like that, dear. Actually, what were you doing
there? Come on! Tell me! Were you doing her house hold chores? No, why would l do them? Tests for the post of GM.
will be highly official. Then why are they being
conducted at home? Didn’t l tell you that this..
..has been kept as secret. Ratnam, you know my effort
is for the promotion. Sorry. Hereafter, l will not
discuss our personal matters.. ..with anyone. Promise. You praise her everyday.
l do not like that! Because you envy her. So you are
unhappy because l praised her, is it? No.
– Yes……yes. Oh dear, is it paining?
– Yes. Now? l need two more. My God, this cycle
tire is punctured. Dear, the cycle tire is punctured.
Why didn’t you look at the.. ..cycle and tell me in
the morning itself? l was doing my work seriously.
Why should l look.. ..house whole day. Why didn’t
you look at it? l am not sitting here for fun. That
work is earning our daily meals. Mr. Gopal.
– Yes sir. My bicycle is punctured. l
have to go to the temple .. ..urgently to perform a prayer.
Since you are going that.. ..way, please drop me there. But sir… Vishalaxi, l am going with our
Nanda Gopal. Close the doors.. ..properly. l forgot to tell
you that Mr. Murty’s son will.. ..come for his horoscope.
lt is on the table. First, tell him to get my cycle
repaired and then give him.. ..the horoscope! Will it be nice to give our
personal work to others? He will not give us any
remuneration. At least let him.. ..do some work. We men know
how to behave with people. Do not try to advise me. Sit down. What happened to your hand?
– Burnt due to hot water. lt looks like somebody
has hit you with a vessel! Did you have a fight with your wife? No, it’s nothing like that. You know, my wife also is like
that! When she is angry.. ..she hits me with whatever
thing is available. By the way, it seems that you are in
hurry. Are you going to the office? Do you have office on Sunday also? Our madam wanted to do some
important work at home. Doing office work at home? Home means it is our
madam’s guest house. What ever it is. Why should
you work on Sunday? We cannot sit like that. Have you thought about what l said? About what madam? The relation between you and your
wife is just a necessity, not love. l forgot it when l left this house. Really? ls it such an important matter? lt may not be important for you.
But it is very important for me. Why madam? lf you do not love each other,
you will fight frequently.. ..Your mood will not be fine
when you reach office.. You will not work properly.
The decisions you take.. ..with a disturbed mind,
will not be correct. You will not have any
Problems, madam. We do not have any
misunderstanding between us. l am going to give you the very
crucial post of GM. So l should be satisfied that you
and your wife truly love each other? How will you know that? We will have a test for that? lt seems to be an interesting and
romantic test. l will bring.. ..Ratnamala here. Not now necessarily! She will
automatically join later. What is the test madam? Can l take a bath? Or shall
l tell you immediately? l will come back in
half an hour. Wait! Are you trying to tease me? Just for fun, madam. lt is very late, isn’t it? lts only 9:50pm. The night is so
young. What is the test, madam? lt seems that you are very eager to know. Since the test is on love, l am.. .. very much interested! The test is very simple Nanda Gopal.
You have to marry me. You are always making
fun of me, madam! l am not joking. This is the test. l know you are joking, madam.
You want to see my response. Can’t you understand?
l am talking seriously. l do not know, why do you
always take me seriously? lf l did any thing wrong for my
promotion, please forgive me. Poor Nanda Gopal! l am also
trying to give you that.. ..promotion. That is why
l made this proposal. l am scared! l do not want this
promotion. l will go back to .. .. my old job, madam. Please! Old job? You lost it way back. Some
one else has already been appointed also! You said it was a fake dismissal.
When everyone in.. ..the office said there is
something wrong with you.. ..l did not believe it. But now l’ve
understood. You play with .. ..the lives of people like me for
fun. The talk about promotion.. ..is also a game. Otherwise
what is the relation ..between those tests
and the G.M.’s post? What is this Nanda Gopal? You
said my tests were very.. ..brilliant. Only wise people
like you can know them. Yes. Since you are the
Mr. J. P.’s daughter.. ..l supported every foolish test. What a hypocrite! l will not become a fool again. l am going. Where will you go? The real
game has only started now! Did you not understand? l will tell you. Bablu, what is the time? 10:20 pm. See it properly. 12:30.am. Where are you coming from? Read that paper. After seeing the first show of
movie ‘Tarjan Sundari’, ..l had dinner at Bavarji
and returned home. What did you see? When l returned….. When l returned, all the lights
were off. l switched the lights on. Then, Nanda Gopal was running
downstairs. He ran.. ..away pushing me. When l went
up l saw that madam was raped! This is not fair.
You cannot do this! No one will believe
such a fake story! Really? Banjara hills police station? Yes. Sl Amjad Khan speaking. Meghana here. Madam, salutations. l have
filed your complaint, madam. Just read the complaint once. Ok madam.
