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yourselves a big round of applause are we having a good fucking time or what [Applause] welcome to hip no thoughts 2017 we got about five minutes to zero hour and I don't give a shit I'm going to start anyway what do you guys will learn today you showed up early saved your seats you get first dibs what do you want how does that filing the people reading for fun and problem Chinese face reading stuff John cold reading people reading for approaching anything else cold reading okay I have no fucking clothes I heard he's a dick Chinese face reading how about deep all of the above because they're not mutually exclusive not mutually exclusive we have about four minutes if anybody needs to use the potty why would now be a good time to do that there's no do we need more chairs let's go ahead and grab more chairs steal them from somebody else all right there's one up front there's one or two interspersed here and there don't be bashful I love I'll tell you right up front I love questions and hate time limits there's a reason I host and promote all of my own events because no motherfucker can hold the science key and get the fuck off the stage so what if I say no bitch alright for those of you who are interested in all the things we're talking about I will show you my quick and dirty approach to cold reading which is actually quite simple it's called the 60/40 split all right but what we're gonna do is we're gonna use Chinese face reading as a way that is our pace you see the thing about cold reading especially if you do it the way I do it which is not the way most medalists teach it that I know of okay if you understand face reading your cold readings are no longer cold they're actually true but if you phrase them in a certain way even if you're off you're not off understand now the tactically everything I do it even though it's everything has to I it has to be fun or I'll fucking do it right but one of the things that we need to understand is that everything I do is designed around a couple of key principles a least amount of investment greatest amount of return I don't waste time on low-percentage technique does that make sense I don't have time to waste in my life and I'm pretty sure you don't either it would that be true you guys want to get the most for the most for the least just raise your hand that being said the more you invest the more you're going to get I tell all my students well then I consider you my students whether this is your first time meeting me or you've been a longtime YouTube fan or whatever for everything you get from me you'll always pay twice you'll always pay twice the first payments the easy one that's the one everybody makes that's just the money you can always make more money you can always get more money and the first payment gives you access to the information but it's the second payment is the hard payment it's the second payment of time of energy of effort to invest and practice and put these skills to work by playing with them out in the field that gives you ownership once you make that payment you have a power and a skill that no human being on the planet can take away from you no ports in the universe can take away it's yours forever and it will continue to serve you for as long as you continue to use it does that make sense okay so let's have as much fun as humanly possible because the more fun and playful you are the more powerful you become that is science all right attested I reported last year actually from a video I posted on one of my blogs was actually from the field of hostage negotiation where they show that even in the most tense hostile of situations hostage negotiation being fun loving and an upbeat and playful resulted in a 31% increase in the successful negotiations okay the more playful you become the more power you wield the more access to resources that you have that being said I think I open-loop myself on this thing I think about Chinese face reading is that it's all true more often than not in this class we don't have time for the exceptions to the rule does that make sense so those use sort by exception stop we don't have time for that right now for everything I tell you there will be an exception somewhere but what I'm teaching you is true at least 51 to 75 percent of the time and if you word it properly even when you're off you're not off okay those of you who how many people you see clients okay you want to gain power and leverage and somebody's world really really quick tell them things about themselves nobody can know guys that's what this will do for you now the book I'm using is written by my teacher the fairly famous Lillian pearl bridges you can get this on Amazon you can also get a Kindle version I have permission to use her materials I have permission to basically do anything I want with it as long as I tell people where I got it that's a Chinese tradition you always honor your lineage you always honor your teacher and that if you know anything about me I'm big on telling you where I got my stuff right I take credit for the synthesis not the source yes Lillian pearl bridges if you want to go to our website it's Lotus Institute calm I'm going through her master sir her master face reading program and I'll be graduating sometime in hopefully December and then I'll be doing even more in-depth studies but Lillian is so good at this she's the world's most prolific and famous face read expert in face reading and she can look at you and tell you your myers-briggs profile as she has at least two three-letter agencies from two separate countries who are trying to get her to work with them to help spot potentially violent criminals and terrorists she's not sure that she wants to do that though because she's afraid it'll be misused her father was ex-cia so it's kind of a family tradition you know what I mean but the only part the only thing we may or may not have time for is the color game because you all came to learn how to reface is right but the thing about Chinese face reading and one things that separates it from just basic cold reading besides the fact that just 5,000 years of Chinese observational science behind it is that it's actually a form of Chinese vibrational psychotherapy when you do face reading you get in a dialogue with a cunt with with your your subject or your your client and what you'll literally see is and then I didn't believe this when Lillian told me this but when you actually they take before and after pictures just to prove it I should go through the different wrinkles on the face every time you have an emotional trauma there's a wrinkle that appears somewhere on the face when you start on King that trauma the wrinkle goes away and so on the last day of the face reading she does it in five five day or five day blocks on the last day she brings in people off the street you just do ending the students to face readings and the first thing too is they haven't stand in front of a white background they take a before picture and then the students go and they do the face week and they come back they take an after picture and after all the models go home and put them up on the screen and you compare and they're different people four heads get higher noses get longer chins without colors change wrinkles just it's fucking weird but then the world according David is a pretty weird place anyway so yes sir liver boat I'll get that question a lot Botox most can get it up in here this is the liver spleen area anyway and so it actually reverse engineers and it limits your ability to express emotion not just visually but actually in terms of your expression and liver energy which is seen in the eyebrows by the way is about your action taking energy so if you get people who have a lot of frozen energy up in here a lot of wrinkles up in this way there's some blockages to their ability to take action in the world sometimes it goes to boundaries sometimes that goes to them holding themselves back in a lot of different ways okay in fact we're going to talk about that I'm going to first piece I'm going to do is about learning how to read people from a distance so those of you who are interesting the approaching aspect of it the relationship side of things that's where we're going to start and then I'll move through that as quickly as we can ask we can assimilate the information and then we'll move into the face reading component and then we'll show you how to kind of talk to people in a cold reading type of a format okay and one of the reasons I like cold reading tactically is because they're in the world according to David you have what I call the four horsemen this is the more poetic way of saying at the world Horsemen of unstoppable hypnotic power those four are a Authority attractivity affinity acquiescence if you can get any two of these you'll automatically generate this one but there is a small portion of the population who just likes to do what they're told there's this attractivity attractivity is not is the ability to manage the power of Attraction it's the ability to generate attraction and manage it in other people and yourself the ugly truth about attraction my friends is that attractive people get more stuff of a very famous dating coach named David DeAngelo used to say attraction is not a choice in other words you don't get a choice into who you're attracted to however in the world according to David there is a correlate to this you do have tremendous influence over who you choose to attract who you choose to generate attraction in and that's what the field of attractivity is about you see each of these each of these generates its own kind of compliance and that is the business that we are in ladies and gentlemen if you're a hypnotist of any kind if you're human being who interacts with human beings of any other kind your job is not belief your job is compliance your job is to get people to do what you want them to do the way you want them to do it yes affinity affinity is kind of like everybody in this room you're here for a certain reason because you have something in common right you want to be part of the crowd part of the herd anything that goes to report anything that goes to sameness or liking is an affinity tactic each of these will generate compliance but differently they'll have different dynamics to it the more of these categories and these are macro categories these are not just a technique these are a body of techniques okay in my in my course killer influence is the manual can TJ or Tina can you hold up the killer influence manual so they can see just how extensive that sucker is it's been known to it's in the black in back there killer influence manual actually the iron tea erotic thing about the title killer influence just hold that up hold this always thinks they'll thick it is those are just bullet points it's my textbook right so when you come to my killer difference trainings that's what you're learning from okay it's it's and everything in there is field-tested I can't even tell you because of confidentiality clauses and stuff like that how extensive that material has been field-tested some of what you're learning is in that manual a lot of it in fact except for the Chinese face reading which I learned later okay but Authority will generate compliance even if they don't want to follow your instructions okay a guy by the name of Stanley Milgram proved this several decades ago Darren brown redid the experiment where he convinced people to administer pretty much lethal shocks to somebody who was pretending to be stuck in a chair because somebody in a white lab coat and a clipboard told them to the more perception of authority you have in somebody's world the more rapidly the neurology can feel it feels compelled to comply now this is not something you have conscious control over much it is a reptilian response in other words your paleocortex the most powerful oldest part of your brain is very sensitized to social status and authority okay when you start cold readings you start stimulating Authority in a pleasurable way in the minds of your listeners and the minds of your subjects it's a very very and they become hyper suggestible to you isn't that what we want we want the people we interact with to be suggestible is humanly possible so we can