12 thoughts on “Minecraft Toys – CHEESE from PIGS? – Skolka & Polka MILK SCHOOL – Food Educational”

  1. ➡︎ ENGLISH SCRIPT ⬅︎ (PIGGY CHEESE! Skolka & Polka's MILK Discovery!)
    (POLKA) Skolka! Whatsapp? Would you like to eat lunch with me at my house?
    (SKOLKA) Great idea Polka! I'll bring something to eat and you bring something to drink. OK?
    (POLKA) Cool!
    (SKOLKA) See you soon!
    (POLKA) See you soon!
    (SKOLKA) Ooopah
    (POLKA) Skolka! Welcome! Look! I've got some milk to drink for our lunch.
    (SKOLKA) Milk? You mean that white liquid?
    (POLKA) Yeeees Skolka! It's cow's milk you know, and it's very good for us.
    Many animal mothers make milk for their babies. We even drink our own mother's milk when we are little!
    (SKOLKA) Yes, I know milk is a healthy drink, but look here! I brought some cheese for us to eat.
    (POLKA) That looks tasty Skolka! Which animal's milk is that cheese made from?
    (SKOLKA) Which milk? Cheese is made from milk? Whaaat! How?
    How can we turn liquid milk into solid cheese?
    (POLKA) Ha,ha,ha! We add BACTERIA to the milk and it separates into a solid and a liquid.
    (SKOLKA) Separates?
    (POLKA) Yeeeees, then we can pour away the liquid part and the solid part is the cheese!
    (SKOLKA) Wow! BACTERIA is ammaaaaaazing! But why is the cheese we eat hard?
    (POLKA) It gets hard if we leave it for a few days. If we also add some salt it becomes very, very tasty!
    (SKOLKA) So THAT is how cheese is made? That's so cool…
    Can we make cheese from any milk Polka?
    (POLKA) Yeeees, Skolka …like a cow …or goat… or even a PIG!
    (SKOLKA) I LOVE cheese Polka! Now let's enjoy our lunch of milk and cheese!
    Bon appetite Polka!
    (POlKA) Bon appetite Skolka!

  2. Thanks for providing these videos! My 3yr old daughter loves watching them & every time she finishes her chemotherapy session, i know which toys to buy her.

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