MINECRAFT HELLO NEIGHBOR & HIS BROTHER FIGHT 4 Basement Key |FGTEEV Scary Roleplay Games for Kids #2

I was in my house My mean-o neighbour was across the street Oh! it looks like he’s coming. He’s co- He’souse! STOP IT! Stop-Suh ! OH NO! I’m your brother . I have something to tell you I’m your brother! I’m your brother! Kill your brother I’m gonna tell my mother (o=-=o) It’s FT TV Hey neighbor Hey I’m the other neighbor I’m going to get in your house I will get in your basement and live there Neighbor: No you won’t dude Yes I will! Neighbor: No, I’m the best Yes! Don’t punch me bulb *record sound* What was that for! I was just playing a game! Whats up FT TV versus Chase! And today we are just gonna do a little Minecraft Hello Neighbor. I am the neighbors brother called Nother. …Neighbor Chase: Yeah I was gonna say another neighbor! Dad: That stands for neighbor brother. Dad: *Demonic voice*N O T H E R Dad: I have to try to get in his house, and uh, …get his key, to get into his basement with a crowbar, and… we’re just gonna have some fun, ro- C: AND A KEY CARD!! Dad: ….roleplaying… yes, and some key cards. Dad: Wait, where’s the key card? Dad: Ohhh! Okay, that’s it- Key card’s the lever? [Long pause with cricket noises.] Chase: Nooo…. Dad: No, but in here the key card is the key, right? Chase: It’s a lever. Dad: Yeah, it’s a lever. Cashe: Yeah. – Dad: That’s what I said ._. Chase: My other neighbor Other Neighbor: Hello He is gonna try to get in my house. Other Neighbor: Yes. Chase: But I know he won’t!!! Dad: Oh I am! Im coming right now! Dad: I shouldn’t have told you that. Chase: Im drinking my melky. *doorbell sound* [High speed running noise] Chase: Someone’s here! Chase: Uh huh! Chase: Huh…? Huh…? Huh…? Chase: Ok. Chase: Not there. Dad: Heheheh! Chase: Ok. Dad: *Demonic sounding* Hehehehe! Chase: I’m going to the bathroom. [Creepy Sound] Dad: Ahhhhhhh!!! Dad: I’m sorry! Dad: I heard a noise! Dad: I heard a noise, don’t hurt me! [Record Screech] Chase: Oh wait, hold on. [Sword Drawing Noise] Dad: Get out get out get out! Get out quick! Quick! Dad: Ahh!!! Dad: Cross the road, cross the road. Dad: Don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me. Dad: You can’t come over here, this is my side of the street. Dad: Ok, Hehe, hes going back. Dad: Now I go back here Chase: Ok, lever you have to stay here. fjrfoejDad: *Whispering* I’m going to his bathroom. Dad: *Whispering* I’m going to get the sleeping pills. Dad: *Whispering* And then I’m going to pour them in his milk! Dad: *Whispering* Don’t tell him! Dad: *Whispering* HAHAHAHA! Dad: He is going to drink it and fall asleep on his- Dad: OH OH OH! Dad: AAAH! I died. Dad: The neighbor, he kill me! Dad: I hear the neighbor. I think he’s sleeping. [Creepy Music] D: *Gasps* He is sleeping! Dad: Ah! The sleeping pills in the milk worked! Dad: Look, he’s sleeping! [Music swells] D: Oh! Oh! D: Wababababa! *Blows raspberry* D: [High Pitched Mental Breakdown] C: [Deep voice] SO STAY THERE!! C: You have to stay! C: THERE!!! C: Okay? Don’t let the guy get you okay? C: Because he *Whispering* is never gonna know, that’s the crowbar room. C: Okay so goodbye. [Creepy Music] C: What the fart? D: I think he left the key. D: I don’t see it… [Music swells] I got the key again! D: He’s right out there. D: UWAAAH!!! D: Gimme that key! C: No D: Oh! Oh! Haha! D: Oh! I got his key! I got his key! D: Run, run, run, run. D: Run, run, run run run. D: I got his key! D: *Sing-song* Can’t catch me, can’t catch me! I got your key! D: I’ll punch you up in your knee! You can’t catch me, I got your key! D: Hee hee hee, hee hee hee! You can’t catch me, I got your key! D: Punch you all up in your knee and make you go weewee, hee hee! I got your key, I got your key! I got your, got your, got your key! Can’t catch me, can’t catch me! Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! I’ll punch you up in your knee and make you go weewee, hee hee! Hee hee hee, hee hee hee, hee hee hee hee hee hee hee HEE! D: You wet your pants. C: I… am gonna do something. [Creepy Music] D: Ohohohoho! C: Okay! You missed! D: Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah! C: Now I can do my work. D: I see him, haha D: Hahaha D: Quick, quick. Oh! D: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ohohohohohohohohohohohohoh D: Yes, I lost him. D: He is going away. D: Heeheehee D: Oh? Ohohohohohoh D: What’s in here? What’s in, what’s in there? D: What- nothing. Ohhhh! D: A crowbar and an another key D: OH! Oh oh oh! D: He got me. C: You still got the key! That’s not fair! D: Heeheehee C: Now you have to unlock the.. shed! D: Oh, I think he’s going to the shed. D: Let’s see what’s he doing… D: What’s he going to do? D: Oh! No. D: He put boards on his shed. Oh I got to hide. D: I gotta hide, I gotta hide, I gotta hide. D: I’m hiding. hahahahaha *Deep Breath* Hahahahah D: You can’t get me D: Ow! hey! hey! He is on my side! D: Cheater D: Hey D: Nothing, nothing to see here *through gritted teeth* he’s coming back nothing, heh heh… no, I am just I’m just, going inside yes he thinks I’m going inside …he thinks I’m going inside oh ohoh ohoh oh ho quick quick.quick quick quick………………. no no ……………. ooh oohoh aagh urgh noooo! This is going to take forever! nooo! grunt if he breaks through you I will get killed so you have to help me with the basement heh heh heh heh heh heh no one will get my ladder oow he fond me ahh where’s the generator? generator! turn on the generator, quick quick quick! what? No! yes! I can protect it yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh…. yes C: im not in my hoooouse! i almost have… not enough ta do it but it’s okay okay I’m going back to my house maybe I’ll just sneak into my, to the other neighbors house! D: I think he’s gone, I think h– C: Wait! but then im taking your food, DUDE! D: the crowbar Come on! Come on! C’mon! go go c’mn go! go! go! okay c’mon c’mon c’mon, c’mon! c’mon! c’mon!! yes, okay lever What the? okay, w-we got it, oh, Yes Yes! Okay im in the shed.. whats in here? (gasps) golden bullet… golden gun, and a lever! Yes I got a lever! I got a golden gun, and a golden bullet C: I’m coming for you! D: Oh No! Oh.. D: Ok… where is he? I’ll get him with my gun D: Boom! Haha! (Laughs madly) Ooo, ooo yes! Take this! C: Aaah! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! D: Are you geting damage D: Oh, oh no… C: haha! D: How is he so strong? D: I will get inside of this house *strange sobbing* D: Somebody crying? D: …somebody… *gasp* D: You crying? What’s the matter, Mart? D: Mart?! D: What’s the matter? D: Aww…Mart’s sad…. D: What happened Mart? You get stuck in a wall? D: Are you stuck? Ohoho Mart’s stuck! D (sarcastically): Awww well it looks like I’m gonna go, go through your house and take all your things since your stuck in the wall D: Ha ha ha, hahahahahahahaha D: I’m gonna take this picture frame here D: I’m gonna take this picture frame there… D: Aaa wallmart D: You’re stuck in a wall! D: Hahaha D: Ayyyy yah! D: Oooo! I got him unstuck! I shot him unstuck! I shot him unstuck! C: Now I’m doing some stuff, it’s too boring outside C: Awww I wanna go into my basement? C: But no one has a key card for it! C: I mean, you don’t need the