create the greatest amount of change if you want somebody to open up to you tell them things about themselves or best friends don't even know and the floodgates open if you do this in combination with a technique I've been teaching you all week how many people are be invited to breakouts raise your hands how many people have been to my other two breakouts raise your hands okay so when I say echo technique you know what the hell I'm talking about that's the first trigger that we activate if we do it within the context of echoing it gets even stronger okay this is starting this I taught you things throughout the course of the week one piece at a time in in in isolation the real power as powerful as these individual pieces are when you start stacking them and you start nesting them in each other now you've got something that's greater than the sum of the parts it's massive okay so Authority is useful when you're doing face reading people gonna open up you got to have good rapport okay but this will generate report because all of a sudden you'll either run screaming in terror which case start over or they will just all you can really understand or she really understands and they'll open up and then you can echo and you can feed the more you echo somebody's own words back to them no matter how small or in depth they give you the more it Prime's their neurology to give you more information okay I can't stress this is not reflective listening okay this is echo exactly their words the most powerful words a human being can hear are the ones that just came out of their mouths you get that tattoo that inside your underwear backwards inside your eyelid so every time you sleep at night you get reinforced it shouldn't be this powerful something this simple should not be this powerful but like most things I've discovered that have the real power in life it is it truly is so Authority is where we start now what happens is now we start to Jenner attractivity we start to generate a feeling of oh this person understands me they get me they validate me you see Authority triggers compliance but it also engenders pushback if somebody just if you're but if you have an asshole boss anybody ever having to have a classhole' boss I have one I work for myself right I know I can tell you firsthand he's a dick and an asshole all at the same time okay sometimes he never leaves the house for that reason but that's a different issue especially for in San Francisco but anyway I don't know I didn't give you my disclaimer it's politically incorrect language swear words colorful metaphors and the word boobies offend you there's the fucking door this means I know the answer this means I don't this means oh shit I hope he doesn't call on me next this means yes this means no there will be a test this is a body language class after all but I want to go through this even though this wasn't part of the actual curriculum this is where you would use these things this is where you would use these things attractivity generates a desire to comply from a desire to please a desire for validation a desire for a little pat on the head or an attaboy that says oh you're you did good somebody's goodwill Authority triggers compliance because you have to it's more of a fear-based do it or else kind of an energy right you got if you get if you just work off of an authority based influence paradigm which you'll see in like some military leaders some corporate leaders have a very do this or you're fucking fired kind of an energy when you take on the trappings of authority you may how many people haven't had an altercation or an interaction with a police officer where you had something that they were questioning right you do what the hell they tell you right because they have the symbols of authority you may not like it right but you do it don't you and what do you do as soon as they're out of sight cuz I would never do that a lot right did you miss the test attracts Authority generates compliance but you will not get somebody's best efforts you will get some form of passive-aggressive behavior some kind of pushback I call it the fucking factor time if you soften authority within attractivity so think of the king being authority the queen is attractivity people will do what you say out of a desire to please a desire for validation a desire to be liked that makes sense they want your approval in some way and so you get more of somebody's better efforts does that make sense now as hypnotic operators or as I like to call you hypnotic operatives your job is compliance so you need to Matt if you really want to be in first mind concerned if you want to be effective in your work these are the areas of technique that you need to master the more areas of this you can bring to bear in any situation the more power you're going to wield you'll get situations where people will want it though they'll feel the urge to comply and they'll want to comply because they want to please you remember the unconscious mind is a slave to prop to feedback it wants to please so feed that need right give the rewards but make it want to please you and you're gonna do really really well I have a waiting list in my clinic I have a clinic in Solana Beach I've been running for 12 years where my my specialty is treating physiological illness that has as its roots repressed emotion okay so some people specialize in smoking cessation some people specialize in weight loss I get like three a year okay I get parkinson's cancer multiple sclerosis scoliosis chronic pain acute pain every medical condition post-traumatic stress rape trauma you name it that's what comes to hysterical paralysis convert you know I was that conversion disorder that's the stuff that I get on a daily basis and I have to go in with height you know I can't waste time on speculative techniques this cooks the rice because in order to get in to see me you have to pass my screening understand if you've ever seen me post you'll hear me say we offer all prospective to free thirty-day a free 30-minute consultation to determine if your case is a fit for our methods after you pass our evaluation we'll discuss strategies and tactics for getting you that the results you need in the shortest amount of time possible that's literally what we say so I'm not asking you to be my client I want you to prove to me that you're good enough to be my client I have a waiting list through October okay you don't have time to fight with people to change especially if you're doing a flat rate per session okay you need to prime people before they walk into your door to be compliant to you because none of the good you don't you know none of the techniques you bring to bear happens until the client does what you say okay belief is nice it's a belief is only partial of the equation it doesn't matter what your clients believe matters a lot what you believe interests in difference what matters is how willing your client is to comply with your directives that's what everything I do is about I'm not saying we just be an asshole or be you know you know all fascist a little sometimes that can be fun that's a different class for a different day right but that's what we want affinity affinity is the desire to be liked or be part of the group to be accepted by the group okay they have done studies where they've taken people they put one person who is the test subject in a roomful of people and they're asked to evaluate like the lengths of lines and things like that and one person says it's this and the rest of group says it's something else and within a few minutes that person changes their their opinion even though they were right that's affinity tactic the power of the group okay heard of mob mentality mob mentality is actually a vibrational phenomena okay how many people here have ever heard of heart mass organ okay if you haven't go to their website they have some great studies on what they call coherence coherence is based on a physics law of entrainment rhythmic sources seek to find a common rhythm the strongest rhythmic source in your body is the human heart the human heart radiates an electromagnetic field eight feet in diameter from your body that can be measured with instruments is there any human being in this room not sitting within 8 feet of another human being now they took they did this one test they took a dog and his boy and sent them out to play and within 15 minutes their heartbeat synchronized so suggestion is we understand it doesn't play a role in this phenomenon it can't not happen so when people's heartbeats start to synchronize pretty soon the rest of their physiology starts to follow as do their thought processes Stan okay so affinity works on that level it's the desire to be part of the group to be accepted by the group and that is also a reptilian based a paleo cortical response extract or excommunication from the group is equivalent to extinction from the point of the paleo cortex the reptile brain human beings are driven to seek status within a social group because the reptile inside of each of you knows Society protects it's high status members right you know ever hear about these these uh these native tribes out in like the the Pacific Tahiti and all these places or Joe verse every Joe versus the volcano you got to remember that old movie right when it comes time to to to give a sacrifice to appease the volcano God who do they throw in the chief the shaman or the cute virgin because he Persians are a renewable resource took a minute some tribes some some cultures have this concept called king for a day which actually is a translation to mean sucker right it is time to make the sacrifice they nominate some poor schmuck to be king for a day they let him drink eat be merry give the pretense of making decisions and at the end of day fool into the fire he goes and the old king goes good guy anyway thank you very much right Society protects its hype at his high status members your job is to hit them on all four cylinders as much as you can demonstrate Authority demonstrate you like them demonstrate it regenerate some form of attractiveness in you and you will find out that people will just do what you say and they'll like you for it you know I had a tina hold up the killer influence manual all titles aside the the whole idea behind killer influence is to move through the world making everyone around you feel ridiculously good to like being around you and they'll just give you stuff they'll show up in mass to your trainings they'll hug you for no reason he'll seek you out right if this is something you want keep coming to class because this is what we teach you right okay so that's the fort and if you generate any two of these really you'll get this but there's a small group that will just do what you say anyway they just want to be told what to do right but don't move don't rely on that stack the odds in your favor the things we're gonna do are based on something that we teach and killer influence called the i3 model I'm going to share this with you real quick that we're going to get into the rapport continuum posture power and then we'll talk about face reading and how to build in these face reading ideas are these cold reading ideas into a face reading format and then depending on how much time we have left if any will let you play with it a little bit now I got to be honest with you if this is the scope of everything that I want to share with you I have time for this I mean like this so here's my promise to you as I say in all of my classes I will take you as far as I can I will give you as much information as humanly possible in the time that we have and I will tell you where to go for more if that's what you want would that be fair okay now some of you know that I've been doing something very very special at each of my breakouts how many people know what that is raise your hands okay for those of you who don't how many people here have been hearing hearing them raffle off those $2,700 packages of seven thousand dollar packages of stuff well we're gonna give away one of those today but in order for me to give give it away I need you to do something for me I need you take out a piece of paper not a huge piece of paper I need you to print legibly I need your name address phone number or name name an email address and phone