– Read it in Telugu. Ok madam, l will read it in Telugu.
On 25th, a person.. ..named Nanda Gopal raped you
and ran away! A person.. ..called Bablu, is the
main witness etc. No,…..no Shut up. Madam, even the forensic
report is ready! Do you want me to file
any other cases on him? This rape case is enough for now. Ok madam. Thank you for remembering
Me, madam. Bye. Ok. You cannot do any such thing
to me. The servants are there. Even the watchman is there.
They will tell the truth! Didn’t you observe? No
one is there today! lt is a sin to blame me with
such a crime. Even God.. .. will not forgive you! l do
not care how many people .. ..support you, l will not let
your desire to be completed. l know one person, whom you
will definitely listen to. Ratna Mala. Ratnam? What will you ask her?
That l have to marry.. .. your husband because it is
an important part of the tests! Please allow me to do that. Then
she will teach you a lesson. Do you know what is happening
in your house? l have sent her a letter.
Do you know what l have .. ..written in that? Mrs. Ratnam,
l am Meghana, chairperson of.. ..the JP group. l want to give you an
important information.. l think you know about me. l lost
my mother in my childhood. Three years back, l lost my father.
Every one loved my.. ..status and wealth but not me.
l was waiting for a man who.. ..could accept me as l am. Then l
saw Nandu, your husband Nanda Gopal. Then began our love at first sight! l am requesting you for one thing only. Please let us get
married!. l cannot live without.. ..him! We have become very close
this week. l thought it would.. ..be nice, if we both discuss
this matter. That is why.. ..l am writing this letter to you.
Yours, Meghana. You devil, what have you done? My Ratnam will not believe you.
You cannot separate us. lf that happens, then you will pass
the test and you will be promoted. Ratnam.. Ratnam. Ratnam, that letter is a fake.
Please open the door. l will.. ..tell you what actually happened!
Open the door please! Ratnam. Please open the door! What happened? You are still awake? l was unable to sleep. l was
praying. when l saw .. ..your scooter coming
and l came out. lt seems she is in a deep sleep. She
will wake up. You go and sleep. But l saw that the
lights were on, till now. No sir, the lights
were off when l came! But l saw the lights! You may have been mistaken! How it could be? You called
her from the window. She came and closed the window and
then the lights were switched off. l will go and chant my prayers.
No.. No. l will go and sleep. Please don’t be so quiet Ratnam.
l fear that you are.. ..believing her. Do not look at
me like that! Just listen to .. ..what l am saying. All this is
a trap. She is playing with me. Doesn’t she have any other work? l do not know how to explain. She
is a different kind of lady. Till yesterday you were praising
her. ln a day.. .. how much have
your opinions changed? l had not realized her character
till l went close to her. That’s what l am asking! What is
the need to get so close to her? For the promotion. When you were spending the
whole day with her in the.. ..name of promotion, l thought
you were working very hard. But l never expected that
you would cheat me! Let me tell me how it started. l know. This love at first sight
began when you rushed with a .. .. bouquet for her! Not only me, but everyone else also
brought one, even bigger than mine! You said that you were the only
person to buy a bouquet l lied that day Ratnam. Now you have started lying to me!
lf you have lied to me.. ..for such a small matter, then
how can l believe that .. ..what you are saying now,
will be the truth? What is the relation between the
bouquet and this problem? You had said that with the bouquet
only, you were going to establish ..a satellite link between
you and that Meghana! l said that to create
a good impression. ln one day, without even reading
your thesis, she offered.. ..a promotion to you. Why? On seeing my talent. Why do you understand the wrong
meaning of everything? A lady, that too a billionaire
wrote openly, that both of.. ..you became very close! You expect
me not to believe that? She is mad Ratnam. Do not believe
her words. l did not.. ..tell you but you know, she made
me to do her household.. ..chores in the name of tests! Though l’m a village girl, l’ve
studied till eleventh level. l know.. ..what tests are to be conducted
for a post! What happened .. ..there was your romance
and not the tests! Sruti, wake up. Don’t Ratnam. Please
we have to talk. Come on, get up! We have to talk! Please let her
Sleep! You please come here! Please leave me, l say! Ratnam, we can solve this problem
if you listen to me. You do not have any problem to
solve. You wanted to win her. You did that. Now it is my problem. Mother. Just listen. – Do not say anything
in front of the baby. Here comes the vegetable seller.
Shall l take the gourd? No, l cooked it yesterday. Ok. Then l will take this pumpkin.
Cook it nicely. Not in the way you always do
but cook it as my mother does. Then go and ask her only. Do you want anything else, sir? No, how much is this? 30 rupees. l will give you 15 rupees.
– Priest!! Priest!! What Ratna Mala? Did you
take the baby to school? Yes, uncle.
