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hello this is from bee and welcome to a minecraft let's play video and the video inside of stampy's a lovely world good morning Bebo where is he where is he oh no this physique good morning fizzy good morning Paulie and always heard was several different looking at pulling their pulleys up there don't know where William is but he will show up at some point today I'm sure not only like I look around here and he pops up from from somewhere where is he oh you should have liked well you needed to do William is wear the same color clothes as like the building in the background and then you could have like blended in perfectly but maybe maybe save that for for another day anyways you can see we have the whole gang here and that is because we're playing a a brand new minigame and one which I am dreading playing and also really looking forward to play because it's something completely different anything we've done before and it's gonna be quite the journey I promise you that wherever it could be good or bad today is gonna be quite the journey but first exhaust let me go and of course go and have my breakfast no delicious bottome you can sign up and you can join me and before we go into my teleporter and head over to the the Puntland I am of course gonna go and add a somebody a to my love garden and the person I'm adding to my luck on today Lizzy and the reason I'm adding Lizzy is because she drew this picture of absolutely loads of my minecraft helpers and Barnaby as well down there and you can see that as you did them on a bunch of different pieces of paper and then stuck them all in and I think they look absolutely fantastic you can even see by lunar friends down there at the bottom as well so thank you so much for doing that Lizzy and welcome to my love guarded look at that by like 7up recording I can see like the the wave form which is basically like kind of the the volume of my my voice on my screen and I just saw like the bit when I went just look really really weird just like a big a long straight line where it's already going up and down all over the place anyway I mean distracted so of course because we played a a mini game I'm gonna be joined by Duncan and mittens so Duncan you can stand up here and Barnaby you can sit down there next to Luna maybe catch up you know keep up to date with all of the gossip because I don't want that a beater to miss out scene is he's normally spending time with me in the the bedroom you know I don't want him to feel like he's not involved of all of the the goings on like I like to think that hello mittens like there's like a whole kind of like story that goes over all of the dogs I have no idea about you know like maybe Cory said something about sherbert and then flip II heard about it and then they told Luna and it was this whole big thing I like to think that there's just loads of stuff just going on between them all that I just don't hear about and that's just there there are little lives that we we leave them to like their own cut a little soap opera that they live by themselves anyway right then let's go into the teleporter this will get us pretty much a right to where we need to be at the final what are you doing there just like a tacit of poor squid that one sits down here I guess I guess my helpers don't like squid good – a good thing – I don't know they leave like ink here for ages look at that didn't know they did that anyway sorry getting distracted once again into the teleporter and yeah the sooner we start playing the game for the better well then let's go ender and teleport off to the fun land I think I should be probably it just about there by now so we will go and upload a preserve all that was really dangerous I need teleport off somewhere else who all opening the door at the same time but all was good and where do we build this thing sit over here okay it's not good so this isn't a very high game it's all pretty flat and it makes it I don't know where it is I literally just built this thing and I can't remember where it is that's good there's two parts to this minigame part number one is find where the minigame is and then part number two is to actually play the minigame oh here it is here it is I can see a jukebox it's kind of hidden behind this absolutely enormous game here and this is it it is called music master and let me quickly explain the rules because they sound complicated at first but I think after the first round will all be clear so basically there are four different roles so you can see them along here there's the maker the Menace the minder and the master and so this is the the way it works so everyone's gonna go inside over of this room here they're gonna press this button and it's gonna fire out a random piece of wool for example this one is the the orange one which would mean I would be the the Menace and so that's kind of the way that the the roles are decided and then basically they all have different objectives that they need to do so for example the master they stand in the the middle of the arena and they basically need to watch what everyone else is doing they need to try and work out who is who and then at the end of the game everyone's gonna stand in a row they're gonna put different kind of wool over their head and then everyone's gonna reveal who they really are and we'll see whether they get it right if the master gets it right they win and then there is the music maker they are gonna start off by taking four music discs which are in a chest down here and then their job is they need to play each of these jukeboxes once when that happens the light turns on and then at the end of the game they need to not be identified as being the music everyone's a cookie and they need to be not be identified as being a music maker basically they need to get away with playing the music discs without anyone seeing who they are so they need to try and be as sneaky and as stealthy as they as they can the Menace is gonna be working on the same side as the music maker so they basically need to be a big distraction so they could maybe pretend to be the music maker or they could literally just get in the face of the music master and try and block them and basically they win once all of the the music jukeboxes have been played and then if the they get it wrong at the end the the music master then they basically win so they're kind of on the same team as their maker and then the last role is the music minder and theirs is quite simple basically all they need to do is they need to go and take the the jukebox the music discs out of the jukebox and throw them to the the master and they need the master to identify everyone at the end so they just want to be very obvious who they are and basically make it very clear that they're the ones throwing the the music's back but