Ministerial Youth Advisory Group | Registrations Open for New Members | Education New Zealand

As a young Pacific person it’s always been important for me to decolonise our education system. As a young person from a rural community, we don’t necessarily see what all the other kids do in the urban cities. Even with the most impairment you can still join and be included. If you’re a young Māori or Pasifika person, even from a rural area. Come join the YAG (Youth Advisory Group) it’s the best thing for you. Don’t even hesitate. Tēnā tātou, we are the Youth Advisory Group Compassion Aroha Strategic Open minded The diversity of the Youth Advisory Group, is its beauty and our difference is it’s what we celebrate. We need your unique voices on the Youth Advisory Group. So even though you may think that your voice doesn’t mean much it means a lot.

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