– What happened to Nanda…. Look here Ratnam, we are married
for five years now. Did l ever behave in a wrong way?
Did l ever leave you for.. ..friends, drinks or parties? Do
you really believe that l can.. ..do this to you? Think how all
these things have happened in.. ..just a few days! Love at first sight! Those things happen only
in films, not in real life! Why not, it was you only who said
that you dropped your journey.. ..in the middle and came back
for me. At that time, you only.. ..said that it was
love at first sight. We love only once Ratnam. Before our marriage, you loved your
neighbor’s daughter for a year. That was teenage romance. lt is
not love, just infatuation! You said you had a close friend
named Kavita at.. ..teenage romance, then a
college romance and now.. ..a romance after marriage! Do you know why l told
you all these things? l told you because l think we
should not have any secrets. We should believe each other.
We are one! Please.. ..do not allow anyone
to come between us! Have you really not loved
at first sight? l don’t have any other sight
except this eyesight. Just see how swollen your
face has become because of crying! Why is she behaving like this? l don’t know. You just
stay calm for two days. You will understand her. l think it is Mr. Shastri. You go
inside. He will start making.. ..all sorts of enquiries. Get up,
go inside and wash your face. Khan, Amjad Khan! You!! Did l scare you? Don’t worry! l
have not come to arrest you.. ..l just came to inform you that
your marriage is at 11 o’clock. Sir, we will please go outside
and talk. Please sir! Madam …madam. She is not here.
She has gone to the village. Don’t try to bluff me. Madam,
will you please come out? You said she is not here. Listen
carefully to what l say.. ..at 11 o’clock, send your husband
to Kukatpally Balaji temple. He has to marry madam
Meghana there. Don’t be angry. lt is a matter
of the rich. lf he doesn’t .. ..l will have to arrest
him for a rape case. Rape? Yes Ratnam, They are trying
to pull me into a trap. They are saying that they will get
me arrested for a rape case.. ..if l do not marry her! Really! You are a small child
who does not know anything! We trapped you and are forcing
you to marry her, is it? First, you trap a rich girl and
then play innocent in front .. ..of your wife! Just look at.. ..that face! What l don’t
understand is how you could.. ..trap such a lady with this face? l did not trap her, she’s the one
who has trapped me. Don’t believe.. ..them Ratnam. For money, they
are playing with our lives. You are talking too much. You did
all this for her wealth and.. ..now you are trying to blame us. l have not done it for money. That means it is ‘love
at first sight’! Just stop this and listen
to what l am saying! l will tell her. You just wait. l can convince my wife.
You please wait! l said l will tell her!
Just move aside! l said l am talking. Why are
you interfering ? l said move aside! l said that l
will tell her the true story. Look here sister, your husband
has trapped her. As a man.. ..l can understand that. l don’t know
whether it is for love or for money! She is now forcing him to marry
her. You will be in .. ..a lot of trouble if he rejects
her! Do you want all that mess? Look here sister, keep aside your
anger and listen to me carefully. She is very rich. She has a
lot of AC cars and houses. You are very fortunate that she
fell in love with your husband. Before she escapes, marry her
to your husband and demand.. ..a lot of money. Do you
understand? As a brother.. ..l am advising you. Look her mister, if you neglect
her for your new wife l will not.. ..tolerate it!. Sister, if he
hurts you, just call me! Come soon. The time
for marriage is nearing. Don’t worry sister. l am not going to come at any cost. don’t believe
any of this, Ratnam! Do you think l cannot
understand your drama? l am not acting Ratnam. All this
is the drama played by them. No! lt is the truth. You are
having an affair with her. Affair!! Why are you playing with
my life? Tell me. Playing? l do not know anything.
Please don’t cry.. ..Ratnamala please! l did
not do it! Believe me! All this is a game
that she is playing! You are scared for nothing.
Just listen to me! You are a cheater! You cheated me! Nothing has happened.
Believe me Ratnam! You cheated me! l want to die! Ratnam no! Please don’t do that.
Please Ratnam! Just wait. l will immediately go to madam
and let you know the truth. You are a cheater! l will bring madam here and
prove my innocence. Please.. ..harm yourself in any way,
for my sake please! You have come at the right time.
The priest is waiting for us. What a dress you are wearing for
the wedding! Just look at Bablu. ..how neatly he dressed! Madam Meghana, please stop this
wicked game. Ratnam is.. ..also very depressed. l am unable
to fight with you. Please leave me. What is this Nandu? Why are
you talking like that? Can’t you understand
a woman’s heart? Please don’t say that.
l will touch your feet. Nandu, l will touch your feet.
Please don’t reject me. Please don’t say no. l do not have
anyone in life. l am alone. l know madam, you lost your
mother in childhood. Every one looked at
you like a treasure. Nobody has ever recognized
me as myself. l know that, but l am married.