of course they won't know which jukebox is being played they need to work that out as well and they also want to make sure that the the Menace doesn't pretend to be them because if the Menace pretends to be thrown back the troupe the music discs or you know actually does throw them back to pretend her to be the minder you know then they might be kind of identified wrong so if that doesn't make sense don't worry it will all begin to make sense as we go under and start playing the game so write them um it's kind of a a game that needs to be played in silence so once everyone selected their their roles we all kind of need to mute ourselves so we can't hear each other and then we can go into the actual gamer itself and begin playing so fizzy seems you're at their the doorway do you want her to go inside so press the the button in order to get you know the the color that you are to find out what your role is if you're the music maker you also need to grab the the jukeboxes as well and if you're the master are you grab the the other wall so the idea is is no one is able to know who everyone else is unless you are the music master and the music master needs to stand in the middle so everyone's gonna kind of know who they're the music master isn't oh okay so looks like William beaver is the the music master so he's the only one who can really show their color wall at the beginning so Williams job is to try and work out who everyone else's job is so looks like everyone else is something so I am there the last one to go so let's go and press the button I'm also now going to to mute my mic so when I get into the the arena guys that means that the the game has began okay because they're not gonna hear a word that I say so right then I have now muted myself there we're gonna mute each other as well and looks like I am orange which means yes this is the best one this means arm the Menace which means I basically meter to try and just cause chaos and make sure the music maker win so right then I am now in the the arena I need her to try and keep an eye on what everyone else is doing and I kind of want to try and work out who is who so I'm basically working on the the same side as the the music maker but I don't know who the the music maker is and then William is just spinning around her inner inner circle and go crazy so I might just I might try and pretend that I'm playing a music disc when the the actual music maker does play a music disc because I kind of want to be accused of being something that I'm not and then that way though the music maker will win so it looks like Polly is the the music maker by the looks of things so what I wanted to do is I might've run around with Polly and maybe try and look like I'm kind of playing a music disc at the same time that she is but it's really really scary because you have to hold the music even if it's already four for a second and that could be really really confusing and then yes as you can see busy is trying to throw back the music's open look I can do it look at this if I do this I can now pretend to be the music binder because I was able to get the music discs first so right now might be able to trick and and try and make it out as if I am the the minder so so I guess that I could have done is I could have then try to really obviously played that music disc in order to to then I basically go and you know to make it look like I am the music maker so then I kind of need her to commit to my role that I have pretended to be now but yeah hopefully this is going to be enough because for the music master and the the the music minder to win they need to identify everyone so not just their the music maker they need to absolutely identify who everybody is and they need to get a hundred percent right so William hopefully now isn't a hundred percent sure who is who hopefully they're they're not sure whether it is fizzy or me are the the music minder and we will be able to mess things up a little bit and oh I need I think William probably does know that Polly is the music maker I love her she's like sidestepping around the place like well I'm just here an apple I'm just here who's playing music I'm just Harry to get wouldn't look in the other way so another trick that you can do as the music master is you can look in third person view and I'll know fizzy was able to get it physio happy so what you could do is you can look in third person view so you could pretend to be looking in one direction but instead be going in third person and so I don't if that was what William was doing there but he was standing very very and I do think that he's probably at some point seen that Polly is there the person playing the the music but I just don't know whether he's been able to work out between fizzy and me which one of us are the you know is the actual music minder and which is the the Menace I think he might just trust me more because I feel like oh all the lights on twice well and it looks like William does have all four of the music discs as well so this is the this is basically their the end of it so this should be the the end of the the round so what we need to do now is we all need to go and stand in a row around here no one hold their colored wool yet so William you need to go and put above our heads who you think is who so remember that the the blue is the minder orange is the Menace and red is the the maker so he's gonna go and place the ruler above our head for who he thinks her is is who and if he gets them all correct then him and the the mind or whoever that is is going to end up winning their the round and if he doesn't get it occur correct and then that means that the the Menace and the the maker would be the the winner so everyone now hold whatever colour wool they were and we'll see whether they were all right and they were he was able to get them absolutely perfectly right well done William Deever did to me but I think I could have done better I think I should have pretended to have been the maker as well I think I wasn't very good I wasn't very obvious at being what I what I was I think maybe I should have pretended to be another maker and that might have ended up confusing him a little bit more but that was awesome you did so good then William that was absolutely perfect and you may be loved so much you try to be so subtle just walking around eating an apple going for a jog it was so so funny right then everyone put their wool back into the the the dropper there should be one color of each wall in there and then if we just put all of the the rest of the wall down in the the chests which is fill to help refer with cookies and so whoever is going to be the master in there the next round is gonna be that so all four of them are in there we need a two owner one more bit of water to be putting the chest down there and I guess whoever the master can