number fill it out move it to the end of the room and Tina's gonna come around and pick that up for you okay I won't I can't talk about it when the cameras are running so but okay so everybody pass that stuff in okay so please remind me if I forget is there anybody on after me or is there doing it there doing any kind of events after it okay so here's my promise I am going to officially end us at the appropriate time if for some reason you guys manet want to keep hanging out and talk and maybe learn some other stuff I might be convinced to do that maybe judging by the round of applause as I get an interaction you know how much body and game events I get very cool like I said why I I'll be honest we I don't spend a lot of time hanging out with hypnotists I love you all I really do but most of the people I talk to can't even spell hypnosis right so I spend a lot of time talking and teaching people who don't know anything about what we're doing no no I think about our industry or have a head full of bad ideas about our industry how to do stuff how to get forward in life and I think that when I because I've spent so much time there that it helps me to get these things out to you a little a little easier we got to have fun we got to be playful I can't stress that of it I've started the last two classes with this whole idea of state control the largest most powerful component to your subconscious mind which is supposed to be our domain the domain of the unconscious mind is the realm of the hypnotist and yet as it as a profession we leave the largest piece of the unconscious mind untouched it's your body your body is the biggest piece of your unconscious mind and when you bring the body back into what we do your changes happen faster they're deeper and it doesn't matter what your fucking clients believe it doesn't matter how much critical faculty is involved the longer you get the meat engaged the faster it overwrites their conscious critical faculty if we've that's the case if that's a truism and it isn't my world if you don't agree with anything I set out with certain things I don't say don't use them okay but I'm telling you right now you got to get your meat involved okay so that effect everybody stand up give me TJ give me two minutes on the timer you guys wanted to play the color game you got it motherfuckers how many people here have ever heard of a phenomenon known as power poses or Amy Cuddy anybody raise your hands if you got that all right Amy talked about four basic postures that she evaluated scientifically she discovered that if you hold these poses and by the way these are not the only poses that work these are just the ones she tested I've been teaching this stuff since 2005 and what we do in our state control modules is head and shoulders above what we're about to do but it's good enough I want you to remember a time in your life when you saw something you really wanted and I mean really wanted on a scale of 0 to 10 it was a lust factor 20 right and you made a decision in that moment you were going to get it no matter what and you made a plan you work that plan and maybe you had to modify that play along the way but you still kept going and you nailed it home run remember that moment when you knew you nailed it see what you saw hear what you heard feel what you felt smell and taste what you smell in your taste and lift and hands go up in a victory posture or put your hands on your hips like Wonder Woman step into that moment stand the way you were standing in that moment of victory let those feelings come flooding back and as you do notice that there's a place in your body where those feelings start where they grow and where they spread from now without taking your hands down just become aware of that spot and look at it with your inner eyes notice there's a color maybe even a series of colors connected to that feeling what's that color or series of colors first impression now imagine abused your imagination in close your eyes if you like imagine a big ball that colored energy floating above your head notice how the feelings in your body shift and change as with every breath you take and every beat of your heart that begot ball with energy begins to grow begins to expand to fill the room from floor to ceiling from wall to wall and all points in between notice how it wraps itself around you like an amazing blanket of unstoppable Drive to thrive to succeed no matter what breathe it through your entire body let it fill you up like water fills up a bottle like fluid fills up a test tube like hot air or helium fills up a balloon anchored in so fully so completely no force in the universe can turn it off not even you and when you know you got it try to turn that shit off and notice what happens instead oh shit you mean you're stuck feeling good now open your eyes notice how good you feel keep your hands up till the timer goes off how we feeling funky now funky baby right it's the long last two minutes I think I'm being time distorted be good TJ where we got brother now before you sit down before you sit down well I have your asses up all right we got one more thing we gonna do I'm gonna teach you how to be bulletproof it's okay emotionally anyway after you mastered this drill no one's gonna be able to push your buttons ever again for very long is that okay remember this for every psycho emotional state you have you have a corresponding breathing pattern and physiology that you have to assume in order to activate and maintain that state positive or negative doesn't make a difference here's what I want you to do I want you to just summon up all that awesome success stuff you got right now go back into that posture you know how to hold your hands up just the way you were standing when you when you nailed it okay just well you know if you were hide your shoulders back whatever it was that's what I want now I want you to keep your posture and your breathing exactly the same don't change anything and I want you to summon up all of your willpower and try to feel bad Oh what you mean you can't feel bad oh shit that's right no pun intended okay okay bring the good feelings back turn around look at that far wall now we're gonna do a similar drill you could have these good feelings back in just a minute I want you to remember a time in your life when you saw something you wanted and you just again lustfactor 20 you made a plan you put that plan into operation but it didn't work out for some reason you missed the brass ring I want you to remember how you felt in that moment when you realized you weren't good it wasn't gonna happen the disappointment whatever it was I want you to go into that posture stand the way you were standing breathe the way you agree let those feelings just for a moment come back now keeping this posture keeping this breathing pattern keep these the same summon of all of your will and try to feel good you may notice it doesn't work all that well right now hold on to the negative feeling with your willpower but shift your body back to the positive physiology and breathing pattern and notice what happens you put your arms up if you want on it's extra credit what do you notice please turn up to run look it back up here what do you notice you mean you couldn't fucking follow instructions I told you to keep feeling bad business council trip motherfuckers alright that's what I'm saying your own environment yourself to be around flaws good here's the thing no matter what situation or context we're in if we can't control our state if we can't exert effect and manage our cycle emotional state it doesn't matter what skills we have it doesn't matter how much training we have if we can't get into a state that allows us to access those resources we might as well not know them I'm a martial artist I have a ninth degree black belt in the martial arts I have several other black belts I have more energy healing credentials than McDonald's sells hamburgers okay I've been doing Reiki since before Reiki was cool I've been studying kabbalah since before madonna came along so I'm very much a prima donna which is true on a number of levels right I'm also a certified licensed acupuncturist and master practitioner and oriental medicine I have a diplomate of Oriental Medicine addition to my clinic I teach persuasion and influence all over the world and I didn't do any of it for you I did all of it because there were things in my life that I wanted there were things in my life there were systems I was being taught that we're going be only a certain level and did only they would stop and I'd have to find another another workaround so everything I'm here to share with you I did for me and I found out lo and behold there's a whole community out here who wants it too so here I am so thank you for that for giving me the chance what we're gonna cover today is from the killer influence manual the first thing we talk about is what we call the i3 model to be effective as an influencer in any situation you need three compulsory key areas that you have to understand identity intelligence and influence now most people when they come to my classes they're primarily focused on influence they want to learn the tools and the techniques to influence other human beings but to use a martial metaphor or military metaphor the most powerful destructive effective army in the world can do nothing if they don't know where to drop the bombs and that is the study of intelligence the ability to acquire and utilize information about your target the environment and the context in which you'll be operating and that is what we're here to study today okay the more you know about your target the less effort you have to exert to influence them you understand that so we're gonna start with distance work and what I mean by distance work is being able to look at a group and determine several things who's the rapport leader who's more invested in the relationship who's getting ready to leave right so to do that we need to talk about something called the rapport continuum okay I may bring people up here to do this I'll see if I can demonstrate it on the board actually I'll do both it's faster if I demonstrate it on the board if you think about now a lot of this information i gleaned from the world of attraction and seduction from the pf6 seduction community I've I come from that community okay I won't I won't lie to you because some of the most powerful techniques I've had for healing people came from that world because the one thing you can always rely on is the creativity of a horny male we will do just about anything to get our agenda right ironically ladies the most powerful things we in that community learned about how to attract women were the shit you was doing to us that's right all we had to do was echo what you were doing and you fell right in step because each and every human being on this planet is moving through the world with a little checklist a checklist that tells us exactly how the world is supposed to be by our standards and we're projecting that checklist on to everyone around us looking for a match and if you know how to pay attention which if you summed up everything in this in this first segment of this training – two words it would be that pay attention the first course I ever wrote was a Multimedia course it was called secret orgasm tips it was a course yes it was a course that taught men had to be any woman's ideal lover the first time they were together before they even made love and it was all about in this paying attention to their ideal lover template now as we go through this when I do give conversational examples here's what I want you to do it's natural when you're when I'm doing these examples for you to want to watch me I get that but what I want you to do if I'm talking to somebody in the audience that will very rarely bring somebody up into a conversational demo in front because when I bring people up they go into demo subject mode they start acting on their best behavior and they start acting the way they expect I want they expect I want them to react I would much rather interact with the audience gonna get a much more organic response when I start doing these things when I start talking with somebody don't watch me watch the person I'm talking to pay attention to their responses gentlemen