Please leave me. Say anything other than
that Nandu, please! lt is impossible! Can’t you
understand that it is impossible? Since l am begging you,
don’t you feel great? Do you think l will marry
you if you force me? Won’t you? l would not. l am going. Go. The inspector is waiting
for you outside. What can he do? Arrest me? Ok,
l am prepared for that as well! Then what happens to your Ratnam? My Ratnam is very strong minded.
She can live on her own. What about the girl you adopted?
Have you ever thought.. ..about her? Do you know how
her classmates tease her? Your father is a bad boy. When she enters into adulthood,
no one will marry her.. ..because of you! What? Her father was arrested
on the charge of rape! We would .. ..have never come here,
had we known it earlier! She enters middle age
without marriage and if she.. ..asks you why you did all this
to her, what will you say to her?. With depression, she may even commit
suicide. ls that what you want? Now coming to Ratnamala.
What an horrible life .. ..she has to live. lf you really
love them both, then though.. ..it is difficult for you,
you will marry me. Husband of the chairperson of
the J P Group, you have to.. ..come home this evening. l am not accepting this as a
marriage nor you as my wife! Happy married life. How fortunate
you are? l have.. ..married thrice, none of them
were so rich. Sir, your scooter. Sir forgot to take
his scooter, madam. Bring it to the guest house. Wish you a happy
married life, madam. When you come to the guest house
take your money also. Meghana. Uncle, when did you come? Just an hour back. Why didn’t you informed
me about your arrival? You haven’t informed us
about your marriage.. ..When compared to it, l thought
my arrival is not a big thing. So, you came to know everything. A little late. Where is the groom? Will come at some time. Do you think that a married man with
a daughter, will come to you? What l was about to say is… l don’t want to hear it! Do not
search for logic in this. Look here Meghana, what
l am saying is…. My behavior is abnormal. l
will face the results also. Don’t give lectures in this
matter. l cannot listen now. l am returning to Mumbai tonight.
May l ask you when will you return? l will come in two or
three days. You go ahead. What have you put on your forehead?
From where did .. .. you get these petals
on your head? Actually Ratnam, in a confusing
situation l have….. Did you marry her? Marriage. No, nothing like that. Oh my God! You have ruined my life! Ratnam, please don’t cry. l
will be scared if you cry! You rogue! Why did you ruin my
life? Did l ever cheat on you? What did you say while going? What? Didn’t you tell me that you will
bring her? Come on, tell me! Please don’t hit me! Right from morning, everybody
is pushing me .. ..around like a foot
ball! Ratnamala! Ratnam, please open the door!
l cannot live without you! Please do not harm yourself in
Anyway! Please open the door! Ratnam, if you do not open the
door, l will break the door.. .. and come inside. Open the door!
Open it! Open it! Open it! Ratnam, please don’t go! What
will happen to me if you .. ..leave me? Think about our
daughter, Ratnam. Please don’t go. Move away! Please stop, Ratnam. Don’t go! Leave me! Don’t go, Ratnam.
– l said, leave me! Please don’t, Ratnam. Don’t go! lt is not for me! lt is for you! For me? Ratnam, please open the door.
Believe me, l am innocent! Get away from here Just listen.
– Get out! Ratnam, no one else knows
about this till now. Please do not make it
an issue for the public! Ok Ratnam. Take care of the child.
Every office sends you for.. ..outstation visits. Do not worry
about it. l’ll be back in two days. l am going out on
an outstation visit. She was upset about that! Where are you going?
– Anakapally. l think your office does not have
any branch at Anakapally. lt was opened recently. Are you going by bus or by train? By train. There is no train to Anakapally
at this hour. lf not, l will go by bus. lt will be a difficult journey,
if you are so uncertain. l have started in a hurry. l have observed that since last
night.. By the way, why did.. ..the police inspector pay
a visit to your house? He was searching
some other address! l am always sitting in front of the
house like a traffic policeman! Why did he come to your house,
without asking me? Somebody showed him my house.. .. when he asked for Gopala
Krishna’s home. He went away when l said
that l am Nanda Gopal. Gopala Krishna’s house is in the
next lane. Why didn’t he go there? Ok, let it be. Who knows why
the police make a visit? For how many days is your camp? Two days. Such a big suitcase for two days? lt also contains files and papers. lt seems that you have not slept
last night! Don’t sleep.. ..during the journey. The
suitcase may be stolen. Bye sir, auto… Slowly sir, be careful. Let’s go. – Where do you want
to go sir. – Anywhere?. How can l start without
knowing where to go sir? Go to the graveyard. Ok, then. Sir l want to ask you one thing.
Where do you suggest l.. ..perform my father’s last rites?