grab the cookies as well just so they have something to to chew on while there's in the middle so right then we basically need to do the the exact same thing again so if you were one-by-one go inside of the the room be very very careful to to not give away what you are so make sure you're not holding the the wall when you come back out keep it far away in your pocket so no one's gonna find it I first though the reset button I said that's gonna go and and turn this up and what's going to turn the the music up cuz I normally have the the music down a little bit in the game so let's just go and turn this way way way up so then I'm definitely going to hear it when the music begins to go and and get played so oh yeah what's everyone's gone and got their their new positions I remember it is completely random so I mean there is a chance that we could all end up being the exact same roles again I mean we have no idea what we're going to end up being so there is a chance that I might end up being the same role that I was last time but and if that is completely random so it might all be switched around so it looks like Holly and friend William but maybe they just both don't like their orzo is Willy I think William might be there Williams the master again well you know what you did so well last time the game obviously chose you to do it again let's see if you can make it to four to as the master right then I'm gonna go in here we do they're the same again I'm gonna mute my mic then whenever I enter the the arena that will be around two beginning right in so now no one can hear what I'm saying and it looks like I am oh I am different I am blue and so that means I and the the minder so let's go and put this in my my back pocket so what this basically means is my job is to do what fizzy did in the the last round so basically I need to to be the person who is getting all of the music discs back out and then returning them to the master so it is probably one of the more simple roles one of the tricky things is I need to really keep an eye out on who the the maker is and basically try to to make sure I'm the first person to get the music disc back so they don't think that I'm gonna be the the Menace or anything so yeah that's kind of one of my big things and also I want to do it very obviously I want the master to be able to see me I want to be very upfront and at the moment I'm guessing that Polly is the the maker I don't know she's looking very shifty and she keeps standing near the jukeboxes but then again she could be the Menace trying to look suspicious so that William thinks that she is the the maker so I really need her to keep an out the big thing is to say oh I think that was Pali I think that was pauly and oh no that is that is fizzy oh no he saw the music disc he only thought he played it again then he played it again right I need to I need to take OTO which one's playing is it not this one is it that one it's not letting me take the music disc out of it oh there's another one playing I'm getting so confused I'm getting so confused wait this knowledge is the one plane from here my roller code there's one plaintiff now there's another one play I'm just asking you so confuse right look I'm giving this to you are you snow Singh this that that's me giving it to you I'm being 100% honest I am on you hottie William but this is chaos is it okay this one was here let's go and grab this one did you see that William really watch watch look this is me giving it back to you and all no fizzy's got one give it to me fizzy give me the music disc give me I know it's not fake hey bizzy's doing well I probably should have done last round so fizzy is trying to be suspicious busy is the the Menace but he's trying to look like the maker so he's boys doing now is he's pretending to look like he doesn't want William to see him play the music but he actually does want William to see him playing though the music so he could even go and play on a jukebox that's already been played like it won't really affect anything he's just trying to be as sneaky as can be and I just need to go and bring all of these music dis back this is basically all I can do at this point and just hope that William is gonna go and do it as good as he did on the last rant because it's funny cuz last round I wasn't on ER on Williams team I was I was against William but this time I'm on Williams team and I actually want him to be able to get who everybody is but as you can see all of the the the music's haven't been played yet unless sir as their as the ones to struggle well once play now oh who was that all I was so tricky fizzy is doing an absolutely amazing job with this let's go and grab this music is no and it's gone throw this one back to William here and remember the round ends when the the music master has all four discs whether they've all been played or not you could get into a situation where there's no music discs left and all of them haven't been played just because if one gets played in the same one twice but like the game is oh is that all for that is all for okay so that is the end of the row and it looks like the winners are the the master and the the minder so we can all go into an lineup to reveal what we are but remember the maker needs to win once they've played all four jukeboxes so we kind of ended up in a situation where um where they weren't able to play them so feel free to go in to have a a guess anyway William no matter what you have have won the game because the the maker wasn't able to play all of the the music discs so he's just gonna go and grab the the other bits of wall and put them above our head so this is basically just for for fun now because as I said the game ends when the the master has all over the wall no matter whoever ruled the music discs have been played but that's just kind of one of the the the win requirements for the the maker and the the Menace is that they need to have them all played so this is who he thinks everyone is and I think he's right I think he's right yes he was able to get it right as well and I think William has showed that he is a very very capable music master and has got two for two victories and the good thing was is I was the minder so I was on your side that time so it counted as a victory for me as well so let's have one more go and let's hope that the the Rose get switched around a little bit more it's kind of one of the one of the things with the random one sometimes you do end up kind of getting different roles every time and sometimes you end up kind of lining up and getting there the same roles but I'm so glad I got to go being the Menace because being the Menace is blatantly the most fun one there is right then let's go for all of the the Waller inside of here the music discs are inside of there and then this Waller is inside of there and let me cut ahead