key card, you just need the… *bong C: Do you know this? He just needs the keyyyy! *screams* D: I think he’s in there, I think the neighbors in there D: Oh! He busted out the glass! Go! Run! D: Run! Run back to my house! Run back to my house! Run back to m- D: Aw, he got me! D: Well, I don’t think we need to go up on the roof D: Oh! if we go on the roof I can drop down! D: Wait a minute, I need to use this! D: This key right here. Boom! D: Yes! I’m going up on the roof! I’m going up on the roof D: Oh oh, oh yes. yes! *falling noise* yes! oh D: Yes! I got the basement key! D: Sweet! D: Can we place that on a block of iron? D: Dude I got the basement key D: What’s this? Ok, D: Oo, what’s that? Aw no, D: You know what? I have a crowbar, I have a crowbar D: Break it! D: What the? D: No! D: He found me up there! D: That’s all right! That’s all right, because, I’ve got D: I’ve got the basement key! I’ve got the basement key! D: Yes! I need to break something D: Hurry, hurry, hurry, come on! come on! D: Oo! I hear something breaking, I hear something breaking! hear something breaking, hear something breaking D: c-c-come on b-b-break it! Yes! C: I’m coming for you! D:Oo! The basement! The basement! I’m almost in the basement! I’m almost in the basement D: Oh yes come on! c-come on! D: Break it! Break it! No! MMMM! D: I gotta get to the basement D: He’s go-ooh! D: Ok, he didn’t see me D: *gasp* He’s gone! He’s gone! Ok D: quick, I gotta, I gotta, oh, eww (weird sound plays) D: I think he’s farting! D: is he going poopies? D: oh no…, ok…oh no… D: no no no D: I don’t know what he’s doing D: ok, open…yes! D: I’m in the basement! I’m in the basement! D: I made it to the basement of alpha 2 minecraft! D: Hello? It’s so dark in here! D: Oh, what is this? What is this creepy (oh) D: what’s this? D: That’s the D: This is the door D: That’s the door! D: I know what happens in regular alpha 2 D: you were tricking me this whole time! Were you?!? D: Were you tricking me?!?! D: Tell me the truth! C: Uh, oka-(Squeals)! D: Tell me! C: No! D: What? C: Because D: What? C: Nothing D: You’re getting a fart smack C: I know what to do to get in that room C: You have to break this pressure plate C: And then go in here C: [panicking] you have to break that pressure plate D: Fart smack! D: I’m going back to the basement D: Gasp, it’s the neighbor! D: Revenge! D: [Demonic voice] Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! D: I failed at that revenge D: where did you go? In ze basement? D: Oh wait a minute! I can do… D:I can do… D: Ghost mode! Just like alpha 2! D: [Ghostly] Oh ghost mode! D: I’m a ghost! D: Hello neighbor! D: I am ze ghost! D: what just happened? D: what? D: This is the basement C: guess where I’m going? C: I’m going in here C: I don’t know where this leads to… C: I saw you! D: Run! Run! Run! D: Arg! I’m back outside D: I’m going home, I’m going home C: I wanna have a sleepover! D: No! C: Yes! D: I’m going home! D: Your not having a sleepover C: yeah D: No your not C: yeah I am D: No you’re not C: Yes I am D: No you’re not…why is there two beds in here? D: Dude, get out! D: Get out of my bed! D: Ugh fine you won! We’re both sleeping D: Eat lead! Mart! D: I wish your name was Fred, eat lead Fred D: Hello sir, no I’m going on my side of the street, please don’t hurt me sir! D: Please don’t hurt me! D: Ok, say good bye to me! Bye! D: It was nice playing games with you! Goodbye! C: Yeah D: That was lots of cool. C: yehh… D: Thanks for watching y’all peace out C: Not yeeeettt!!! C: Not yet!! Dad: Time to go boy!

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