At Kashi or at the banks of Ganga? lt will be better if you
perform it at Anakapally. Sorry, what did you ask for? Here only. Stop! What’s this? Why are you getting
down on the rear side of the house? Take this. Sir, change. l don’t have
change for fifty! Thanks. Give me my suitcase. ls this your house sir? Yes. Why? Leave. Now l understood.
– What? We are sailing in the same boat.
l also doubt my wife.. Then? You have given me a brilliant idea.
l will also say that.. .. l am going for work
and then l’ll enter.. ..from the back door and
watch her behavior! Why are you sitting here? Go
in quickly! Who knows what.. .. is happening there!
Go in, go in quickly! Why did you come here? Nandu, today is our first night.
l am sending Bablu to bring you. l will not come. Get
out of my house! Madam is calling you.
– l will not come. Go away! Madam is calling you. Which madam? l am not coming. What is happening? Don’t read that letter. Leave,
you rascal! Leave me! Shut up! Please, don’t read it! Leave me! Ratnam! Get out you idiot!
l am not coming! Leave me! Come on l say! Come with me. Leave me! Put me down! l
am not going with you. lnstead of sitting there, why don’t
you help me in preparing this batter? ‘This gives a lot of
pleasure, my dear.’ ‘This is the pleasure
of company, my dear.’ ‘l cannot endure this desire,’ ‘Don’t be late, come, come, come!’ ‘This gives a lot of
pleasure, my dear.’ ‘This is the pleasure
of company, my dear.’ ‘The spring is calling us,
come along with me.’ ‘ln that case l surrender
to your beauty.’ ‘Bring your body close to mine
and let me feel your heat!’ ‘My body, mind, heart and
soul are already yours!’ ‘This gives a lot of
pleasure, my dear.’ ‘This is the pleasure
of company, my dear!’ ‘My dear, your appearance
gives me pleasure.’ ‘Let one half of me merge
with one half of you!’ ‘Let us get full enjoyment
in this act of love!’ ‘Do you know that this is
how love develops fast.’ ‘This gives a lot of
pleasure, my dear.’ ‘This is the pleasure
of company, my dear.’ Nandu, it is 12 o’clock. Till
when do l have to request you? l will not eat. l am unable to eat, if you don’t. Why is that? Look here, this way of talking
impressed me very much. lt is my misfortune. Ok. l will eat. We should not surrender in life.
We should fight. l may.. ..fall in to your trap
if l am hungry. l will talk with you
after dinner. Why are you feeling so bad Nandu.
Second marriages are.. .. very common. You will be able
to adjust within a few .. ..days. l will convince Ratnamala. You can stay with her for three
days of the week. l will give.. ..her how much ever money she
asks for! l will also give this .. ..building and car to her!
Take any amount for your.. ..orphanage. But please don’t
reject this marriage, Nandu. Please! lf you are trying to buy us with
your wealth, it is impossible.. ..l will never surrender
to you! Will you stop these movie dialogues? l am not going to stay
here even for a minute! Where are you going, Nandu? Why? Do you want to
bring me here again? l was worried where you would sleep. What kindness? You do not understand. My heart
is as smooth as butter. Go and store it in the refrigerator.. ..otherwise many lives like
mine, will be flooded! What a sense of humor! Where are you going? Home?
Will Ratnamala allow you in? l will sleep in any park! You have not eaten anything
or slept since yesterday. Anyway, you had your dinner here.
Why don’t sleep here only? ..l am reminding you of your theory
only. With a nice sleep.. ..you will regain all your energy.
We can talk tomorrow. Go and sleep in the guest room. l will not sleep in a guest room.
l am going to sleep on this sofa. Ok. Do as you wish. lf not today,
there is tomorrow.. ..if not tomorrow, it will
be the day after tomorrow! Good catch! Tom and Jerry. Nandu….. Where were you last night? You were
not there in the morning also. l had to go on office work urgently.
l am just coming directly.. ..from the office. By the
way, where is your lunch box? Mother didn’t give it . Why? l don’t know. She was crying
throughout the night and in.. ..the morning also. Why
is she crying, father? Your mother is big coward. She is
Scared, even of cats and lizards. Say that once again, father. Just show mummy
who is behind you! Mummy, daddy is imitating
you very well. How many times have l told
you not to eat chocolates.. ..before lunch? Come on, eat. You eat, baby. Why are you scolding the baby,
if you are angry with me? Don’t say anything in front of
baby. Why have you come here? l came to see the baby. l wanted
to ask her how you are! There is no relation between us any
more. Don’t ever show me your face! What is this Ratnam? l don’t like it if you meet the baby
also. Please get out from here. Why should l? This is not right.
l am not going to.. ..listen to you any more. Whatever
you may say, this is my house.. ..you are my wife and she is our
child. l will come and stay.. ..there only. Do whatever you can! ls it final?