here's your first opportunity ladies let me ask you a question if you met a guy at the moment within moments of meeting him it's like he knew you I think he was reading your minds like he knew exactly the words you wanted to hear he knew exactly how to touch you the way you've always fantasized about being touched he even knew how to kiss you the way you fantasize a perfect kiss should be and when like it's like his timing was exact you know exactly when you were ready and no point no sooner and he could take you places as if he could just read that fantasy that you've always carried around in your heart if you met a guy like that what would you not do for him gentlemen look at their faces lesson you see you can't ask the question without them to go it's starting to go there yes NLP power calm forward-slash products there is a lot more to that system that's where the system started ok that's chapter one just giving you an idea ok but it's really the concept we have been reading and hearing about for decades people are always projecting who they are outward every this latest study is in neuroplasticity are telling us I think in Shawn Carson's book I think he I think he quote either he I mean I'm a mangled is quote in a minute but he's every nerve in your body is trying to connect every other nerve ok well every molecule in your body is trying to interact with every other molecule – as above so below why do you think we're all here why we're all looking to connect with each other it's called the law of analogy because you your behaviors follow the same pattern as your cells you're seeking connection and your neurology is moving through the world looking for itself and it's sending out little pings like a radar looking for the things that match that come back and when it gets a match it Cleaves to it it holds on to it and it doesn't want to let it go that's why when I say the most important words a human being can hear are the ones that just came out of their mouth I am not kidding you have an practically infinite number of filters in your experience that culminate in the words that come out of your mouth to express yourself well guess what the words that pass through every filter have been approved by every filter therefore when they come back they go right in right the deepest level of that neurology they can't ignore you even if they wanted to that's trance get it and it doesn't matter if it's a verbal thing or a nonverbal thing we're all projecting holographically on every level okay we get to the part on gestures you'll see that even more clearly so the first thing I want to talk about is rapport can the rapport continuum I believe that the archetype of all social interaction goes to the mating archetype in other words one plus one equals three if you know what I mean right it's a mating ritual all right so if we look at the report continuum is two ways okay this is zero rapport this is maximum rapport zero rapport maximum rapport as this gap is closed two things there's three things I want you to start to pay attention to in this process a proximity and ventral orientation and thirdly you can look at their feet ventia Loreen effect let me just bring a person up here Shana can I use you sweetie and let me use somebody who is extraordinarily manly Edward come here you manly motherfucker you alright so just to give you an idea okay this is the traditional mating paradigm you guys don't mind mating for a few minutes dear okay good I have permission it's okay they're consenting I can't argue with that alright so first and foremost if we look at the outlier see one of the one things I want I'm not this is not of course a full course on every conceivable body language cue out there it's a bare-bones course that allows you to understand the outliers so you can extrapolate what's going on very very quickly does that make sense so let's start with zero rapport none indifference I call it going from indifference to intimacy in an indifferent interaction or relationship this is what you get to face this wall over here that's good this is almost antithetical rapport over here these people who are have no affinity moving away from each other that's the outlier right this is anti rapport get it now as we move towards intimacy one plus one equals three the mating paradigm two things begin to change first ventral orientation the ventral line like a compass needle begins to shift now we're neutral we may be walking side by side but we're not necessarily very intimate does that make sense but as things happened I started really far out here so it was easy to see as people start to change this happens this happens and then and again I'm making it very much larger than you would see in real life it'll be closer a little bit closer until finally the proxy at first proximity will shift then for intro orientation shift then proximity will shift so until eventually we have this now in like if you want to see one of the big paradigm in there's a video to have on YouTube called body line the mating dance body language decoded which there are seven discrete stages that two people go through on their way from stranger to intimacy okay it's it starts with what we call the acknowledgement stage now you'll recognize a bit abstract for you but I'm gonna do something in a minute that will make this dramatically more clear this is something you will commonly see here in Las Vegas mostly in the bars let's assume that Shauna is sitting at the bar does this look familiar now here's the thing we need to understand what is now happened as he's at the boundary of hurt her social zone basically okay this would be bordering on her intimate zone what will happen in a mating context and this will actually happen in a networking context as well is as he enters the periphery just right that's good what you'll see is that just a slight turn that's called the acknowledgement phase that's her saying oh there's somebody in my world who wants to come in now one of several things can happen at this point this is something I want you to start playing with this is called the unconscious hello this is your first body language influence tactic whenever it's called the keys it's a key stimulus whenever to mammals meat especially primates the first thing that happens is the minute they make eye contact they get an eyebrow flash okay you guys have been flashing your eyebrows to me all day long okay and what and now in guys you'll see it it so in when guys do it together it looks a little different women are much more subtle they're way smarter than we are okay you you see two guys doing the flash at each other it looks like two goombahs on the new jersey borock going hey are you doing oh it gets involved right women it's like little flashes right and what you want to do is ask them in the in the first two seconds that you make contact and that's even if you're dense and that's still a little slow it's got to be in the first second when you make eye contact and you flash that eyebrow there you go see she just did it right that that that return of the eyebrow flash is like a ping from the sonar its signals friend they fall into rapport give that's a tactic that was developed or at least discovered by a guy named Dave Dobson some of you may know who he was a lot of you know who Milton Erickson was but a lot of you don't know who Dave Dobson was Dave Dobson was the other hypnosis guy that Bandler and Grenda modeled okay it was just that Dobson was a hell of a lot more reclusive okay so that unconscious eyebrow flash is a great way to break the ice instantly now I have a story about when I was in Israel and I really tested this at the Dome of the rock done don't be an asshole I'll tell you about that some other time okay but give these people a big round of applause thank you again I could go through the seven stage then we'd be talking about that all night there is a lot more stuff buried in the seven stages see the one thing you need to understand I'll just give you this concept I'll let you discover how it works later for every psycho emotional state that you have there is a corresponding Physiology and breathing pattern posture that activates it most of us know that when we go into a certain emotional state we take on a certain posture but the reverse is also true you prove that didn't you if you go back and you watch the videos of me teaching the mating dance and you pay attention what you will see is even though I'm doing a demo even though the woman who is helping me knows it's a demo she still starts to become more and more attracted to me as she moves through each of the seven postures just an idea remember your physiology controls your psychology with almost no exceptions unless you are a Special Forces athlete our Special Forces like soldier and elite athletes someone who's trained to keep their willpower strong it comes like an endurance runner or something and even that to some degree your willpower is the fastest thing to drain because it any and any time it's a finite resource your environment can overwhelm you it can amplify your level of neurological relat so the point where you can't function anymore and you can't summon up enough willpower to modulate that stress but you can always change your physiology unless somebody physically ties you up you can always change your physiology and it takes the minimum amount of willpower to keep a posture for at least two minutes right and that's what allows you to break that state and get become functional again I need to cover that over and over and over again because if you don't have this nothing else is gonna matter it's not going to matter what you know you ain't gonna be able to observe shit because you're gonna get tunnel vision your butt's gonna pucker up and your brains are gonna drop out okay we need to control our state first and once you really plumb the depths of state control you don't need just about anything else eighty percent of your influence is done before you open your mouth but this is the first thing we want to look at we would look at the report continuum because the proximity people have and the ventral orientation tells us who's the prize see the more we value something the more we orient towards it so in this example with Shana and Edward Shana was the prize in that interaction so Shana had a lot less investment then Edward did you see that don't believe me go watch human beings in their natural environment okay the nether thing you won't look at his feet feet footwork neutral this is a neutral position this is kind of in I know you can't it's hard to see us why wasn't gonna do feet today this is this is kind of in this is all in yeah so this is neutral this is part in part neutral this is all in this is part out now you'll see this a lot when people don't really want to talk to you like they'll be like hi how you doing this is kind of where I'm at this is my feet right now right now in the pickup and seduction world they were actually they would actually adopt this posture because it was what they called a false time constraint they would go up and say hey I only have a few minutes and they would have the whole conversation like this and her defenses would go down because she's expecting you to leave 20 minutes later you're still there but you're still holding this posture all right so again never never underestimate the creativity of a horny observant intelligent male alright or female for that matter okay who was here for my speed attraction workshop on right that protocol was developed by women to be used on men so ladies you ain't foolin me you're just as devious as the rest of us right but it is in fact the most ethical honest decent way to communicate with a person that's what I love about it there's no deception there's no confabulation there's nothing going on there but I want you to understand when you look at a group the feet and the ventral orientation will tell you who the rapport leader is when you want to influence a group the hardest thing to do is try to influence one person at a time that's that's stupid see I teach jury I teach about 35 personal injury attorneys I consult them on trials and how to win cases and things like that and I teach them how to do things in jury selection we win the case while they're selecting the jury before the case