100 thoughts on “MINECON Live 2019”

  1. I want to see the face of people that wanted badlands update

    Btw snow is snowier than before

    And i wanted swamp update too

  2. community:nether update for 1.15 pls
    community:cave update
    mojang:how about bees
    also mojang:lets listen to them about the nether update
    me:am I LITERALLY THE ONLY ONE to notice this
    like if you did
    edit:forgot to say but goat voters are goats

  3. Hello Minecraft knows the pc so has the bees and I was looking forward to see the bees in Minecraft mobile phone in Minecraft but when I went to see there was no but when I went to see this new version that now had thank you very heart Minecraft.

  4. Hey Minecraft! Pleas, Pleas do a CAVE UPDATE!
    With more ores, more mobs, and a hostile mob called the Motchrum: it seems like a normal mushroom but it can GET UP AND FOLLOW YOU. It can be friends with other mobs such as: creepers, zombies and more! His weakness will be water or lava.
    If your reading this…. pleas do this update.
    Btw the motchrum will Shot a seed, this mob drops: mushroom seeds and a mushroom.
    And the ores I want should be: a Amber, sapphire and ruby.
    And the mobs should be: moles, rats and fruit bats.
    Again if your reading this…. pleas do this update. #minecraft #caveupdate #mineconlive

  5. Potreste aggiungere l'armatura di lapislazulo e gli scuali oppure le talpe ma non solo nella vanilla anche nel normale

  6. Microsoft por favor mucha gente porque Minecraft no se puede jugar en móvil mucha gente que jugar y no tiene el dinero para comprar el de Play Store por favor quiten la licencia y que vuelva Aptoide por favor que tenga licencia y que el juego vuelve pero sin decencia Okay Microsoft

  7. MINECRAFT can u plz add ride able dragons and dogs and mabie more land creatures plz i liv this game but the bees and the goat havent even been added to the xbox one plz fix that?

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