– Yes. Then l know what to do. What will you do? Tell me. l will take poison if you
come to us, l swear. ‘Our hero has laid a
ladder to reach the sky!’ ‘He has bitten the dust because
his plans did not succeed1’ ‘He is moving alone in the streets
like one bitten by a snake1’ ‘With the pain in his heart, about
not knowing how to take his life ahead!’ ‘He got more confused as his
tensions in life increased!’ ‘Our hero has laid a
ladder to reach the sky! ‘Why should the knife feel the itching
that the tuber does not feel?’ ‘The secrets have been made public.’ ‘He could not enter his own home! ‘Our hero has laid a
ladder to reach the sky!’ ‘His boss is an opportunist
who ate up his life.’ ‘His wife is a devoted
woman but rejected him.’ ‘He was caught between those
two and praying to God.’ ‘Our hero has laid a
ladder to reach the sky!’ What happened, Major? Why did
you call us? Any war situation? Uncle, can’t you remember
anything except war when .. ..you see military people? What is the matter? We all are relatives of J.P. Not
only are we the directors of .. ..the JP Group, but also well
wishers. We do have some.. ..responsibilities. But Meghana
is behaving peculiarly. What did she do? Our Meghana got married in
Hyderabad. That too ,to a .. ..married person! All this is a
game she is playing. l think you can understand the
purpose behind this behavior. ls this true? You can ask the person who
returned from Hyderabad yesterday. lt is true that she is married? Excuse me. Why did you come here? l want to show you our
marriage photos. How slim you use to be?
Just look at you now! You ruined my life first
and now you are showing sympathy? Why don’t you understand me dear?
As an lndian woman,.. ..l will respect you as my God.
You are my God. Please .. ..give me a little place at your
feet. l will spend the rest of my.. ..life in your service. This style
doesn’t suit me. Am l right? Let’s come to the point. We
will drop this show now.. ..including the marriage. All
this is very irritating for me. Loving you? How shameful on
my part. That is why l have.. ..decided to reveal the
truth to Ratnamala also. Really!! ls it true? Yes it is. Then come on! Let’s go! l will tell the truth to Ratnamala
on one condition! l thought that. Suddenly, how
could you be so kind to me? lnstead of thinking that way, why
don’t you listen to what l say? There will be a reason
behind every action of mine. Yes, for your convenience. Come home, we will discuss it in
detail. lf you do what l say.. ..then l will unite you and your
wife. Think about it deeply. l don’t need your help. l know
how to get my wife back. That is why you are circling
around your colony? lf you listen to what l say.. ..the next minute, you will be
in your house with your wife. Why should l listen to you?
l am not going to come .. ..to your house. l swear l will not. Came earlier than expected? There’s no need to tease me! Tell
me what are the conditions? Yaadamma! Very simple, within two hours
my company lawyers are .. ..are arriving from Mumbai.
You should sign wherever .. ..they ask you to, as my husband.
Without asking any questions. There’s no need to think so much.
There is nothing peculiar in this. Can l ask you what for? No. You shouldn’t even read the
papers before signing them. Now l understand, sir. J.P.! Hats off to you sir!
You are a genius, sir! Your father knew that you are
half crazy. He knows that.. ..the company would be lost if he
gave the full powers to you.. So he appointed some trusties, instead
of giving you the full authority! So what? How many films were made using.. ..this basic theme in
different languages? Rich father and headstrong daughter
and the power of attorney! Here, your father also wrote
a will that you will not get.. ..full authority, unless you
are married. Am l right? You are intelligent. Then
why did l marry you? Because l am a gentleman. The total
property will be in.. ..both our hands! You will give me
a choice between Ratnam and riches. Automatically l will choose
Ratnam and you will get the riches! You have chosen your sacrificial
goat very wisely! All these days, l thought you are
a crackpot but you are a crook! Will you stop your analysis? l want
to know, will you sign or not? l will definitely sign. What if l don’t give you the
property after signing? Do you want to be arrested for
killing your wife for a rich lady? Sorry madam, just a slip of tongue.
l will sign wherever.. ..you want and leave. But madam
our marriage is illegal. ..so how could my
signature be valid? lt is not necessary for you. You
sign and give me my property.. ..l will give back your Ratnam
to you. Mean while, have your.. ..breakfast and freshen up.