even goes to trial and one of the ways that you do that is you make every bad juror a good juror because one of the things that happens in personal injury cases and especially in fraud here is you have to eliminate people which is why a lot of times lawyers get the the code name for being an asshole or a shark or what our snake or whatever is because their job is it's not to be nice but when you incorporate this stuff in the jury starts to look at you as part of the tribe and remember societies protect their high-status members so when the tribe vouches for you the tribe stands behind you does that make sense so the hard way to get a rapport with a jury is to get each individual member but if you find out who the rapport leaders are in those groups who is everybody looking at where they're where is their ventral orientation and then you match the physiology of that person now there's an interesting phenomena that happens I don't know that we'll have time to play with it today but there's this thing that goes along with the idea of coherence and we talked about heartbeat heartbeat synchronizing and stuff there's an interesting click that happens when you measure something there's somebody's physiology there's a skin aesthetic shift that happens in the body that lets you know the probe receptive nervous system has synchronized with somebody else's when that moment happens any emotion or feeling you generate within your own body they're mirror neurons will pick it up and mirror it in them as well it may or may not be within their realm of conscious awareness because there are firewalls between the different levels of the nervous system but what will happen is it will subtly prime the person's neurology and perceptual filters to perceive your communication to verbal communication in a way that is conducive and in harmony with the message you want them to accept how many people here ever heard of a show called light I mean raise your hands okay love that show watch every season buy the DVDs the consultant for that show was a man named dr. Paul Ekman now they did take some liberties in the show which Ackman had a problem with because he's a scientist he wants everything to be accurate but by and large the vast majority that information is factual you can rely on it in his book emotions reveal dr. Ekman isolated a behavior known as the emotional refractory period the emotional refractory period is a filter that that modulates and manages the prior what you're either priority of attention that you have priority of attention that you have so if you go into an environment in a bad mood see the robot where's mine see here see there's 10 units of information in your environment five of them are positive five of them are negative if you're in a good mood guess which five you'll pay attention to first that if you're in a bad mood guess which ones you'll pay attention to first in our influence classes we teach you using postural matching and physiology and coherence how to tap into somebody's nervous system in a tangible testable way generate an emotion in you and have their body pick it up and act on it okay so that's how we kind of work with judges in hostile juries and things like that okay so the first and foremost is understanding this when you look at venture orientation and posture this is where we start to work the closer people get the more intimate they're becoming okay questions on that yes please right now interestingly actually I got on time for that but so this is what I call speed reading relationships now the interesting thing is if you go out to like a wine bar somebody this is relatively quiet where people just sit together and I have a client a student that actually owned a wine bar and I was I was teaching them this and and she goes oh my god you are so right it just has to go to the seven stages because I would watch people come into my wine bar on first dates and then they go to sit down they would be sitting on opposite ends of the booth by the end of the night when they were leaving their wine glasses were right next to each other right so this process happens now gentlemen I will tell you right now the ladies will be initiating nine out of ten steps there's only seven but nine out of ten is the ladies your job is to pay attention because there are certain key moments in that mating dance when you actually have to do something and if you miss it you go back down the arousal scale listen to him guys you guys realize that 60% of all approaches are initiated by women right this is the guys things huh no you only have the illusion of control really yes really the problem is that's is turning into an attraction workshop really quick holy shit all right the problem is is that women's psychology has developed a much more refined set of social cues and sensitivities than men's men we're very simple see it we either we're gonna eat it we're gonna kill it we're gonna take it home and make babies with it that's it we're pretty simple right women are sending out signals all the time that they want you to come and talk to him women do not approach per se they engineer opportunities for you to approach you here at gentlemen they're trying to suppress it they engineer opportunities for you to approach but like us they're victims of their own projection you see they believe because their signs are obvious to other women that it's obvious to us ladies do you hear this let me give you a little bit of perspective ladies you could have a beautiful woman walk up to a guy and do this and he'll go wonder what she meant by them we're just not that smart you're operating on a completely different set of social cues you guys want the same thing you just use different languages to talk about it you just use different languages to talk about it the most subtle signs for a man are some of the most blatant and sometimes threatening for women because the signals they're sending out are out here we don't perceive anything until it's right here so when we go to approach a woman and by the way most of your socialization ladies has designed all the good ones to keep from approaching you in case you didn't know that oh yes most people's socialization has programmed you guys and gals Tuukka send out signals that will keep the good ones from approaching you and only the sociopath narcissists and pickup artists will make the leap yes to neurophysiology it's not it's not Naropa Jolly a social program Hollywood one of the problem again this is going way off in a squirrel chasing more but one of the problems that we have is that we have been programmed a first of all to play hard to get guys you guys were all taught this right play hard to get have value show scarcity the problem is is that the the social cues you design the body language that you've been taught to use to stimulate or signal hard to get actually says don't approach and so what happens is the guys who are waiting who are looking for invitations that you're approachable won't the ones who will respect your boundaries and actually be upstanding guys who are will want to help and be the good mates you're looking for they won't approach you without a tremendous amount of encouragement because the cues you're sending out tell them not to so who will people with no ability to read social cues narcissists people who don't care about your boundaries okay now I know there's exceptions to every rule the problem we have is if you want to safely DS if you want a signal hard to get in a way that makes people want to chase you be seen in the company of a lot of people vying for your time be seen as being having your time in demand as opposed to being off in a corner as ironically ironically the body language of shyness can often be misinterpreted as the body language for aloofness to somebody who's extremely attractive the the body language of shyness when people are shy or or in a timid place they tend to make themselves small alpha people dominant people take up vertical horizontal space they take up vertical space this is the body language of charisma okay in speed attraction 2.0 I showed you the heart the open heart trust trigger right where you literally can go from being just the average dude to radiating energy like that right it's in this was designed by women this is a the way it works is you imagine there's a plexiglass screen over your heart and you just want to show people your heart when you talk to them as opposed to this feel the difference right all I'm doing is imagining there's a screen here and I'm beaming my heart energy to it I'm letting them see my heart changes my posture and it changes the level of credibility that I radiate to an audience okay when you are shy and this is true for guys as well when you start going through being a timid or unafraid and afraid what happened is you tend to make yourself smaller you close in on yourself you create boundaries and when people see this you may be just waiting for somebody to come and talk to you because you don't want to make the first move but that's not how you're interpreted it's not how you're interpreting if you're attractive if you're putting this out in nobody's approaching you the first thing they do is they don't have a store you haven't told them why you're doing what you're doing so they create a story they create a story about why you don't want to be approached she must be a snob she's obviously attractive so she should have got she must be bitch sorry that's that's what happens all right I don't make the rules I just exploit them I mean deport them however if you want it if you want to invert that equation a change your body language the problem that we have and somebody asked about approaching so I'll just answer this question because the problem both genders have with approaching is different women don't have a problem with you approaching as a rule they have a problem with getting you to leave because we're not that smart you can be you can be the say the one guy in a group of women and at some instant moment every woman knows the conversation is over and they disappear and all of the guys like fuck I'm alone right we didn't catch it why because when your neurology was evolving you were communicating with each other you were cooperating you were developing relationships and interpreting what behaviors mean in your world we're out killing mastodons we look at it do we eat it do we take it home and mate with it or run away from it that was that's how we think right we developed a different set of scanning mechanisms women's neurology evolved because they had to survive they had to learn how to manage you idiots all right keep you around keep you interested and they had to learn to rely on each other they had to learn very quickly in that unit who they could rely on who they couldn't and they had to do it based on the meanings they could extrapolate from your behaviors so if we look at this from a hypnotic language perspective men work men work in cause-and-effect weeds we see it we hit it we see it we chase it we see it it sees us we run from it right cause and effect women work mostly and both sides do it but there's a predominance equivalence we left the toilet seat up because we forgot okay we miss Jack's soccer game because traffic was a bitch there was two of the traffic jam the boss kept us late there was a tough claim that's why I was late for Jack's soccer game and your wife looks at you and says if you loved your son you'd have been there why because being at the soccer game means you love your son this is where 80% of our problems in communication with our other with our gender partners fly ladies were not as complex as you are okay when we leave the toilet seat up it's because we're freaking idiots and we forgot it's not that we have no respect for the feminine gender and the home you've built together you see guys guys like huh it's a language thing but remember ladies your brains are actually more developed than ours your copass colloseum the bridge between your right hemisphere and your left hemisphere is almost twice our size ac size matters I think men only process language on one side of their brain women use both we're half-wits I love guys I'm an equal-opportunity hater so you know but it's easier for you as women to understand us sometimes than it is for us