14 thoughts on “Minecraft – Diversity 3 – Technical Knowledge (Trivia / Quiz)”

  1. It's pronounced "ex – or" gate, Netty.

    You see, it's short for "exclusive or".

    Though English doesn't formally discern the difference, there is logically two types of meaning for "or". The "inclusive or" or the "exclusive or".

    The "inclusive or" is "one or the other, or both". While "exclusive or" is "one or the other, but not both".

  2. noice. i didn't know know a bunch of those. i'm sure even a pro redstoner would fail atleast one or two. maybe xD

  3. Question: Toggles corner rail directions
    Martyn: I don’t think Minecraft is that advanced
    Me: places lever next to corner rail and uses it to toggle the direction

  4. I got a three in computing and even still I knew it was an or gate, one OR the other has to be on to power the output
    Edit: XOR??? Well that just backs up the three I got in computing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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