l have kept out a suit for you.. ..in the guest room. Wear it! ‘My wife is as beautiful
as Bapu’s doll.’ ‘She forgot her anger
and came smiling to me.’ ‘My heart got caught in her cheeks’. ‘Will she return to
me draped in jasmines?’ ‘My wife is as beautiful
as Bapu’s doll.’ ‘She forgot her anger
and came smiling to me.’ ‘You hid a lot of pearls
in your smiles.’ ‘lf they drop down in the form of
your words, l will collect them.’ ‘ln the words that your
shining eyes speak..’ ‘..l waited day and night
like a floral bed.’ ‘l cannot go to sleep
without your kiss.’ ‘And return all these days’
kisses with interest!’ ‘My desires bloomed for you.’ ‘And l will serve my beauty
with interest, come to me.’ ‘Your sari appears new.’ ‘lt is the moonlight in
which flowers blossom.’ ‘Then you can decorate your hair
with flowers, whenever we want.’ ‘My wife is as beautiful
as Bapu’s doll.’ ‘She forgot her anger
and came smiling to me.’ ‘ln all the past nights when l
could not excitedly come to you’ ‘l suffered due to lack
of a moment’s sleep.’ ‘O my short tempered honey!’ ‘l will embrace you so that
all your anger gets cooled.’ ‘l must reach you so that all
my wishes are fulfilled!’ ‘l you give me a kiss, l will
satisfy all your wishes.’ ‘We will not get back
such a nice time again!’ ‘We are getting back memories
of our honeymoon.’ ‘Our fancies have bloomed
like the marigolds.’ ‘My wife is as beautiful
as Bapu’s doll.’ ‘She forgot her anger
and came smiling to me.’ ‘My heart got caught in her cheeks!’ ‘Will she return to me
draped in jasmines?’ ‘My wife is as beautiful
as Bapu’s doll.’ ‘She forgot her anger and
came smiling to me.’ Will you sign the papers? Sir, will you study the
papers before signing? No need. l will sign. Ok madam, we will take care
of all the other matters. Thank you. Madam come on, l will bring
the car. Let’s go. Where? Let us go and tell everything
to Ratnam. Why you? She is originally angry
with us. Now if both of.. ..us go there, she may not
believe what we are saying! Yes madam, she thinks that all
this is a part of my plan. So, l will go there and explain
everything to her in detail. Ok? Ok. Will she believe? When l could convince her with lies,
can l not do so with the truth? Bablu, the car. l am Meghana. Hi sweetie, cute girl. What do you want? l want your signature
on these papers. For what? These are divorce papers that
your husband has sent. Divorce? Why didn’t he come? He could not show his face to you. l won’t believe you! What right
do you have to come between us? You have trapped him and married
Him! l don’t believe.. ..anything! This marriage is
illegal! l will go to court!. Even then you cannot stop us.
Can you erase the love.. ..your husband has for me?
Don’t be angry, Ratnamala! You will get nothing, even
if you go to court. lf you have such confidence in
my husband, why do you want.. ..me to sign the divorce papers?
Both of you live happily. Just now you said, you would go
to court. How do l believe.. ..that you wouldn’t
do so in the future? As a precautionary measure,
l want these signatures. l am not going to sign any papers.
First tell him to come. lt seems that you still believe he is
lnnocent! lt is a waste to hide it now! The letter, the lnspector
and the hurried marriage… Don’t you think they are all arranged?
All this is a game played by us. l doubted this right from the
beginning. Both of you .. ..intentionally cheated me. Why?
Tell me why did you do this to me? l do not have the right to seek
forgiveness after giving you.. ..so much pain! But please
Ratnamala don’t try to come.. ..between us! l am requesting you.
l am asking you to sign.. ..these papers because l fear
you would try to separate us. Otherwise it is not a problem
for me to be his second wife. Both of us cannot live
without each other! Don’t separate us, Ratnamala!
l beg you! Please! Please, Ratnamala… Don’t talk! Listen to me! Don’t say a word to me!
l don’t know what l will do. You want my signature, isn’t it? Take it and get out from here! Get out! Does she still believe
that all this is real? She wants a divorce from you. Divorce? l am trying to convince
her since three days! Now she wants a divorce from me?
What is she thinking about her? Cool down Nandu, just listen
to me! Wait for another week. l have waited enough. Distance
increases with days. l must go! Please Nandu, wait! The problem
will lncrease, if you go there. Both of you are infuriated. Nandu,
please listen to me! l have to go. All this has happened
because of you!. You will never live peacefully! Ratnam. What is this Mr. Gopal? Do you know
how much pain you gave her? Will you please shut up? Why should he? Do you think
you can do whatever.. ..you want and nobody
will question you? You just sit down, baby,
l am talking. Who are you to talk between us? What you are thinking? l will kill you if you don’t
listen to me, understand? Look uncle, how he is talking? What will he do in this matter? Look here, do you know it is illegal
to marry more than one woman? Will you stop that? She is out
of her mind. l expect you to.. .. have some common sense. l am not out of my mind. ls it not
true that you married Meghana? ls it not true that you sent the
divorce papers to me? What? Did l send you divorce
papers? Are you mad? Gopal, this is the truth. l saw
the whole thing. Meghana .. ..came here and asked Ratnamala
to sign the divorce papers. Those papers were sent by Ratnamala. Look here uncle, now he
is trying to blame me! Trying to blame you? Nonsense!