to understand you gentlemen if all you got out of today was remember that every behavior that you generate means something to them think about that before you do anything just stop for a moment and ask myself how is she going to interpret that and then think again all right I have all I have a whole workshops that I do back in San Diego where it's just about romance and attraction and relationships and for me I it's and it's co-ed audiences and mostly women believe it or not and it's to me it's high comedy when I explain what the behaviors and the activities of the opposite gender are being interpreted by them it's like terror on each other's faces but this is the problem most women go to female dating coaches to bitch about men most guys go to male dating coaches to complain about women get in the same room and understand each other seek first to understand you both want the same thing just in a different order you really do you use slightly different words to describe it and there's a slightly different syntax but it's the same thing here's something ladies you didn't know we're more sensitive than you are did you know that you see from the Chinese medical perspective men are young on the outside we're strong and mentally tough like bull and we're fucking cotton candy on the inside we can't handle vulnerability like you can it hurts us worse we don't bounce back as fast so for a man to give you the intimacy and the vulnerability you're looking for that's a big deal but that's what you're looking for that's what you're looking for men fall in love faster did you know that women fall out of love faster did you know I had right you get over us real fucking quick right it's just how you again 5,000 years of Chinese medical observation and this is why you guys have it ladies that's why you have the babies you can take it we can write so intestine Li internally you're stronger than we are so factor that in that's about have we covered this kind of stuff pretty well another thing I want you to pay attention to is when you're in close to somebody this is gonna go into face reading when you're paying attention to their eyes prolonged eye contact generates attraction in case you do not creepy iconic right that's not that's not what I'm talking about okay when we talk about eye contact we're talking about positive eye contact so pot yes ma'am uh-huh you do that really excites everything well how to do that how to undo it well first of all remember that whether you're male or female confident people take up space so expand yourself horizontally that does mean you stand like this that's a guy thing right but when you if you do cross your legs don't cross your legs real in tight does that make sense so good posture I like to call it the Maryland switch the open heart trust trigger is a really good way to sit imagine there's a plexiglass screen here and you're just beaming and letting people see your heart if that if you just imagine that your body language your posture would take over the rest okay the next part is make positive eye contact positive eye contact again is not the serial killer stare all right and it's and as always a smile with it but the difference is there has to be a wrinkles at the zygomatic okay when we get to the face reading part you'll actually see the long-term effects of this the eyes have to crinkle you see the crinkling right if you see someone who's dead from the nose down not good okay this is this is like the the Donald in the what's the Trump's wife's name Melanie that's the Melania Trump smile right that's not what we're doing positive eye contact has to be good Shen in the eyes which means a twinkle or wide-open eyes not you know scared eyes but nice open eyes smile with the wrinkles up up by the sides of the head that signals positive eye contact when you enter a venue and this could be male or female and I practice this all the time when I'm walking through the the convention and as you walk through a venue meet people's eyes and look at who gives you positive eye contact right positive eye contact that means you make eye contact with someone and you see this not this right those are the people who are open to being approached if you're doing walk up or Street hypnosis that's one of the first things you look for positive eye contact next thing you do give them an eyebrow flash ha he close the loop holy shit positive eye contact eyebrow flash smile combine that with a good posture and an open heart trust trigger you get a lot more people coming up to you ok very good way if you want to be signaled as having being high value in somebody's world be seen in the company of a lot of men or other people fighting for your attention wanting your attention that signal status and guys that's what ladies look at if there's a big crowd around you there must be a reason providers not handing $100 isn't right this is this called social proof it's an affinity tactic okay we look at the responses of the people around us to determine what's appropriate does that make sense okay anything else on this this one a little bit from different direction I plan but yeah well the company of the men or women all vying for your attention we want women memory college always the popular crowd they always had everybody wanting their attention wanting their validation things like that learn how to be those people if you want to play the hard-to-get games you want to play the scarcity game okay if you don't have a try if you're not part of a tribe build your own build your own that's what I teach my students go build your tribe let me show you how to do it just build your tribe all right but that's going to help you be more influential and charismatic you're gonna generate an affinity tactic more people are gonna flock to you because they see other people flocking to you okay does that help okay you ready for next piece do we need a break okay this next piece I love because I geek out on this shit oh shit all right now these these characteristics should not be confused with micro-expressions TJ in the in the camcorder bag is a laser pointer can you hand me that please where's the chemical at the little camcorder bag should be a laser pointer thank you all right this is in Lillian's book you guys need to take a picture go ahead all right so we're gonna start with the upper right hand corner right at the eye since we're talking about eye contact okay these are the these wrinkles are the end results of a lifetime of micro-expressions okay this comes from 5,000 year old tradition of Chinese face reading we're gonna start off with right here this is probably the best one and look to the people to the right and to the left of you notice they have little lines over the ribs tracing the ribs of their eyebrows these are people who are highly skeptical highly skeptical all right right here they're all just rushing to the front of the room right and I'm gonna let you guys do now here's the thing when you start seeing these and you have a whole room full of people to play with right what you do is you pre frame this if you're gonna use this in a cold reading format you might say something like you know sometimes you spend a lot of time just really really kind of on The Skeptical side you don't always take people for what they say until you've tested it to be sure but sometimes you understand you immediately know you can trust somebody right that's called what I call the 60/40 split 60% of the time you're this way the rest of the time you're that way regardless of which end of the equation they buy into the minute it's called a Barnum statement by the way the minute they buy into that they start assuming everything you say is true it's a hypnotic process but this is this is actually true these people have these lines spend a lot of time checking facts they're not going to believe what you say at face but take what you say at face value you have got it spend a lot of time creating more Shore more belief in what's going on okay the next one we just talked about those little wrinkles around the eyes right here this is joy you see somebody who's got really nice solid latches this is somebody who spends a lot of time laughing a lot of time happy okay the corollary to that right here is sadness I see a lot of that your clients will see a lot of that these lines they'll go right to about the cheekbone the cheekbone is the blind of demarkation where we go from sadness to sorrow if the line extends beyond the orbital bone now you've got someone who's gone through some loss that is still haunting them okay these are your clients these are your clients okay if the line extends further down now you've got grief when it goes this deep now you're going to often see this line on people with lung problems – grief goes to the lungs the entire series of organs is mirrored on the face each organ has an element or an emotion connected to it from Chinese medicine sadness is episodic we go through it and we move on sadness lingers and then when we try to and this is what happens this is why your grief patients will be your grief patients is because they've created a conscious expectation of how long they're allowed to be sad and when they exceed that length of time they try to forget about it they try to distract themselves they try to stuff it down and boom down it goes and if it stays there long enough it starts to affect their lungs yeah but and again I don't know how much time to get into this but you can actually devise you can you can divide the face this way this way and this way when we divide it this way we have a court how many people do handwriting analysis those you do handwriting analysis to three zones of the head correspond to the three zones in your handwriting metaphysical mundane physical okay I have I have that in the notes I'm planning on going over it because that goes to how they make decisions so if you're in a business context and you can look at the where people are dominant in the shape of their head you can know how to present information to them in a way that's more conducive to them deciding the way you want to yes you don't try not to read their face until they're in their 20s but there are certain things that you can look at head shape for one but people they children are still developing so my teacher says she avoids trying to read children okay but a lot of times if they're suffering from you know I don't know how mad a physical you guys are but i have you know i've actually had cases of genetic memory in my in my claim I've literally had transplant patients who wind up having cravings from the donor organs like I had I had a lady who came in she was a type 1 diabetic I wound up having a spleen and a kidney transplant and 2 weeks after she got out she started craving pizza and beer because the donor was a garbage gut right so I have actual experience of seeing genetically transferred memory or cellular memory so I think when we're dealing with children below a certain age what we're dealing a lot of times is genetic memory okay which what the Chinese tell us is that if you fix something here it goes back seven generations in forward seven generations now it gets a little too whoo-whoo for this training I want stuff that we can just rely on okay I was working with one lady yesterday a matter of fact you in the blue shirt your friend was with you and remember I said you have someone shed tears you asked me if this was if this was just cold reading or not right and I told you that and then you told me that you had lost a family member right this shit's real okay and it's useful for you guys because when you look at somebody and you understand this map this is a tiny piece of a very large iceberg which is why I gave you Lillian's information just tell her I sent you okay you can know what's going on and what happened is if you actually address the cause of those wrinkles the wrinkle will go away and it can go away in a session it's funky I didn't believe it I've skeptical ones so but this you're gonna see you're gonna see grief in a lot of your lung and asthma issues a lot of your stuttering issues a lot of anger is mostly TMJ and in the jaw but that is no I keep pressing the wrong button so this is important for us to understand okay when I see a lot in this room and I see it a lot everywhere but