Miss Trudy is already learning how to cook Ghanaian food- fufu and bush meat

miss Trudy is already learning how to cook Ghanaian food fufu and bush meat things are getting more serious and Trudy is already learning how she can keep her man happy they say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach and miss Trudy understands this clearly surely miss Trudy will be the one to keep WOD Maya's belly full especially when she can fully understand how to make Ghanaian food a number of fans who managed to catch a glimpse of miss Trudy since she arrived back from Nigeria say they have seen her buying West African food at supermarkets in Nairobi although East Africans are usually snobs when it comes to food and many will not even try to eat bush meat some fans say that miss Trudy is open to eating and preparing bush meat bush meat is very popular in Nigeria Ghana and many West African countries but frowned upon in East Africa especially Kenya in Kenya the staple food is niamh oma and ugly or cornmeal bread bocalee is quite similar to Ghanaian fufu and the preparation looks similar so many Kenyans would be open to trying it it's bush meat especially the rodents and bush rats that many Kenyans would not try miss Trudy has already tried fufu and apparently already knows how to prepare it but Ghanaian YouTube in-laws insist that she must learn how to prepare bush meat and Ghanaian jollof rice however Ghanaian slay Queen sugar titi has already criticized miss Trudy saying that she doubts miss Trudy knows how to cook and prepare Ghanaian meals which could become a big problem if she marries wad Maya so it's refreshing and reassuring to learn too miss Trudy is determined to learn the craft of cooking and preparing Ghanaian food especially as we all know that wat Maya has a big appetite and loves his West African food may the good Lord continue to bless miss Trudy in WOD Maya and make their love even stronger ladies and gentlemen let us all continue to support our favorite lovebirds many thanks and God bless you all

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  1. Miss Trudy is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure a lasting relationship and merge the gap between East and West. She is determined to learn so she can keep her beloved happy.

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