You sent them to me. No. You sent them to me so that you
can live happily with that Meghana. l said l didn’t send them. How many
times l should repeat this? From where did they come if
you didn’t send them? Shut up! Do you want to hit me? Go ahead! Cool down, both of you!. You just sit down! Now tell me! l did not send the papers. Both of you didn’t send them.
Then who sent them? She played this game. She said
to me that she will tell.. ..the truth to Ratamala. And here,
she turned the scene against me. That means, everything
she said is….. A lie! Everything that was
happening is a lie. She did.. ..all this to have her wealth back.
She used me as a sacrificial goat. l was telling you from the beginning!
But you didn’t believe me! Look what has happened now? Your
short temper has ruined our lives! l have made a
big mistake. Sorry. You are my life Ratnam. l don’t understand one thing.
Why did she tell a lie which.. ..does not stand once
both of us meet? May be she thought we
would never meet again. Who are you? Dr. Vinod. l am a childhood friend
of J.P and a well-wisher of Meghana. What do you want? l want to talk to you. This marriage is not valid.
You can achieve nothing by .. .. blackmailing us. Now we
know what the truth is! Her intension was that only. She
wanted you to know the truth. She is leaving everything and
going. Going to a place where.. ..no one can find her.
She is dying. What are you saying? The truth. The truth which none of
you know! She has a very rare.. ..heart disease! Cardiomyopathy. The doctors have said that she will not
live more than three years! This is the last year. This disease has no cure. By signing the papers which
the lawyers gave you.. ..you officially became the
chairman of this company! What’s all this about? l will explain it. You know about
Mr. JP. He not only is a .. ..great business man but also
a social worker. He used to .. ..spend half his income for
the welfare of the poor. He started ..many schools, hospitals
and many other welfare .. ..organizations for the poor.
Suddenly he died. But Meghana took her father’s place
very efficiently. All the.. ..board of directors were JP’s
relatives. But they.. ..did not want to lose half the
income in the name of charity. They were unable to appreciate
her decisions. Meghana feared that these welfare
organizations will.. ..suffer after her death. So she
decided to choose an eligible.. ..person who could look after
the company and these welfare ..organizations. To make him
the chairman legally, she .. ..needed to marry him. She
observed many people. But ..no one was up to her
expectations. She was very.. ..depressed. At that time, she
saw the file which you had sent.. ..to her father. She read that. Uncle, just read his thesis! His
thinking is just like my father’s! She was thrilled. Do you know uncle, his salary
is only 8000. But he donates ..25% of it to charity homes! After that, she gathered
information about your .. ..personal life. You know, he has adopted an orphan
girl. He is amazing! l am waiting for a guy like this.
He is the right one.. ..to take over my position as
the chairman of this company. But she was worried about two
things. The first is, how to build.. .. a relation with a married man?
The second, if you become so rich.. ..suddenly, will your attitude
change? l advised her not to.. ..bother about these tensions.
But she took her decisions. He should become the chairman of this
company. That’s all. l want him. Fearing that l will stop her, she
kept it as a secret from me also. She came to Hyderabad and you
know the story after that. She dismissed you, tested
you and married you. What about those divorce papers? lt was a ploy to unite both of you. You will understand everything if
you listen to this cassette. Ratnamala, l don’t even have the
right to seek forgiveness. But l think, by this time you
know the situation in which.. ..l did that. You may think that
l could have asked for help.. ..explaining the situation. But
would Nanda Gopal have accepted .. ..marrying me, had l told him the
truth? That is why l married.. ..him in that manner. l gave
him the real test after the.. ..marriage. l tried in every
possible way to check whether ..he will stick to his principles
or not. He showed his stable.. ..character by rejecting
me and my wealth. My search was over. l
found the right person ..for my company. My next duty
was to unite both of you. For that l played the divorce
drama. You are the only .. ..woman in his life. Our marriage
is restricted only to papers! That too is valid only if you
accept it! l hope you will.. ..Co-operate with the new
chairman of the J.P. group. l want to meet her. She is not here. She said she will
meet you when the time comes. There is a saying that health is
wealth. So every exercise is.. ..designed to protect that health.
Can we stop death with exercise? Thank you. ln 2001-2002 our
company turnover had .. ..increased by 40% where
as this year it was 80%. l achieved this only because of
your co-operation! Coming to.. ..the welfare organizations, we can
allot a bigger amount this year.. With that money l want to establish
a hospital in the.. ..name of Meghana at Hyderabad.
Thank you. Did you bring my chocolate?
– Yes dear. Here it is. Thank you. Come on uncle,
let us play. Come on, baby. Come on. Wait. Let me put her diaper on. Do you think she is our madam? We have to wait for a few
years more to know that. No doubt, she is our madam.

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