in the video until everyone has selected all of their their roles and then we can jump straight back into the final round okay everyone has got their roles I'm the the last to go inside of here no one can hear what I'm saying right now and I am ready oh no I have the music maker which means I need to grab all of these music discs but I don't want anyone to see that I'm holding them let's uh let's kind of try and spread them out in my inventory and make sure I don't accidentally hold them so what this means is I need to play all four of these music discs and I don't want all Polly who is the the music master I don't want her to know that I am the the music maker so I need to be as he as possible when I am doing this and I need to find some way but it's so hard she's now just spinning in a circle I know I think William might be the Menace because William William just looked like he went to to go and play one I might pretend to be the Menace let me pretend to look like I'm trying to play them and try and make it look like Polly won't suspect me maybe if I just stand next to to William here like this we can work together I'm pretty sure we cleavers that matters you can say Polly just really staring right at Arthur I don't know what to do it yet because she's really watching let me baby run around here and then go back to its caring if I just drop it on the floor I have I traveled on the front then maybe William could pick it up and then maybe he could actually go and play it could be a good way to do it I don't know I don't know I just really I might should go and try and play one right this is – let's just do it okay I put one in I pull it in did Polly see me gonna fade up yeah I might well I might try and do is pretend to go and bring a music disc back and give it to Polly and then that way I could maybe um I could maybe get away by making myself look like the the minder the things I don't to get into a situation where I haven't played all four of the music discs because that would end up being a really bad situation for for me I know I didn't we said the light I didn't reset the light I need to reset the light I gotta press reset oh no oh no okay I've lost him using this because I forgot to reset the game it means I've ended up losing it I'm using this which means things are gonna end up even harder for for me right now but that's okay I can make this work I can make this work I'm just gonna have to to try and use one music disc twice if I can and Oh Polly's really not looking she was really not looking there right let me just go and try and grab this er this music back out I really need to get this music disc I got it okay this is good this is good so I still get a chance to win Hicks I was able to grab it again and Polly really isn't looking funny really isn't looking at Kay let me try and bring this music disc and throw it back to – Polly there you go Polly see I'm just your friendly music binder I'm just your friendly neighborhood music binder oh I think she must be so confused right now I think we've done a really good job at a confusing uh I just need to be really careful to make sure she's heard she's not looking would even just get in her face just blocking it just stand right her face William and they so she can't see is she looking in third person I don't know he just can't tell can you you just get I've tried to look to see if she's looking in third person or not I need to kind of go like when I'm kind of side on to her I think I don't know why I just played it in the same one okay I'm gonna have to bring this one back to her I'm going to bring this power you what I've done is I've lost track of which ones have played and which ones I haven't really because I've already got one left now and I need to make sure I keep out which ones I think I played this one so I definitely that one is one of these two that I haven't played I might go out of here I think I have played this one I think maybe this one over here is the only one I haven't played so let's go and make sure I grab this again cuz I might need to go and play another one I just hope she gets there okay the light hasn't gone on so maybe is it that one down there that I haven't played yet I'm not entirely sure I'm not entirely sure let's just go and play this one here and then let's see if I can get the music just back I need to get it okay I did get a music disc back okay I just need to play them I just need to play that well I think it's so obvious that I am the the Baker now but I just need to play the would ever just okay that is the light on and then let me go and give the music's back because I forgot to reset the game a little bit trickier because I had to use the same music destroys and then I just forgot what jukebox as I played that was literally I mean is there any round I've ever played is it but that was literally the worst round ever I think anyone is ever gonna play as the dough maker so yes Polly has absolutely no doubt that I'm the the maker no big surprise there but let's see what she says for everyone else because I believe I think that might be right but I'm not sure let's have everyone go and hold out what they they really are and that sir let's find out who is who and it looks like I was right Willian was right and that means by the process of elimination visi was the the music might as well I was rubbish wasn't I okay hear me out guys hear me out so first things first I forgot to reset the game and so that meant the light was already on then I had already used one music disc and thrown it back and then I had to reset it so I was down music discs so to try and collect them back again and then I was pretending to breathe the music minder and fro dis and then I lost track of which jukeboxes I'd played and which shook boxes I hadn't played and so they'd only and I was like let's just play them all and just hope Polly gets really confused and Polly is way too smart so glad that's over I just don't trust any of you now like these are my friends these are my help is that my friends I normally trust me with anything I just don't trust at all anymore because I've met these these secret lives for up there the last 20 minutes or so oh that was amazing so at some point in the future we will be coming back to to play this this game again in my Stumpy's fun dance series and yeah we can have a go playing around has been some of the different roles but I think I need a decent break from playing this game because that is intense definitely play a version of this game yourself if you want to build something like it because it is so much fun even without all of the the redstone it is so much fun but prepared be prepared to yet to lose your trust in it in all of your friends while doing so thank you so much for watching and I will see you all later

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