I'm seeing it more and more in the people in this room I'm gonna jump to the center here you see these lines here that say disempowerment the I call these passive are placation lines this represents somebody who grew up in an environment or isn't an environment where they voice their opinion or they express something and the pushback was so strong that they're trying to make up for it they're kinda like they're trying to fake smile it's like they're always smiling but they really don't mean it they just want to placate you this is cancer waiting to happen okay you know I've seen people that looked like somebody took an exacto and just drilled that energy that starts from the outer the inner canthus and it radiates outward okay when you see those lines that's somebody who's spending way too much time to please other people because they're afraid of the pushback afraid of the pushback okay another one that's big and I see a lot big in this room go back to the center line you see these three lines here when you see two lines like this I'm sorry I need a vana here all right you see two lines like this this is somebody who's impatient somebody using pic get to the fucking point David Wright get to the fucking point right there's another quart of body language correlate to this okay this person spends a lot of time being angry because things just aren't happening fast enough okay hold on a second where'd my race you go I don't see it on the tray I knew that all right so here's another one I see a lot of this one in the room so I want you to pay attention to it okay this is called suspended needle there's three versions of this suspended needle suspended sword and then there's every now and then I see a version I call the suspended bazooka this area in your body corresponds to your liver and your spleen liver energy has everything to do with righteous indignation taking action moving forward expressing your power people who have this marketing we called we'll start with suspended needle which is just a very fine line people who have this at one point in their life at some time in their life usually towards the father or the dominant parent in their family they expressed their anger and the pushback from the dominant parent usually the father was so strong that they think they pulled back their energy and they refused to ever express it that way again the bigger that energy the bigger that line the deeper that repression goes and at some point in their life that block is going to activate and they're gonna stop moving forward they're gonna stop moving forward in their life okay so when you see this if it's even if it's on yourself don't worry it's not going to kill you right but it is it is indicative of your not expressing your full power the liver energy is the energy that moves us forward in life is to success energy right it determines how far we go your metal energy determines how you do it right and I like I like to make a joke would people get things done metal people get things finished right it's like if anybody has ever seen my old websites you can always tell it David Schneider website or David Schneider email by the amount of typos in it because I'm a wood person I get shit done right contrast that to my wife who gets things finished I'm crossing the finish line half my staff my cars Whitley trailing behind me she hasn't left starting line yet because she's still planning right both people that it's not one more effective than the other it's a question of how they get things done does that make sense we don't have time to go into the elemental personalities which is all cool but this I think for you guys will give you the biggest bang for your buck it will give you lots of things for cold reading but it will give you a way to diagnose and start your questioning an intake process yes more back page I can actually that you look at the book there's like a whole bunch of different things on eyebrows right okay and this is the textbook by the way yes is there we've said that isn't what is going to stop at that there's matter-of-factly there's nothing yeah a new issue which people in this room are uniquely qualified to do but you're going to get people who say I'm here to learn how to make more money I'm here how to manifest stuff look right there right if there's if there's a there's always memory shit involved but this is gonna tell us how bad and yeah and it'll give us a direction to look now I don't like to use that to pre predispose my line of questioning but what I do do is I go through my normal neutral intake process and see how often that that matches up and matches up quite a bit that in louise hay stuff is real good so if you see double lines you're seeing somebody who is very has a tendency towards impatience impatience right they're always in a hurry get it done get it done get it done if you see three lines you're looking at somebody who's learned how to manage their anger those learn how to manage their anger okay I see there's this we know as long as you're either no it says really men doesn't really matter although it will give you a definite will attend in to indicate whether it's one apprentice side or the other than the father side at the other side okay Chinese face reading divides sides by parents okay but again there's a lot of time a ton of stuff here and I'd like to get to at least most of the facial traits that you might be dealing with okay but I wanted to I wanted to zero in on this one because I see it a lot okay I'm really focused on on helping you target the things that hold you back from moving for because I see that a lot in our profession we all spend a lot of time on training and coming to conventions when we get out in the world and we actually go to build our business we don't and I see this because he leads these kinds of markers is kind of the reason why this one says that I'm I'm only allowed to be a circus to express myself and my power to a certain degree and then it's too much usually this happens early in life or like somebody pushed you on the playground and you beat the living snot out of them and you got punished worse for protecting yourself then the person did for attacking you or maybe you and your dad had an altercation in your teens because that's when we're about right or if your mom was the more dominant parent and you rebelled against her and it was a you'd push she kicked you out of the house or threw you down and now you have that guilt in that regret you just choked back that power right that's bull cause these lines to appear get rid of those lines life changes okay question another one that you want to take special care of you'll see this a lot of times is the lost love line the lost love line starts at the inner campus and travels down parallel to the grief line the lost love line is not necessarily about romance the lost love line is about a portion of your life that was a part of your identity part of your who you were as a person in your own mind that make sense that was lost you know maybe as a child you love to dance or you love to do art and for some reason because of your cultural upbringing you weren't dancing was evil it was a tool of the devil and you were forbidden from ever dancing again because your your culture or lost love line waiting to happen maybe there was a hobby that you loved to do when you met a man or you met a woman who just didn't approve of it in order to make her happy and a police or in that relationship you stopped doing it lost love line waiting to happen it's starts at the inner campus and travels down okay lost love line waiting to happen okay these are the ones that we want to get rid of we need to get that joy back we need to get that piece of their life operational to whatever degree they're what they're able to do that yes change simultaneously but you'll see this change first I will tell you a story that Lillian told me when you see people with a lot of bone in their jaw big strong jaw these are natural warriors these are people who gravitate to all kinds of athletic physical activity they have a lot of will a lot of determination they have the big cro-magnon roof even more so right there was a client of Lillian's who was won a football scholarship and he had this massive jaw i'ma sit almost a forum but he was really good football player and and he went through high school he'd been drafted into the college you know in college scholarship and as a graduation present from high school his mom got in plastic surgery he flunked out a skull throw it off he couldn't play anymore muscle memory still what happened the extra aggression the extra assertion comes from the liver remember liver likes to get angry but people who have good healthy liver energy know how to manage that anger they direct it really well okay people with sparse nice thick eyebrows they're good at anger they take that energy they use it to move word people have sparse eyebrows like me we can do angry but we don't like it I can do anger really well I don't like it I hate it right people with nice heavy they like to get angry okay it's like it's like that hope mr. McGee don't get me angry if you wouldn't like me when I'm angry okay you'll see this I see this on a few of you I got one or two of them this is called a transformation line this is somebody who at some point in their life went through a really deep dark period could have been a day could have been a year could have been ten years and they came out of it different they came out of it wiser they learned something they became more enlightened about some aspect of himself or about life the universe and everything I have one of them if you have a lot of them you get what they called Buddha wings which I think the Dalai Lama has really cool all right so if you see these this is somebody you can you can paste this really really well you can walk up say I have an intuition about you so there was a time in your life that was really hard it was really dark you really had to struggle and he went through it he came out of it looking back on it learning something amazing being completely transformed by it see how you're nodding already because it's equally true for all of you right however when you see this line it's actually true you see that I don't like cold reading because I don't like to lie but I don't have to lie I can tell the truth and if it's something they want to get rid of I can help them do that it's that useful okay ears and especially you asked this one I like a lot I see this on a lot of you this is called auditory intuition aka bullshit detector if you look at the person to the right at person left you'll see little lines some of you will have little lines right in front of your ears these are usually people who grew up in an environment where they had to pay real close attention to the verbal cues the people around them auditory intuition auditory intuition you got something he's got some good ones he's got some I knew he had some right this is somebody who knows when you're lying you got some all right you see this don't try and lie they'll catch you okay and usually that that it evolves it evolves as a form of hyper vigilance many of the things that traumatized us growing up become the source of tremendous strengths and abilities later on and this is one of them the auditory intuition usually arises as a form of auditory hyper vigilance where we're in an environment that's dangerous I grew up in a family where verbal abuse was like every minute you never knew what you were going to get and I had to constantly constantly be on alert because anything I could say could set my dad off or start a fight or whatever and so I've got freaking gills but even though it came from a place of trauma for lack of a better word it now serves me extremely well in the professions I'm in right remember everything we we learned in the moment we experienced it will probably sucked but as we look back on it and we realize what we gained from that experience we can keep that part and learn to let everything else go and that's what we use the color game for all of these things are nodes we're holographic that the neurology holographically imprints information and gives you access to it in speed healing we talked about the holographic memory theory that I use now in clinic which works faster than traditional approaches human being the human nervous system is a holographic information processing network and once you understand how to tap into and unpack that hologram and nothing in that model contradicts what we do in hypnosis it just adds to it does that make sense this is a way that we can start to unpack things that they don't even know is going on they've forgotten about and we can start a process of general clearing as well so this is useful these here pay real close attention to because I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that anybody who's working with terminal cancer you're going to see those a lot you're gonna see those a lot this is over nurturing these are people who are spending way too time take too much time taking care of everybody else and they're not getting anything back in return they're given more than they're gettin and they're bitter about it which is the bottom lines bitterness okay that goes on long enough the neurology decides and it sees no way out it decides to check out so a lot of your terminal cancer patients you'll see that okay it doesn't mean they're going to get cancer but almost all there's no such thing as an emotionally healthy cancer patient okay when when they reach a point of hopelessness which they actually hopelessness does have a marker it's not on this sheet but there's what call the hopelessness band the hopelessness band I see this from time to time and it just freaks me out is like this little depression in the bone right across here you see that there's something that has traumatized them to the point where they've just given up they're just given up so you see that and some of this they're they're living the life that's not good for them yeah Smuckers where does that mean some of it is the biggest disappointment over energy dreams but a lot of times I kind of want to see if they're a victor over nerd Corley is not causation but why this moment right if you're not appears remember smoking is a compensatory mechanism right there's something they're not getting that's what that means everybody's getting everything and they're getting nothing so the neurology is gonna find a way to change that state smoking maybe it right bitterness bitterness yes right here right now it's below the lips now somebody's got a good sense of humor you'll see a little line right here that's a humor line here you got one you got one right also you see this goes to some of the micro-expressions fear it has a has a dimpling effect over the long term on the chin so you send with a lot of dimples here you've got someone who's holding in a lot of fear it's a these are lifestyle things these are not micro expressions you understand the difference a micro expression happens in a fraction of a second when you're trying to suppress an emotion in that moment this happens from a lifetime of expressions it's generated by a specific set of emotional situations is this useful laughing after experiencing a lot in it they're not expressing instantly our president had in spades fear he was a bullied kid you guys know that right yes purpose lines mean that you are actually on your path the these are good lines to have and Lillian says we should have these by it by the time we're 50 at least we may get them sooner there's this thing in in the lineage that I study called the Golden Path which is the mission that you came here to fulfill when you get and I'm I'm Isabel Lillian says I'm about as golden as it gets right now but when you foot when you're on your path things line up you have almost unlimited energy to do those things but most of our socialization most of the the expectations of the people in the dominant and the authority figures we grew up with tend to pull us off our path but if there are things that you will do you will pay to do things that you love to do that you would do any chance you got chances are that's part of your golden path and you need to be doing that all the time and generating a living doing it okay we haven't she has whole workshops on golden path I'll probably start offering them in the next couple years as well yes I'll be better I'm not sure I understand the question but we'll come back to it yeah purpose purpose lines are here you start at the outer the outer night Ellen days I and they wrote they wrote down this way now right at the corners of the mouth you'll see sometimes you'll see a little downturn these are disappointment lines okay so you can see how they kind of relate you have over nurturing leads to bitter leads to disappointment leads to bitterness see how it kind of flows this all by the way is your intestines intestines large intestines small intestine so what are you looking at Crohn's disease IBS all right how many times have you unpacked IBS and found family shit going on all right you can look right at their face right at their face and say how you again your not notice you can't diagnose medically but you can say yeah buddy bowel issues going on you haven't how do your intestines so how did you know Chinese medicine the holy grill for the face there's a face there's an arm there's legs intestines are here so the large the small intestine starts here and it wraps around this way lines vertical lines if you see horizontal lines at that we got any deeper stuff going on like I said this is a small piece of a very very large system yes then those are good luck yes dimples are good luck also you have what we call money bags yes see how how nice and round the lower portion of her cheek is that's called a money bag that means someone who's gonna do well with money later in life sweet OOP knocks I think somebody's water oh he he has his ears here he has very large ears compared to the size of his head so he actually has potential for a long life but he's also very close to his family family means a lot to him true not true all right see how the earlobe doesn't attach or doesn't detach that's somebody who's they may have a strong connection to family it's it's like the family has to eat now that may be a positive connection her negative connection right he could take her leave parts members of his family right right okay let's see well can I pick on which what yeah that one goes down into your spleen area so that indicates you're overthinking you tend to worry a lot you're welcome how'd I do yeah overthinking worrying a lot kind of the same thing aren't they right yes this is the part I dread this is where everybody wants me to come around and just point you yeah very open yes I'll show you how to do the minute a lot of joy but there's some sadness there you stress out too much you spent a lot of time stressing on stuff you like to have your way too don't you see she's got Jarrett she's got a very strong bony extra bone in her jaw that usually indicates somebody who's very hedonistic or dictator may not be bad she's got money bags too she's gonna do well right you've got skepticism lines all right and you got some tears you need to finish shedding sweetie you got uber skepticism on you don't believe shit you need you got a little bit of disempowerment going on so you need to express yourself more you got someone shed tears – there's something haven't finished grieving over isn't there okay you know yep y'all gonna get cheek implants now right now here's the thing implants don't seem to affect things but removing the bone does remember your bone in in Chinese medicine we have these different energies we call it we call Ling Jing Qi and Shen your bone your Jing is the most intrinsic of your energies okay as you age and depending on your lifestyle and how you use your life you use your resources you can burn through your Jing faster or slower most of us die with stunts with huge amounts of Jing that goes untapped we have traits that we inherit from our father or from my mother and from our father that we can read on the face and those are all talents we can access and the people in this room the skill sets you have you among all the people out there are uniquely qualified to find them and open them up but you have to know where to look does that make sense okay is this useful thank you like I said if this is the scope we got this baby I'm telling you okay my Tivo sorry went out on a chased a squirrel their money is related to theirs – Eric sees two elements that relate to money in the face the nose and the cheeks a lot of them and metal energy goes through the cheeks but so does the earth and the earth is your money people the the length and shape of your nose determines how much money comes in and how fast it goes out people who people who have a very thick bridge up here they tend to take in a lot of money and depending on how big their nostrils are that will determine how fast it goes out if you're sick if you're super thin up here and the the Liberty Bell down here you better fucking marry someone rich if you're removing bone it's gonna change you yes but I would be very careful I would be very careful we don't really like to modify the face in fact if you change your emotional environment the face will not have automatically change someone have raised the hand yes the wrinkling yeah we're just looking at wrinkles there's a whole map on moles jaws eyebrows cheek bones I mean trust me even the shape of the head people who have a if you divide the head this way from the eyebrows up mental these are data seekers if you want to convince them or understand how they make decisions if you try to pressure them to make a decision without giving them the right data and the time to think about it they'll say no thank you very much I'm gonna ignore you now anyway if you guys need to go get the fuck out if you want to stay oh we got to do the drill since it is the official start time I'll open this loop and then we'll do all you'll get ready for the drawing okay you guys know what you can graph you're auditioning for okay what's the prize that's up is a seven thousand six hundred dollar package it's two live trainings on my 2017-2018 calendar whether they're on the calendar or not if I add a training it's available to you it's any two of my full-length video training courses fourteen ninety seven or less and any of my five smaller video products priced at ninety seven dollars or less its total package value of seven thousand six hundred and something dollars someone's gonna walk out of here with one of them I know for those of you who are going to be hanging around have some free time I am doing a three day training on sensuality enhanced it's going to include this stuff it's going to include the color game cult and cult by the way color games a real good way to start getting rid of some of these wrinkles okay you have to unpack the reason behind their wrinkle and then ask the neurology what you want instead have it give a color and breathe the color through that area and just keep removing the layers until the wrinkle disappears mm-hm that's the level one intervention you may wind up going to level two and three interventions real quick because usually these are more than one thing you ready all right limit one per person so if you won before you ain't winning again bitches see where's my name hold on alright okay I see here the amazing Carnac Italian salami okay Maria bird come on down [Applause] congratulations there you go hold on to that give me an email pick what your courses you want or if you want email me and we'll discuss what your goals are and we'll point out where to go for the trainings okay mm-hmm all right I want to thank I want to just take a moment to thank each and every one of you from the bottom I heart every year I come here and every year I feel more warmth and more family from this from this profession than anyplace else on the planet and every year I think it can't get any better and every day every year you show me a deeper level and I wanted to say thank you all so I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna leave it up to you you guys wanna keep going you want to alright if rich you got you got a new bathroom break alright bathroom break come back in ten minutes suspended needle well this empowerment is here this empowerment starts here and it comes out along this line like aesthetics let me took an exacto it

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